So, today we are going to meet with you NL International. Reviews about this company and its products we just need to study. What it is? What is the activity of this company? Is the earnings real in this place? Or do you have to give up work because of the risk of being deceived? We'll talk about all this now.NL International: reviews, products

The first thing we'll do is study NL International, which we still need to know about. What kind of union is this? Is there really a real online store in which you can buy a healthy product?

NL International is a company that deals with international sales of various products. Here and food, and household items, and cosmetics, and everything for business. In general, we can say that this company is an ideal place for shopping.

Of course, NL International products are considered elite. Especially the products. After all, they are said to be made only from natural ingredients. And this is very important for the body. In addition, this company also sells sports nutrition. Among this category of goods, as a rule, there are fakes, dangerous to health. But only not at NL International. They have only high-quality and safe food.

In general, you can still talk for a very long time about what this company does. The main thing is that absolutely everything can work in it. But what are we talking about? Let's try to deal with you in this difficult matter.

Of course, working at home is a dream for many users. And NL International, the feedback we will learn about later, gives us this opportunity. What should I do? Just sell the goods of this company and promote this brand in the international market. That is, the vacancies offered for work are reduced to the vacancies of sales managers.

Really such a grand international store - NL International - can not hire employees into the office? Maybe, only they are small for promotion. Usually homeworkers show the best result. You are promised a good salary in just 4 hours of work at the computer.

Admissible age - from 18 years. It does not matter who will work - man or woman. NL International products are so diverse that it suits everyone. Thus, you can work in a prestigious company, as well as enjoy an elite product yourself. Employees are given a discount on it. It's tempting, is not it? But is it all so good here and smoothly? Let's try to understand this.

What to look for

Well, it seems that the company NL International, which we will learn about further on, is a prestigious and reliable employer. Moreover, it provides discounts to employees on the products sold, and also works in the international market. Only then, not everything is as good as it seems.

The fact is that you, as already said, will have to work as a sales manager. We will have to sell NL International cocktails, drinks, food, cosmetics, household items and business and so on. In general, specialize in sales in different directions. This is the first inconvenience that can meet. Finding a client, you need to sell him, for example, a bath kit, and also offer to buy clothes or food. In truth, many potential customers are afraid of this.

Working in NL International promises you a good and stable income. But in fact, you will receive only a percentage of transactions. Of course, if someone does not trust the new company, then the goods will not buy it either. So, having lost a lot of time and energy, you will not get anything in a month. Or your income will be a mere penny. We can say that the promise of high payouts is a fraud. The most that neither is present.

If you try to find the office of NL International, then, most likely, you will not find it in your city. And even near him. Although the Internet on the map you will be shown a lot of points and addresses. And this already indicates a serious fraud. So be cautious about hiring a company.

Product Quality

Then we turn to the quality of the products sold. After all, now you can find a lot of words about NL International. The doctors' comments about many (or, more accurately, almost all) food products are not particularly positive.

Yes, on the Internet now you can find a lot of different videos and presentations that demonstrate the process of cooking some products. Only this is nothing but a fake. More precisely, people in the video really are preparing the goods being sold. Only initially used components are harmful to health. For example, in fact, not natural vegetables are used, but GMOs.

In general, 90% of customers complain about health problems after using the products of today's company. Especially girls and women. After all, for them, NL International, whose comments are mixed, came up with a special complex for weight loss. And as they say, it consists only of natural products. But this is a lie.

In fact, to be honest, the complex not only does not help, but also hurts. So, NL International doctors' reviews of products for weight loss also gets not particularly good. This product disrupts the metabolism, sometimes it is addictive. And, of course, after a while, women, on the contrary, will begin to gain weight. Thus, neither NL International tea, nor food will help - just make it worse.

Honestly, the prices of our company today are not very encouraging. On the one hand, what they offer (whether true) is really not so cheap. And on the other - low quality. Do you want to overpay for low-quality goods, but very cleverly covered? Hardly. NL International prices are quite high. And this is not particularly pleasant.

If you decide to work in this company, be prepared for the fact that you will have to prove the usefulness of the products offered long and tediously. Only then can we hope at least for some earnings. And you should always have a logical explanation for high prices. Especially on products.

NL International reviews on this parameter are getting very bad. On the site-otzovikah now and then they say that in reality the prices are high, and unjustifiably. Sometimes you can buy the same food in an ordinary supermarket or tent, and even better quality. And at a lower price. After all, the beautiful packaging in which NL International products are presented is not needed at all.

In general, it is very difficult to work in this company. And to some extent, problems arise precisely because of the prices. To explain why a pot of tomato sauce costs not 100 rubles, but 300, it will be difficult. After all, in an ordinary supermarket they say that it is made only from natural tomatoes. Thus, as we have already said, we will have to wriggle out.

Well, now let's try to deal with you with the structure of the site. After all, it often depends on what kind of Internet resource is before us: real or fraudulent. The fact is that the second category is inherent in the template versions of web pages. They do not need to "kill" a lot of time. Simply write the desired information, insert a few pictures - and everything is ready to go.

To be honest, to some extent our company uses this method. NL International reviews for the "appearance" of the site very often gets horrible. The company is accused of fraud and encourages users to pay attention to certain template features. What is it about? Let's try to understand this complicated matter.

For example, the main page - its design is literally dotted with different pictures and messages about the benefits of the goods being sold. Many scammers use exactly the same scheme. Only the pictures and the name of the online store differ. Honestly, it really is.

Then pay attention to the main menu of the site. The display of product categories also looks like a template. Maybe the creators of the online store did not really think about the system of the page and its design, but then this negligence caused the negative reviews on the World Wide Web.

As a site that evokes the confidence of customers, our today's version failed with failure. The majority of users note that just the stereotypedness and excessive praise of the products being sold poke the thought of fraud.

It would seem that if you can not sell successfully food and biological supplements, you can always try to focus on cosmetics. After all, it is also being traded by our today's company. And in this case, it is worth hoping for a good salary. Only here in fact workers (especially newcomers) are disappointed.

The fact is that cosmetics NL International does not offer such a wide range of palettes and products. Plus, the price for this product is 2 times higher than in a regular store. Quality is also not happy.

Plus, it will be very difficult to sell such a product. Especially if we take into account the fact that our company is very little known. True, you, as an employee, promise to make discounts on the purchase. In fact, you buy any product (not only cosmetics) at 2 times more expensive than would do it in a regular store. Not a particularly good prospect, right? Thus, it is worth believing that this site is a hoax. But is it really so? Let's try to deal with this issue with you. To do this, we will study the feedback of those who have already cooperated with our today's company.

From employees

In fact, employees at NL International are divided into two categories - working in branches and offices, as well as selling goods through the Internet (managers). And their opinions about the resource considered today differ slightly. Why? Let's try to figure this out.

The first thing you should pay attention to is salary. The first (office workers) are paid a stable salary. Their business is to accept the goods and give it to the customer. True, the time here is all day. But you really work and get a stable income for this. Such employees, of course, say that their employer is a bona fide firm.

But the second category of employees (sales managers) about NL International reviews leaves not quite good. After all, those golden mountains, which they promised, have disappeared somewhere and do not appear. That is, a person can sit all week without a breakdown in search of clients and at the same time nothing to earn. Not a particularly pleasant moment. Sales managers are the category of users who say that we will have to deal with scammers.

But what is there to believe? Many are inclined to the second option. Yes, indeed, NL International exists. And she really sells different goods. Only here to workers-managers the salary almost does not pay, and also hides true quality of the made goods. Only for some reason, users have the opportunity to see different certificates, confirming the benefits and quality. Do they really exist?


In truth, all the certificates and other evidence of the authenticity and quality of the goods sold by NL International is a lie. But where does it come from?

Now it is virtually possible to forge a document easily. And then there are several options for the development of events. The first way is nothing more than an appeal to some real-life company for quality control. Only here, real testing is not necessary - it's enough just to give a bribe. And if the amount of the question is impressive, then you can easily make a document confirming the highest quality of the products.

The second scenario is the production of evidence alone. This is done using "Photoshop" and other programs for working with text and graphics. To be honest, this is the most common option that you can imagine. Usually it is not as costly as a bribe. Yes, and can cope with the task now, even a student. If the employer does not have any skills in editing documents and graphics, you can always hire a professional for this business.

Which version NL International uses is unknown. But one thing is clear: their certificates are the most real fraud. So, do not trust them. If you do not want to become a victim of fraud.

Positive reviews

About NL International reviews are also positive. But where do they come from? Especially when it comes to sales managers, as well as customers.

The fact is that our today's company hires special people who form and place flattering words about NL International. And usually these are users who are professionally engaged in this business. After all, they get paid for it. And quite a lot of money. Especially when it comes to fraud.

In truth, some customers are really happy with the offered products from NL International. But there are very few of them. Nevertheless, a real positive feedback will always be deployed, as well as point out all the features and disadvantages of the purchased products. Otherwise, the written review is the work of specially hired people. They can be recognized by various ridiculous nicknames, as well as short phrases about work and products on the site. Try not to trust such flattery.

Summing up

And now it's time to sum up our today's conversation. As you can see, there are a lot of opinions about what kind of company such a company is - NL International. And they all diverge. Yes, so much that you can not very quickly and accurately understand what we have to deal with.

In fact, you can blame NL International for low-quality goods, high prices, and also in almost total absence of earnings. Also do not forget about the purchased positive reviews. In other words, in deception about the status of the firm.

But the fact that in front of us clean swindlers, you can not blame them. Indeed, they really organize the delivery of the purchased goods to your city. And you can be sure that you will receive the ordered products. Although expensive and substandard. That is, you will not pay for "air", as is sometimes done in the case of fraudsters.

In general, you can answer the question about cheating so: you will be left with a nose about your earnings, as well as the quality offered by the firm. Only you can still get what you have purchased. Nevertheless, it is best to refrain from purchases and even more so from working for NL International. If you value your health, money, time and effort, then try to bypass this company and its products. It is better to find the same product in more famous online stores. There, as a rule, the quality is better, and the prices are lower.