When a person pronounces the word "impure", involuntarily compares it with something dirty and unsightly. And the word “power” makes you think that this something has a certain power. Only it goes against the sacred and divine world. In fact, the impure force is chaos, dictated by the dark forces.

The impure force

In the category various evil spirits are not only evil for humans, ghouls, demons and devils. These include the spirits of water, forest lands and guard the dwelling – house. Ministers believe that all rituals, opposite Church action associated with the mob.

With the advent of Christianity people began to divide spirits. Based on the Church's worldview, and they've had some spirits (angels and the souls of the righteous) to the divine world. Others were called "unclean" and tried to classify them the pagan gods: Svarog, Veles, hors, Jari, Makosh.

What is evil spirit

In our time, demons, spirits and demons purchased one capacious name – entity. According to psychics, this is a special energy system, a hostile attitude to man. Her goal is to hurt the person, to deprive it of power, money and sometimes life itself.

According to experts, one should understand that evil spirits are astral entities – succubi, subpersonalities, of the larvae. Very often they are hooked on the energy field of a sleeping person, to stock up on the necessary amount of energy. For the average person these entities are invisible.

However, in the morning the victim may feel tired and unwell. Quite rightly the question arises: “Why do some people are attacked by evil forces and others are not?”

Where are the dark forces?

Great importance is the dwelling in which people live. It is noticed that in places where murders have been committed, often inhabited by ghosts, which in the world of magic is called dead souls. Of course, they can also be attributed to evil spirits.

Indeed, in his desire to take revenge they poison the lives of members of the household in different ways. Also some people are carried away by the magic, are careless in their actions. For example, there are many cases when after a session of spiritualism caused by the spirits of deceased people do not go into your world, and stay alive. So there is evil power in the house.

Of course, in this house will from time to time felt the presence of someone, accompanied by noises, screeching or knocking. In addition, the walls of such a dwelling periodically recorded power outages, there is an unpleasant smell, there are quarrels between loved ones, or they have a disease.

Experts in the field of magic emphasize that in such cases the man himself opens a portal, providing the evil force entrance to your home. After all, magic is a body of knowledge, specific actions and required energy.

If you do not have these resources and ignore the laws of the Universe, then there is a big risk not to cope with the entity. Only an experienced magician will be able through special rituals to carry out unexpected guest and close the door behind him to the underworld.

The image of the evil forces

The film vividly shows the viewer different images of the evil forces: demons, ghosts with empty eyes, cunning demons, who settled in the human body and roaring guttural voice.

Of course, much can be attributed to the boundless imagination of the filmmakers, but actually the most sensitive people will witness such spectacles. Known cases, when the person with defined defects attract certain entities.

Who like parasites?

Addicts and alcoholics often attract the larva feeding on the same dope. They settle invisible cloud over the person and begin to manipulate the human mind. The weaker the will of the individual, the more likely the entity to possess its desires and to guide action.

Gradually degraded man: his spoiled relationship with loved ones until the break. And around find its behavior is very aggressive and inadequate. In such moments, the impure force only entrenches their position.

After consuming massive power surge, his victim, she becomes stronger and subjugates the accident until possession. Surrounding want to help a close person lead to the psychiatrist and psychologist. But professional magicians believe that the first need an exorcism of person.

To do this, refer to the shaman or to the Church. A particular strong point and certain rituals will help destroy the formed grid evil. It will give a chance to the dependent person to get up the nerve to embark on the path of correction.

Evil in the house

Many people mistakenly think that a supernatural force is a legend. In fact, it does not matter believe the identity of the evil or not. Of course, if the house lost some thing, or different thing loving couple, not everything is to blame otherworldly forces.

But if such cases became frequent, and the situation has acquired a natural character, you should think about it. First, in the home becomes uncomfortable to all the family, from scratch quarrels, often have problems with the plumbing, broken electronic devices, furniture.

Secondly, in a place of dying greenery, the animals do not survive. Are particularly sensitive to negative cats. They eyes change their behavior.

Their fur is often raised on end, and they hiss like a defense against someone invisible. In the end, the pet may get sick or even leave out such a dwelling. People may experience severe depression, nervous breakdowns and suicidal thoughts. It's time to think how to deal with evil spirits.

How to deal with otherworldly force?

Evil spirits can cause the enemies, setting a negative program (or deterioration) for one or all family members. And the most perceptive people may notice in the house like receivina images – of animals, or strange shapes.

Also, households may feel that they are someone who inspires and promotes thought. Practice shows that it is necessary to explore the home and the attached territory on the subject of foreign objects. This method is particularly common in rural areas.

If you find strange things – skeins of thread, needles, eggs, various scraps or foreign objects, it is recommended to put them outside the territory of their home, burn or bury deeply in the ground.

In this case you should use gloves, a broom and dustpan. This method of targeting corruption is not the only one. A professional is able to catch evil spirits one photo of a man knowing his name and birthday. Therefore, it is not recommended to give your photos unfamiliar people or to get involved download your photos on Internet resources. After all, vigilance is the best protection against evil forces.

The following steps of deliverance

If fears were confirmed, and the individual was the victim of a competitor who ordered the spell the magician, remove negativity and purify the home from evil forces. This can help the person possessing secret knowledge of the supernatural.

In each locality live their healers, diviners, "seer," shaman. Of course, the priest will be able to help you in this situation in the first place. There is a prayer against evil forces and certain actions associated with sprinkling the house with Holy water.

What are the protections?

Experts are still debating about whether to have faith in Divine Power, when paying his own eyes. The researchers found that in the Biblical narrative inherent high vibrations that can neutralize the dark forces. And not only in faith but also in how a person is strong physically and mentally.

If praying is endowed with high energy and has a strong will, he will achieve a positive result. Prayer against evil forces is the main defense.

Also, many stocking up on protective amulets kept in the house various dry herbs like sage, light a strong incense, to prevent the penetration of evil forces in your home. It is equally important to control your emotions. Indeed, a negative surge distorts the human aura, opening the way to the dark forces. It is important to understand that the spiritual practices and love for people – the most reliable defenders from all negative energies.