Antispasmodics are one of the first places among the sold medicines. These drugs help in muscle, headache, tooth pain, renal or biliary colic. Women, they do a great service during menstruation and childbirth, and save the world from the threat of abortion. Perhaps the most famous medication among all the antispasmodics is the "But-Shpa". Instructions for use, analogs of this tool will be presented for your review in this article.

No-Spa: counterparts, manual

Characteristics of the original drug

The drug "no-Spa" is available in two types: injection and pills. Most popular latest. Medicine refers to over-the-counter remedies, available in almost every pharmacy network. It produces antispasmodic effect without affecting the nervous system. Is assigned to the drug "no-Spa", analogues of which have similar readings, with spasms of smooth muscles in different locations (digestive tract, urinary tract, reproductive organs, vessels). Contraindicated to use the drug for kidney and heart failure, children first year of life and persons with hypersensitivity to the active substance, which is drotaverine hydrochloride. The cost of ten tablets "no-Spa" is about 150 rubles.

Analogue of the drug "No-Shpa"

Replace the medication should be the case, if you have contraindications to its use. Patients with adverse reactions medication changed to alternative, but with a different composition. Tablets and solution "But-Shpa" analogs have the structural and relative. The latter include any painkillers: "Ibuprofen", "Paracetamol", "Aspirin", "Nimesil", "Ketorol". These medications need to be choose together with your doctor. Closer to the action will be "Papaverine" and "Parasol".

Absolute structural substitutes of the drug "no-Spa" analogs include the following: "Drotaverine", "Spazmonet", "Spasma", "NOSH-BRA", "Spazieren" and so on. Consider some of them and find out, and whether there is a significant difference between the drugs.

Inexpensive means "Drotaverin"

In composition this product contains the same active substance as in foreign expensive medicine. From pills and injections, "But-Shpa" the Russian analogue – "Drotaverine". It costs about 30 rubles for 20 pills. It is much cheaper than the original drug. If you believe the instructions for use, "Drotaverine" administered to pregnant women during labour to ease the spasm of the cervix. The drug is used in flatulence. Indications for the use of it much more than pills and injections, "But-Shpa". Analogue with the trade name "Drotaverin" is not used for children up to 12 years. This is an important difference from expensive substitute.

Little known Spasmol

The following substitute medication "no-Spa" (the analogue of) – Russian "Spasma". The composition contains the same drotaverine. Indications for use: treatment and prevention of spasm of smooth muscle, spasm of the cervix during childbirth, painful menstruation, spasms of cerebral vessels. Not to take this medicine under the same situations as the drug "no-Spa". Some sources indicate that this medication is forbidden to use for pregnant and lactating women. But these data has been questioned.

"Spazmonet" will eliminate pain

Another analogue of the drug "no-Spa" with the same active ingredient – pills "Spazmonet". Their name speaks for itself. The drug is used for spasms of smooth muscles of the digestive tract, constipation, stomach ulcers, arterial spasm, hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy. An additional contraindication to treatment the manufacturer calls a low blood pressure and prostatic hyperplasia. Children up to 6 years the drug without medical advice can not be used.

What can be heard reviews?

Of all the drugs the most popular, "But-Shpa". This medication is assigned to expectant mothers without special fears. Also practiced the use of "Drotaverine" among new moms. Clinical studies have shown the safety and efficacy of these medicines. Whereas the effects of other analogues is questioned. Consumer reviews of meds different. Some people praise drugs, and other – abuse. Here all very individually. If the pain is caused by spasm, any of the following tools will help you. When the discomfort triggered by other reasons, all drugs can be powerless.

Buyers are often angry because of the high cost of tablets "no-Spa". They prefer to choose cheaper alternatives. If the alternative contains the same tool with the designated medicine active ingredient, then you may give him the preference. Mandatory medical consultations require a situation where the replacement of "no-Spa" is made in pregnant and lactating women, persons with chronic diseases and young children.


Article presented you are aware of antispasmodic myotropic action called "no-Spa". Instructions for use, price, alternatives to tablets described to you. Many consumers are trying to find a cheap substitute for the expensive drug. Should come with all responsibility to this issue. Better a few times to see the doctor, to ensure the safety of the medicine selected, rather than worry about possible unpleasant consequences. Before using any of the means described in instruction manual.