Probably, you repeatedly heard that the woman's hands speak about many things. A beautiful and unusual manicure makes a woman more confident, attractive and stylish. Of course, professional manicure is not available to all female representatives. But this is not an excuse to get upset. A beautiful and unusual manicure at home can easily be done, while having several varnishes and appliances that every home owner has. We need only an unconventional approach and creative ideas. They will help to make an unusual manicure that will reflect the inner world of the beauty.

In addition, a creative manicure made by own hands is more than just a varnish applied to nails. This is a masterpiece that the girl creates herself, which means that it will be unique. Let's look at some of the most popular manicure options that you can easily replicate at home.

Water manicure

Such an unusual manicure, the photo of variations of which you have probably seen repeatedly, has been popular for several years. It stands out for its richness, uniqueness, brightness and attractiveness. Although the process of creating such a manicure is quite complicated, you can master it. Even if the first attempts are unsuccessful, despair is not necessary. If you show perseverance and perseverance, masterpieces of nail art can be created without leaving home.

Unusual manicure at home (photo)

Water unusual manicure allows you to create beautiful and original drawings on the nails, the color and type of which completely depends on the imagination and idea of ​​the master.

Before you start applying the varnish, you need to prepare your fingers. To do this, cut out the stencils from the tape with the letter "P" so that they bypass the entire nail plate. Then you need to collect in the tank lukewarm water and a little bit to drill the chosen varnishes in order, waiting for the previous layer to spread. To create a picture in the container, you need to use a stick. Spend it on the layers of varnish, it mixes and creates an unusual picture. Immediately after that, you can dip your fingernails one by one into the container, holding them for a few seconds just below the lacquer film. Although the scotch will protect the cuticle from excess lacquer, small errors can still remain. To remove them, you can use a cotton swab and liquid to remove varnish.

Please note that an unusual manicure at home, the photo of which you once saw, will never be identical in the same way. After all, in the process of applying water manicure, many factors play a role, such as the density of the varnish, the way to create a pattern, the color range of varnishes. An unusual manicure, described above, can not be created using gel-varnishes.

Newspaper manicure

Using an ordinary newspaper, you can also create an unusual manicure. The photo, of course, does not convey all its beauty, but it is absolutely necessary to try to make it at home.

First it is necessary to put a basis under a varnish, then an equal layer of a white varnish. After drying it, you need to carefully place on the nails pieces of newspaper, moistened in water or alcohol. Only after 30 seconds the pattern will be on the nails. But you need to remove the newspaper carefully, and better - using tweezers. And then it remains only to apply a fixer, which will allow you to enjoy newspaper manicure for at least a few days.

Frosted manicure

Although for the creation of a matt manicure for a long time there are special varnishes, because of the high price they are not available to everyone. But few people know that any glossy varnish can become opaque in just a few seconds.

To do this, apply the first ball of varnish, allow it to dry. After applying the second ball, each nail should be held over the steam of the preheated kettle for a few seconds. It is advisable to wait until the varnish has dried completely. Here such a little secret will help you to save, but at the same time get matte manicure no worse than in a professional salon.

Lunar manicure

This kind of manicure is quite popular, but there are so many variations that you can experiment yourself and create an original manicure yourself, using those lacquers that are in the cosmetic bag.

Although the process of creating a lunar manicure is much more difficult than a French one, the result is worth it.

The procedure for creating a manicure begins with the preparation of nails. Then it is necessary to apply stencils and carefully apply varnish layers. Only after the varnish has completely dried, it is possible to remove the stickers and apply a contrast lacquer on the nails with a brush. To fix the result, you need to apply a clear lacquer.

Caviar (Beaded) Manicure

Although caviar manicure appeared only recently, it became very popular. This manicure looks very impressive, although making it at home is easier than it seems at first glance. The very name says that for this manicure will need a special beads.

First, apply 2 coats of lacquer. After they are completely dry, prepare the container and pour into it a microbial. Then in turn, for each nail, apply a clear lacquer and immediately douse the nail plate into the beads, pressing it down a little so that it sticks. To make the clear varnish completely dry, it will take about 15 minutes. Only after this it is possible to fix caviar manicure with a transparent varnish.

There is also a second way to create a beaded manicure. For gluing beads you can use a needle or toothpick. Applying caviar should be done quickly. This method makes it possible to create caviar manicure using several colors of beads.

Unusual French manicure

Tired of classics? Then it's time to start experimenting with the already familiar French manicure. To diversify this kind of manicure, you can make it unique, giving color. For example, on a white line, draw a bright flower. For those who do not know how to apply pictures on nails, there is an option a little easier - buy special stickers or stencils.

For lovers of all bright stylists recommend to make a French manicure, using a non-familiar white lacquer, but, for example, red. You can also connect a whole palette of colors on each nail.

Do not despair if there is no time or opportunity to visit the beauty salon, in order to bring your marigolds in order. To create an unusual manicure, it is enough to show imagination and find some free time. Remain beautiful, no matter what!