In connection with the growing popularity of non-state pension funds, quite a lot of people have recently become interested in such a company as "StalFond". Feedback about this organization is quite contradictory both from the side of employees and from the clients, therefore it is worth initially considering the main proposals from this fund and the opinion of the parties on each of them.

What are the advantages of this organization?

Non-state pension fund StalFond: reviews

Of course, like any other company, this NPF talks about its main advantages over competing structures. In particular, it is thanks to these merits of many people interested in "StalFund." People's opinions are inconsistent, but many say that most of what has been said corresponds to reality.

The advantages are:

Compulsory insurance

The system of compulsory pension insurance allows citizens to ensure full compensation for earnings after they reach retirement age or are forced to enter it for other reasons. Funds for this security are created with the help of monthly deductions from the employer in the amount of 22% of the earnings of the employee, 16% of which are credited to the insurance, while 6% are sent to the funded pension.


Initially, both the insurance and funded pensions are at the disposal of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, which, according to the legislation, has very, very limited possibilities for making investments. It is for this reason that by the end of 2015 citizens can provide the opportunity to manage their own funds in favor of non-state pension funds that allow not only to save 6% of deductions, but in addition to get the opportunity to significantly increase the future pension due to the fact that savings can be invested much more effective.

Is it compulsory to file an application?

Those people who do not apply for the transfer of funds under the management of non-state pension funds are completely deprived of the formation of pension savings, while all existing contributions will be directly directed to the accumulation of an insurance pension. It is in this connection that many decided to transfer their savings account to "StalFond". Customer testimonials indicate that not all people have done this consciously (the contractual features), while others are dissatisfied with the service. There are also a large number of satisfied customers who are satisfied with the services they provide.

What does the company offer?

  • extremely effective investment of all funds that are in pension savings;
  • the most reliable and quality management of storage facilities;
  • the possibility of further increasing the future pension due to the fact that investment of savings is more profitable;
  • possibility of instant access to any information regarding the state of own account.

These are the benefits that StalFund provides. Customer testimonials indicate that the company is really increasing the funds received, but at the same time there are a lot of subtleties in the contract, which are unacceptable for some.

Non-state provision

There are quite a lot of options for how to save money for the future:

  • deposit in the bank;
  • investing in real estate;
  • acquisition of gold and securities;
  • and much more.

All these investments provide for the existence of an initial capital, which must be allocated from the family or personal budget. Now there is an opportunity to form an additional non-state pension, using voluntary contributions to NPF StalFond. The reviews say that depositors' contributions are mostly placed in various legal financial instruments, which bring a good income, the approximate amount of which was written above. The total size, frequency and duration of contributions, as well as the specifics of the further payment of the accumulated funds are chosen by the client himself.

Additional nuances

All means of non-state pension, if necessary, can be bequeathed to legal successors. If desired, you can terminate the contract, which you have concluded, "StalFund." Customer testimonials say that in fact, with the termination of the contract, there are quite a lot of different nuances, and it's not always possible to terminate it without any problems. If the contract is still terminated, the fund pays not only the contribution paid by the person, but also the investment income that was accrued during this period of time.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that each participant has the right to receive a tax deduction in the amount of 13% of the total amount of contributions paid in the process of its registration.

Corporate Programs

As is known, many companies have recently been trying to take care of their personnel, trying to provide the really valuable staff with the most optimal conditions for cooperation, as well as the prospect of a successful future, since a truly qualified specialist who knows himself the price will simply not work in such an organization. Recently, the shortage of professional personnel has become particularly acute, and therefore many are looking for additional options for attracting valuable employees.

What do they give?

Like none of the elements of the social package, a corporate pension can be used as a long-term tool to conduct a truly effective personnel policy that allows solving the majority of personnel management tasks, and this is the program that StalFund offers. Customer testimonials indicate that with the help of this program it is achieved:

  • a significant reduction in the overall staff turnover during the implementation of various schemes aimed at retaining a certain range of valuable employees;
  • increasing loyalty to management, since the manifestation of additional care for employees automatically stimulates them to more carefully and responsibly fulfill their own duties;
  • maintenance of the right age composition, which is achieved due to the specifics of such provision;
  • creating a positive image of the company, as providing a broad social package improves the reputation of the company in the public environment, and significantly increases its competitive advantages in the current labor market.

Modern corporate pension programs, in fact, are beneficial not only for employers, but also for the employees in whose favor they are used, therefore, the proposal proposed by "StalFund" (non-governmental pension fund) is so popular. Reviews, ratings and other indicators of this program show that recently it is quite common among modern companies.

Participation in such a program allows you to feel the workers' stability, reliability and confidence in the future, as they will not have to worry about the possibility of getting on a well-deserved rest.

Significant savings

Unlike all kinds of bonuses and bonuses, the funds of corporate investors who are directed directly to non-state pension provision can not be subject to any insurance premiums. In addition, all kinds of contributions to corporate pension programs are also included in the company's costs, providing a significant reduction in the taxable base for income tax.

If we talk about this program as an instrument for motivating staff, there are many advantages of what StalFund offers (a non-state pension fund). Feedback, rating and other indicators indicate that many people have already managed to assess the cost-effectiveness of this approach in comparison with standard options such as training, bonuses or a slight increase in wages. The thing is that people value the feeling of stability more than the already available bonuses that can be spent.

How is the corporate program introduced?

With the help of such a partnership it is possible to form an absolutely unique program through the NPF StalFond. The feedback from the staff says that in principle there are no fundamental difficulties in the formation of an individual program, because you just need to answer a few questions. Many modern companies prefer to use this option, since many features can be taken into account. Thus, it is possible to provide the most optimal variant of pension accumulation through "StalFond". The feedback from the staff suggests that only the following points need to be clarified:

  • Define the basic tasks that will be put before the corporate pension program. Initially, together with the customer, professional specialists will determine which group of employees will be covered, and what the company wants to achieve by using the services of SPF "StalFond". Employee feedback is often noted that it is with this item that there are no problems at all.
  • Conduct a preliminary expert assessment of the required amount of funding, taking into account the prospects for further development of the organization.
  • Completely develop the necessary regulatory documentation in full compliance with all the rules that OJSC "SteelFund" puts forward. Reviews often note a fairly large number of rules and the need to comply with them.
  • The contract is concluded.
  • Its subsequent support is provided.

If necessary, you can always consult with the specialists of this company regarding any nuances.