Kevin Kuranyi is a German footballer who is currently without a contract. The player is already 34 years old, so it is quite possible that he will make a decision about retirement. Kevin Kuranyi plays the position of a classic center forward.

Carier start

German striker Kevin Kuranyi

Kevin Kuranyi was born on March 2, 1982 in Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. His father is German and his mother is Panama. He spent his childhood in Brazil, at the age of six, joining the football academy of the local club Serrano Petropolis. There he spent five years before moving to his mother's homeland in Panama, where he joined the football academy of the Las Promesas club.

He spent only one year there, and then returned to Serrano, with whom he worked for another two years.

When he was 14 years old, Kevin Kuranyi again went to his mother's homeland and spent another year at the Las Promesas club, but at the age of fifteen he returned to Germany, where he stayed to live. In 1997, Kevin was screened at the Stuttgart Football Academy, which he eventually joined. He spent three years there, and when he was eighteen years old he signed a professional contract with the club.

However, not immediately a young footballer was able to break into the foundation - in his first season he played only 9 matches in duplicate, scoring one goal. The second season turned out to be more successful - he hit 9 goals in 26 matches for a double and was called to the main team six times, having marked two goals for it.

As a result, since 2002, Kuranyi became the main and key player of Stuttgart. In the 02/03 season, he scored the most goals in his career - 22. In the next two seasons, he scored 16 and 18 goals respectively. Such consistently high efficiency attracted the attention of other clubs, and in the summer of 2005, the 23-year-old striker for seven million euros moved to Schalke.

Go to "Schalke"

Kevin Kuranyi - a football player who was able to quickly get used to the new place. He immediately began to play at the base and in the first season he scored 14 goals in 46 matches. He spent five seasons in Schalke, winning the 2005 League Cup with the club. In total, he won 209 matches for the Gelsenkirhans and scored 87 goals in them. In the summer of 2010, his contract with Schalke ended, and Kevin took a rather unusual step - he moved to Russia, where he signed a contract with Moscow Dynamo.

Playing for Dynamo

Kevin Kuranyi, whose photographs still appeared on the covers of sports magazines at that time, deliberately decided to go down - from one of the strongest clubs in Germany, he moved to the Russian Championship, which is not in the top 5 leagues, unlike the Bundesliga.

Whatever the player's motives, he immediately impressed the management, scoring 9 goals in 16 matches in the remaining half of the season. However, things went no further so smoothly - in the next four years - in 126 matches 46 goals. This is a good indicator, but at the same time much less impressive than its performance in Stuttgart and Schalke. When the player’s contract expired in the summer of 2015, he returned to Germany, signing a one-year contract with Hoffenheim

Last season

However, Kuranyi was already 33 years old, so he did not get enough match practice - for the entire season he appeared on the field 15 times and could not score a single goal. Naturally, they did not renew the contract with him - and he was out of work in the summer of 2016. So far, the attacker has not announced his retirement, but he has not received any lucrative offers from clubs, so now he is out of work.