Nylon strap find in recent years more and more widespread, they constitute a versatile tool, designed for numerous types of installation works.

Nylon strap: features products

General description

Choose this product for the reason that he does not support the combustion process and combines ductility and high strength. Products are resistant to sudden and significant changes in humidity and temperature. These characteristics are due to the use in the production process of high quality raw materials. Nylon ties have a wide range of applications. They were originally used for fixing cables and wires in separate bundles, but rather harnesses. However, over time the range of applications has expanded. Today the products described here are used in exercising and other works.

The use

Nylon ties used for cables wires, for attachment to various surfaces and structures through the screeds and using the mounting pads and adhesive surfaces. They are irreplaceable if needed, pipe-laying small diameter. These products are used in fixing of festive illuminations, light structures and promotional items. They are used in packaging all sorts of products, including food products.

Ties black nylon have other names, among them are the cable clips, kabelbinder and tightening. In the process of manufacture is used the polyamide, known as nylon, the latter has excellent quality characteristics.

Positive features

Tie - nylon has high strength, products can undergo considerable burden in comparison with the clamps that are made of traditional plastic-type polypropylene. The products have an impressive plasticity, in confirmation of this it may be mentioned that the screed from conventional plastics do not have this feature. This indicates that the described variety of products is much harder to break.

Tie a nylon cold-resistant excellent deal with low temperatures. They retain the quality of ductility at -85 degrees. However, installation is recommended only in case if the temperature dropped below minus ten degrees.

Tie a plastic nylon is perfect for use outdoors, but be sure to exclude the impact of the product to sunlight. Not to mention the high humidity. For example, a plastic tie can be in high humidity conditions or in water for a long time, in contrast to metal products. The first does not lose its quality characteristics.

Additional features

Nylon strap is easy and convenient to mount on manipulation takes quite some time, what attracts professional artists and those who buy these products for their own needs. To simplify the work with clamps, you can buy a tool designed for manipulation of zip ties. However, it is not recommended to buy electrical tool in case if the works are of a private nature. This is due to the fact that the purchase would be unjustified.

What is important to know

Cable clamps are used as one of the most convenient and fast, and also cost-effective methods of banding. With the help of these products it is possible not only to record, but to label the wires and cables if necessary, the implementation of electrical works. In the end, manage to get a reliable and strong connection, which provides ease of operation.

In the store building materials you can select clips from a wide color gamut, that allows to use the products for a variety of purposes. Optionally or if necessary, you can purchase the following colors: black, green, yellow, red and blue.

The dependence of tensile strength on sizes

If you decided to use for carrying out any works plastic straps, then you should consider some of their characteristics. For example, the product 3 x 80 2 x 80, 5 x 2-16 will have a tensile strength in the range of 8. This figure increases with the size changes to 150 x 3.2-3.5 x 3-35, in which case it will be equivalent to 18. If you change the dimensions up to 200 x 4.2-4.7 x 3-50 rely on tensile strength, equivalent to 22. If you change the dimensions to 200 x 7 x 3-50 tensile strength is increased to 55. The latter figure is the maximum.


Nylon strap absolutely essential for carrying out electrical works. They have low cost and will last a long time. Before purchasing a particular attention should be paid to existing qualitative characteristics, among them are the absence or presence of opportunity opening after the coupler is latched. This can become an important factor which will certainly affect consumer choice. In order not to overpay, it is necessary to define a set of functions. Some products may cost more, others – to be the most affordable. Sometimes sellers don't pay attention to the consumer at that.