We often hear: "Okay!" It has become customary, but what does it mean dialect? Say it often and in a different context, so the meaning could get lost in all this variety. Let's talk about the norm in the personal and public sense, but let's start with the linguistic formation.

Of course, any of the word meanings may be a lot like and various kinds of phrases. But the dictionary strict, he gives us only three values:

  1. Something that does not deviate from the norm.
  2. Something that matches the Canon proper. For example, when they say: "Do the job properly! That is, make her normal!" In this case, it is necessary not just to perform work at the appropriate level, and it is better to arrange everything at the highest level.
  3. Satisfactory, that is all, as always.

The last example requires explanation. There are two friends, one asks the other:

From the usual dialogue that everyone has heard a million times, it follows that business as usual, without any particular news, UPS and downs. But do not worry. Normally that's fine, because no bad news is good news.

The richness of speech implies not only the possession sense of the word, but his replacements. Queue synonyms to the word "normal". Them, as you might guess, a great many.

If we talk about cases that correspond to the norm, then the replacement is as follows:

  • "Good."
  • "Fine."
  • "Usually".
  • "As always".

Naturally, analogues may be more because "normal" is a word so often used that it has become almost invisible. Therefore, anyone who wishes to find for him a synonym, you will have to understand how to describe what you need. Indeed, under the norm, you can keep in mind a lot of concepts. But more on that later.

The second meaning suggests other synonyms:

  • "How to".
  • "As it should".
  • "Properly".
  • "At its best."
  • "Mosquito nose will not undermine".
  • "Fine."

When talking about regulation as about the Canon, most often refers to some work or task. In this case it is not necessary to say that the work done on "troechku". If the case is ready, the assessment should be only five. Under the case can refer to any work, school homework or artwork. In this case, normal is a sign of quality.

Everyone has their own understanding

The situation posed in the subtitle, it is always necessary to keep in mind. It all starts from school. For excellence the norm is "upper class", as for the C student "will do", as in the famous cartoon. The global divergence of values persecutes people all my life. Okay – what is it and what it depends on?

  • From upbringing.
  • Social status.
  • Habitual environment.

The three elements mentioned above, basically forming the personality. Of course, from time to time unforeseen life changes, failures, UPS and downs, spiritual rebirth, but the majority lives in very comfortable conditions. There are the radical conditions of existence, but the average person are unknown, although, in principle, everyone can be. Imagine if the millionaire will lose all the money, and he'll have nowhere to live. His perception of normality will dramatically shift, or rather will fail. But then, if he will return to the original position, will see more. Rich, poor, then rich, he will not be able to answer the question: "OK – what does that word mean"? Because for him, reality was different.

Various perceptions of due

We could compare the Western and African culture (this is the first thing that usually comes to mind), but not going to do that. Better take as example the well-known trilogy "Back to the future" and analyze it. In the final part of the epic, where Doc and Martin are traveling through the Wild West, there is an episode where McFly tells the people of that time that in the XX century run for fun, and bandits at this time wonder white teeth guest from the future.

For us, white teeth – is the norm, and the Wild West – almost a pathology, given the conditions of existence of the then population. And most interesting is that it is impossible to convince people from the past that purity is useful and necessary, and run for the benefit of body is possible. Listeners thought that Martin quite a Joker or a madman.

If it were possible to listen to each representative of past eras, to the question: "OK – what does this word mean?" – guests from the past would suggest your answer. And if you make a hypothetical Congress, they would never have reached agreement.

But let us not judge them too harshly. We, the contemporary people, also it's hard to imagine what will happen in 50 or 100 years, and how will the concept of "normal". The meaning of the word may be quite different than we imagine now.