Each nation, each tribe has its own unique ordinances and ceremonies. One of the most unusual, bright and memorable actions, of course, the wedding. In the world of Islam, this ceremony is called “nikah”. The Muslim nikah is the same as wedding in the Christian world. Beautiful name translates as “marriage”. Nikah is one of the most important moments in the life of a Muslim, because in the process of performing the rite two strangers soul become like a single entity – the husband and wife.Nika is a Muslim ritual of marriage

Rules for holding nicha

If other religious ceremonies do not require particularly careful preparation and awareness of participants, that nikah is a special case. Everyone needs to be carefully and responsible approach to its role. After all, if something goes in contradiction with mandatory rules, the marriage will be considered invalid.

So, what are the rules of the rite?

1. A guardian must necessarily be present on the part of the bride (most often her father) and at least two witnesses.

2. Nika - this wedding is special. The brothers must have permission to perform the rite.

3. During the ceremony in the past tense, the guardian pronounces the words of the sentence, and the bridegroom - an answer confirming that he takes the girl into his wife. The tone of the spoken phrase, whether it's cheerful and playful, serious or with a touch of anger, does not matter.

4. A Muslim man can marry a girl of any other religion, but the Muslim woman has the right to connect her destiny only with a representative of her faith.

5. It does not matter the language in which the rite is performed. The important thing is that both witnesses and other participants understand the meaning of what is being said in the process.

6. Any bodily contacts, be they kisses or hugs, are strictly forbidden until the end of the procession, because before the marriage, the bride and groom are still considered to be strangers to each other.

7. Before the ceremony begins, the groom should pay the bride's family a bride money. The size of it is set by the bride and her relatives.

Spiritual recommendations for the conduct of the rite "nicknames "

This is not just a ceremonial ritual. Muslims are very responsible attitude to religious actions. The prophet of Allah bequeathed to the boys, having the opportunity to marry to do so. Not having it, should fast. “Opportunity” is a health (physical and mental), and moral readiness for marriage, sufficient material security men, and his religious literacy. The fulfillment of these conditions is mandatory for a happy and harmonious life in marriage.

The best wife for a Muslim

As for the choice of a fiancé, it is necessary to look closely at the fact that the girl was healthy, wealthy, and had high moral and moral guidelines. But the most important indicator of the "quality" of the future wife Muslims consider her literacy in matters of faith and, of course, piety.

What are the principles you should not choose your wife for?

The prophet also bequeathed to avoid marriage to the girl only because of her external attractiveness, as this can lead to the death of her soul. If you marry a rich woman, over time she can become completely unruly. To take a wife is a better believer, a religious girl.

With what goals do they choose a future wife

Nika is an engagement of two people with the goal of living in happiness and giving birth to descendants. Thus, marrying a girl has several purposes:

  • narrowed should bring peace and happiness to the house;
  • the wife must be able to raise children by teaching them morals, religion, piety and morality.

The bride and groom must be as far removed from each other as they are related. The girl is chosen from a religious humble kind. She must be beautiful and be able to conceive and bear children.

Desirable conditions for the ritual

As for the procedure itself, participants should know how it is conducted, what to do in the process.

1. The leader of the ceremony should read the sermon. Theoretically, the groom himself can read the words. However, Muslim rules require that their people with the appropriate education speak. First they praise Allah and read the testimony of faith in him. Then they ask for blessings and call to be God-fearing.

2. Then they pray that the family is happy and happy.

3. Nika is a ceremony, during which the mention of a gift for the young is not only allowed, but even necessary. The bride can get her present from her future husband at once, without delaying this moment. The size of it can be indicated in the certificate of marriage registration.

4. Inviting guests to an event such as a nikah, it is a prerequisite of the ceremony. The prophet said that if invited to the celebration the person is not deigned to be, this shows his disobedience to Allah.

5. The groom should read a special prayer, asking Allah for the good of his bride and protecting her from evil.

Nika is not just a rite. This is an amazing, beautiful and filled with the deepest religious meaning in the life of two lovers.