The most fashionable trend in the field of hairdressing is vibrant hair colors. These can be single-tone curls, multi-colored strands, acidic tips or bangs. Unusual hair color is an excellent reason to stand out and emphasize its uniqueness. This category of shades includes all the nuances that nature cannot bestow on us: pink, blue, lilac, green, yellow, ashen and gray. Who will suit these shades and how to get them? Let's see.

The nuances of color staining

The creation of extreme shades on the hair is always performed with special professional dyes. It is best to go to the salon and trust the hands of the master. However, not everyone will undertake such a difficult job, because an unpredictable result is possible here. To get an unusual hair color, you must first perform bleaching. Moreover, the depth of clarification directly depends on the desired color. The more delicate and gentler the desired shade, the whiter and “cleaner” the base should be. Among the professional brands that produce products for creative coloring, we can note three of the most popular ones, these are Anthocyanin, Directions and Manic Panic.

Anthocyanin dye

The product of the Korean company Sarangsae Cosmetics is known not only for its excellent quality, but also for its rich color palette. Unusual hair color, obtained with the help of this dye, keeps on curls for about 4 weeks. The tool has a cumulative effect, even with re-staining the intensity of the tone will be maintained for a longer period. But resistance will still depend on the initial state of the hair. The dye does not damage the curls, as it does not contain hydrogen peroxide in the composition and does not destroy melanin. It does not cause allergic reactions, irritation, suitable for sensitive skin. All shades are mixed together, which makes it possible to obtain spectacular nuances that are not in the palette. For example, by mixing green and blue, we get an unusual hair color shade of celadon (turquoise).

Celebrities with unconventional hair color

Who are the bright shades?

Girls with cold skin tones are better to choose purple, blue, blue tones. They can give a tired and sick look to a warm appearance. This shade gives the image of mystery and courage.

Red shades are divided into warm and cold. Therefore, for the owners of freckles, blush good copper, amber, warm colors. Girls with winter and summer color type is better to stick with pink, purple hues. Dark tones of red are perfectly combined with dark skin, lighter ones are good for young ladies with porcelain, transparent tones.

Pink is a very popular and beautiful hair color suitable for gentle ladies with perfectly smooth skin. This shade looks good on the face, not prone to redness, without a natural blush.

Green is suitable for all types of appearance, because it is a neutral tone. Able to emphasize the eyes well, if selected according to their color.

The disadvantages of color staining

All bright shades of hair colors are obtained through the procedure of lightening. Most damaged curls, painted in a dark color. If a vegetable dye (henna, basma) was used, then the chances of getting a good light shade without red and yellow are zero. It is also difficult to lighten the curls, painted and household products. Because they are composed of components that contribute to the penetration of pigment into the deeper layers of the hair. To achieve high-quality, uniform removal of them from its core is impossible. All fashionable color shades of hair colors require a good, healthy state of curls.

Non-standard shades require regular tinting. Whatever the nuance you choose, after a week the regrown roots will be visible. In addition, washing out, bright colors lose their brilliance and shine. Can give locks unclean look.

Unusual natural hair color

The most rare, and therefore non-standard, is considered a natural copper color. In second place by uniqueness is blond. As the scientists say, the percentage of red-haired people is very small, and, according to some information, in 100 years they will disappear altogether. Not less rare and blond shade, only 2% of the inhabitants of the Earth can boast of bright hair.

If we talk about all the other colors, then with the help of modern cosmetic products, every girl has the opportunity to diversify the natural shade without major changes. For example, the coveted for many natural gray hair color can be obtained with the help of modern tint tools. There are many professional mousses, toning care products designed to create beautiful tints on light brown blond and blond hair.

Also, the natural color can be beaten with multi-colored strands. They can be made with color crayons from Loreal Hair Chalk.

Care for colored curls

Girls with unusual hair color should not forget about regular care. A bright image requires to always look perfect. Stylists recommend to eliminate the use of oils, both in pure form and as additives in care products. Since they tend to destroy the unstable color pigment and clog the hair.

It is advisable to use shampoos without parabens and sulfates. These aggressive detergent bases instantly make any extreme shades dull.

Mandatory tinting masks and balms are obligatory to use. They are able to prolong the saturation and brilliance of creative shades, prevent their washing out. In addition, they accumulate over time and allow you to maintain a juicy color in between staining.

Girls who decide to make their choice in favor of the non-color hair should remember that the shade should be chosen as professionally as possible. If you are not sure about the ideality of your taste, it is better to consult an expert stylist at the beginning of such an experiment.