Our life is impossible without close collaboration between people. One way or another everyone will have to give up my invisible debt to society. People surround us at work, in public transport, and everywhere, even in your own home. Unfortunately, often the communication with Homo sapiens brings more anger and frustration than good and positive. Modern people are often angry, intolerant, arrogant and hungry for profit. This requires life in our society based on competition and selfishness. It is not surprising that some find it difficult to adapt to this state of Affairs. From childhood, they listened to stories about honesty, friendship and love, but as an adult, I realized that people are driven by more prosaic motives. Instead of accepting things as they are, some actors are angry with the whole human race, devouring itself from within its own hatred. Today there is even a special term for the name of the people who hate people — misanthropes.

Dangerous than hatred?

Almost everyone who hates others, thinks that it causes them harm. However, the only one who suffers from this, even the hater. Usually a feeling of hostility does not arise on an empty place, for it is necessarily the reason. But this does not mean that this reason is objective. You can search for hate positive aspects, but they are not. This feeling leads to wars, discrimination, violence and intolerance.

Often the feeling of hatred grows out of anger. But if the anger is fleeting, explosive nature, the hatred remains for a long time, bringing a constant discomfort its "happy" owner. Envy is a frequent cause of strife, when man, instead of accepting his limitations, gets angry at those who have greater resources.

Many people live for years side by side with your hatred of someone or something, accumulating more and more depressed aggression that destroys the person from within. Hardly such a relationship to their internal world can be called reasonable. Therefore, no matter how nice and righteous may seem to hate, better to get rid of it, than all life to suffer in her bondage viscous.

The origin of misanthropy

As there are people who hate people? And there's the insidious misanthropy? The reasons can be mass, for example, a bad childhood in which parents, using dubious or outright malicious methods of education, instilled in your child an inferiority complex, so strong that it carried him through life. And people who consider themselves flawed, defective person not only can build a happy and harmonious life. It is much easier to start to hate everyone around, than to change.

Envy — a feeling, often leading to misanthropy. At first, people just jealous of the qualities inherent in other people or their material well-being. But to succeed is not easy, it is much easier to say to yourself: "I Hate people!" – and live the rest of his life in this way. Hatred is attractive because it does not require any effort for their development. It is self-growing and flooding the entire inner world of his victim.I hate people, what to do? What are the people that hate people

Negative experience as a result of relationships with people, also can sow the seed of misanthropy. After betrayal or infidelity, while in a depressed state, the person begins to transfer his own negative experience to all people around. He begins to think that others are just waiting, as if to hurt him unhappy person. Instead of trying to recover from the blow and move on, people choose a different path. They insist they're all around equally bad and the relationship with them is not needed. The inner need of human warmth and fellowship does not disappear, giving rise to dissatisfaction, on change which come anger and hatred.

Especially easy to become a misanthrope at a young age, when idealism and a sense of superiority over others the most powerful. During this period, it is easy to fall under the pernicious influence of his errors, becoming a misanthrope for many years. The result is that this mistakes of youth can be very sad: hatred of the people will remain in the age of reason, gradually eroding from the inside of a man who may not even remember why he doesn't like people. Frustration is also not long to wait, because adult life quickly put everything in its place. It turns out that the usual superiority — just a figment of the imagination, and this can lead to constant frustration and will only increase the hatred.

Famous Misanthropes

You might think that misanthropy – only losers and insecure people. But what about those who are quite successful, rich, famous, and being a misanthrope? Apparently, modern society creates so a huge number of nasty, disgusting individuals, that even those who seemingly should enjoy life and love all around, I hate people.

Among the famous figures of science and art often misanthropes. Notable examples — bill Murray, Egor Letov, Varg Vikernes, Friedrich Nietzsche, Stanley Kubrick and many others. Their example shows that people that hate people, not necessarily envy them or hide behind the misanthropy his old resentment. Obviously, there are many objective reasons to feel enmity for all mankind. Many titans of thought seen in society in General and people in particular only evil, viciousness, stupidity. Looking at the world around them it is easy to agree. The war going for the sake of enriching a handful of billionaires, famine in one part of the planet, and epidemic obesity in the other. It is obvious that with this world that something is wrong and to blame only the people.

Varieties of misanthropes

The misanthrope is a loser is one of the most common varieties of misanthropes. Such people due to their weakness and inadaptability are unable to become successful. Not able to help others and to occupy a high position in society, poor souls trying to convince themselves that these things they do not need. In the end, dissatisfaction with yourself and others grows into hatred. Such misanthropes will never ask themselves "Why do I hate people?" because then you are exposed to their unsightly nature.

There are more interesting species of misanthropes. They deliberately reject social norms, engage in self-development, trying to rise above the gray mass, to be better. A huge influence on this movement was provided by Friedrich Nietzsche and his ideas of the Superman. Misanthropes such a plan is usually well well-informed, independent and do not need company. Typically they support communication with a certain number of people, knowing that they will not survive alone.

You can still identify so-called geeks, misanthropes. It's very clever, sometimes even brilliant people who have problems with communication. They are characterized by commitment and the perception of others as impediments in achieving the goal. This type of misanthropy can be found everywhere where you use the work of the technical specialists. They are invisible, because in silence digging in your hardware, not paying attention to the people around. However, the skills of these people is so good that colleagues are willing to endure their bad temper.

There are those who are trying to become a misanthrope under the influence of movies, ideologies or books. They think that the image of the cynical misanthrope will make them more interesting and attractive. They say, "I Hate people!", but in their words not felt confidence, their dislike is preposterous. Over time, these misanthropes usually return to its normal state or else are so imbued with your new image, become real misanthropes, from which they usually suffer.

I hate people. What to do?

Not all misanthropes are enjoying their condition. Most of them are anyway unhappy. So over time some angry person trying to break out of the vicious circle of hatred, because it is negative in any case, what ideas it or decorate. If you set out to overcome his distaste for people, then half the job done! After a few misanthropes are willing to part with his anger, enjoying the current situation. If you wondered how to stop hating a person or group of people, it will be not too difficult to fall in love with humanity.

First we need to realize how harmful hatred. Once you understand how destructive its influence, the desire to get rid of this malicious feelings firmly set in your head. After that, just ask yourself the question: "Why I hate people?" The answer should put everything in its place, if you were honest with yourself. Usually the true reason for the hatred of the people lies in the qualities of character inherent in them, or financial position. After that, it would be good to learn to accept people for who they are, or to focus on their positive aspects, not negative.

If you accept or love the people around you beyond your strength, but the negativity and anger to get rid of want to, you can try to stop myself in moments of anger, simply repeating a phrase or counting. You will be surprised how groundless and foolish seem to be the causes of the anger, if only for a bit.

Does love breed hatred?

Artists have repeatedly noticed the close relationship between love and hatred, expressing this seemingly paradoxical Union in his works. Remember the incidents from his life: is it possible to get really angry at strangers, indifferent to you? But the power of hatred between lovers can be so great that makes people do rash, crazy things. Many philosophers and psychologists are closely linked love and aggression among themselves, recognizing that the deeper the relationship between people, the stronger will be the mutual dislike between them in the event of a conflict.

Does love always lead to hate?

Why love someone if in the end will only anger? Love does not necessarily entails negative feelings. It leads to dissatisfaction of the human ego, which seeks to transform all relationships in narcissism. Of course, in this case, it causes hard feelings and misunderstanding, after all, an ego will always find a reason for discontent: his love is too weak, treated worse than it deserves. Narcissism will severely hinder the construction of harmonious and warm relations.

Therefore, if you decide to build a relationship with another person, you must think whether you are ready not only to take but to give. If you can reset your spoiled ego from the throne, to start to care about someone else so how about yourself? Only a strong, confident person can afford the luxury of complete dedication. For most intimate relationship, over time, come to a standstill, leaving only boredom and misunderstanding. Many women, experiencing a strong hatred for the man, subsequently putting it on the male species. Are they happy? Unlikely.

Happy misanthropes – do they exist?

After reading everything written above, it is possible to decide that all misanthropes, miserable, sick people. But there are personality, harmoniously combining the dislike of people and love of self. Whether to be happy misanthrope, depends largely on the reasons which have pushed him on this stance. If a person experiences a constant feeling of frustration from others or envy of the more affluent members of society gnawing at him, he will scarcely be able to be happy, not getting rid of these destructive feelings.

This is not the case with the misanthrope, who despises the society, but striving to rise above, to rise above the gray mass. Ideological misanthrope does not feel frustration or envy, he just prefers solitude, not depend on others. A man screams "I Hate people!" at every turn, just that he seldom prefers to deal with them. Among the happy misanthropes can be noted of many successful, decent people. They are not rude to others, do not commit antisocial acts, the manifestation of hatred seems to them a great folly. However, such a conscious misanthropes are extremely rare, while most of those who hate people identify themselves to this group.

Misanthropy today

In today's world it is fashionable to be a misanthrope. The many characters of movies, books and television series set an example to the younger generation of misanthropes. On the screen characters that hate people submitted self-sufficient and cynical, but generally good people. Even if the misanthrope is a negative character, it still has its own charm and evokes sympathy for his charisma. Today everyone knows the name of the people that hate people, because around every second insists that hates others, calling them herd cattle and other unpleasant words.

Of course, among the mods and imitators there are quite a few true monsters who want to kill every member of the human species, but there are not many such characters that can not but rejoice.

Fierce, animal hatred — a sign of the unfortunate man who just cannot Express their pain differently. Of course, there are a huge number of subcultures that have made joy an integral part of their ideals. Some of them advocate hostility towards people of another race, another religion, or orientation. In this case, hatred unites members of the subculture makes their relationship stronger and safer. But, unfortunately, flirting with misanthropy can lead to terrible acts of violence, war, genocide. Racial discrimination in many countries as a good example.

Of course, malice has always been the faithful companion of our species. People hate each other for centuries. Aggression is one of the most important mechanisms of our psyche, to ensure the survival of humanity, but today its showing without any need, just because you can't control. Despite all the scientific progress, the person himself remained the same cruel savages, which was thousands of years ago.

What we have in the end? Is it worth it to get rid of misanthropy, if you found her? This question has no definite answer. If you are happy, it makes no sense to deprive yourself of joy, trying to figure out how to stop hating the person or all people. If burning hatred eats you up inside, destroying the inner world, turning into irritable and angry subject, it's time to get rid of such malicious emotions. You can't say good or bad to be a misanthrope, the answer for everyone, only need to understand their inner world.

Not everyone is a misanthrope becomes a Breivik or a Hitler, and not every one who says that he loves people, really good people. Do not forget that the biggest wars and mass murder of defenseless people are always held in the name of a good cause. Bloody dictators and murderers didn't say, "I Hate people!" On the contrary, from their lips flowed only sweet words about the goodness and philanthropy. So you should judge a man by his actions, whether he is a misanthrope or an exemplary Christian. Very often the words and actions of people completely opposite to each other.