Today shorts are not only an element of sports and tourist clothing. They are at the peak of popularity and are worn almost anywhere and at any time of the year, even in winter with tight tights. But one of the most popular since the last century, the option can be called summer white shorts. Their popularity is not accidental, because this particular wardrobe has become almost a symbol of vacation, sunny weather, relaxation and freedom. They form a bright, smart, young and even sexy image. At the same time, if you want and at work in the summer months, you can afford to wear such clothes. However, to look at them everywhere to the fullest, you need to be able to harmoniously combine with other clothing white shorts. With what to wear and how to combine this thing?

When and to whom

White shorts in the summer can become the main set of sets not only on vacation and on a trip, but also at a party, on a day and evening walk, at a nightclub and even in an office with a not too strict dress code. For those returning from a holiday from the shores of a sea resort or after spending a weekend on the beach it's the white short shorts that will help to demonstrate beautifully tanned legs.

Irreplaceable object of summer wardrobe - white shorts

Clinging and shortened models will emphasize all the merits of the figure, but, unfortunately, this also applies to shortcomings. Therefore, girls with visible defects of the figure and not too slender legs should avoid such models. This applies to ladies with excess weight and in adulthood. If you really want to wear shorts, especially white, it's better to stay on more loose and elongated shorts, culottes, breeches. But the most wonderful option for not the youngest and slender is the skirt-shorts.

With what shoes

In everyday life in their spare time with white shorts are different shoes with heels or wedges, as well as sandals and ballet flats. You can wear light or white sports shoes for walking.

The whole image will change just according to the choice of shoes and other accessories. Feminine and even exquisitely you can look like a shoe on high heels. A sporty, dynamic and fresh image will come if you combine white denim shorts with sneakers or sneakers and a backpack or a small sports bag of light colors.

On the city's summer streets or at the resort, this thing looks great in combination with moccasins or sandals. And you can choose light sandals on a wedge or ballet shoes, so it will always be an up-to-date image in a marine style, ideally suited for white shorts.

With what to wear to the office

If you chose a non-tight and not short model, then it may well be office clothes in the summer months, if the official etiquette allows you not to wear a stocking and does not require strict stiffness in clothes. But even in such cases it is recommended to wear a black, blue, brown, gray, beige, terracotta or dark green long jacket or a strict elongated jacket with a white shorts, under which it is better to put on a simple monochrome top.

In this case, if the top or blouse under the jacket is bright color, then the jacket should be restrained or black. If the jacket is more saturated color, then under it wear a blouse or top black, white flowers, as well as a pastel shade of a suitable scale. The best choice for an office is a combination of white shorts - a black T-shirt, or top, or blouse. In addition, it is difficult to make mistakes with the palette. Therefore, at the slightest doubt in the appropriateness, it is better to stick to it, putting on white shorts in the office. Complement the kit business bag and strict shoes-boats, but in no case are frivolous sandals. In addition to the jacket, with such a bottom in the office, you can wear an elongated top, for example a blouse of a strict style without a jacket.

Style Casual

In addition to the above images, out of work classic white shorts look great with T-shirts and shirts, with tops and blouses of free cut, while they can be white, bright, bright, dark and with any prints. The most relevant in 2017 will be the so-called predatory prints: tiger and leopard, and also with a drawing under the skin of reptiles. Such prints look great with white things, including white shorts.

Such a fashionable blouse or a bright top paired with sandals and a thin belt, wearing a slinky to the bottom, which is a great choice for going to the cinema, cafe, club or for an evening stroll. Sexy and bold choice – white high-waisted shorts worn with a tucked blouse in a loose silhouette and sandals on high heels.

For the style of keezhual with a note of sportiness, a shirt, jumper, T-shirt, windbreaker, sweatshirt and sports shoes or simple sandals on a flat sole and, of course, denim white shorts will suit.

What to wear such a thing with flax, so it's with shirts, jackets and waistcoats in the style of safari and jumper-colored khaki, as well as brown, gray, sand, brown and red hues.

The style of the safari will emphasize the style with cuffs and patch pockets. You can supplement the image with leather, suede and metal accessories of copper and gold shades in this style.

In the evening or on cool summer days, stylish and beautiful white shorts look like long knitted jumpers and cardigans (up to the middle of calves and below) and high boots with lacing on a thick "tractor" sole.

Evening option

For a more elegant and brilliant evening out, white shorts can be easily combined with bustier tops, white embroidered shirt, tops in a naval style, in cooler days - with short jackets and jackets decorated with ornaments and decorative elements. If dances are supposed, especially on verandas or under the open sky, you can wear sexy sandals or even sneakers to such an image.

On a romantic date, the furor will produce white shorts made of lace fabric, capable of making the image of their owner not only sexy, but also airy-tender. Color contrasts with this thing are best avoided, the top is better to choose, too, light or pastel tones. Elegant shoes-boats, white openwork short boots or elegant sandals on a hairpin will perfectly complement this romantic image.

Even at the celebration, you can wear a model of silk or satin with a black or black and white trim blouse and, as an exception, black heeled shoes of a strict or refined design.

Every year, men's white shorts are becoming more popular even in business clothes. With what to wear them in this case? Stylists suggest combining a strict shirt with a jacket or waistcoat with shorts made of dense flax or cotton.

Men's white denim shorts are indispensable for walks in the sea style and for a sporty image combined with a polo shirt or t-shirt. You should adhere to a strict rule - no long socks with shorts.

An exception can be only short white socks, and then under sports closed shoes of white color or light tones, such as sneakers or sneakers.