For once in a lifetime, every person has dreams that can not be forgotten. And not only. These images carry an extremely important message. To such is the flood. A dream interpreter, of course, will tell you what to prepare for. However, even the visitor to the astral world needs to work his brains. After all, not all situations are put in a dream book. Flood, flood, space, covered with oceanic masses, have a different appearance, accompanied by important nuances. Let's understand, so as not to miss an important message from the subconscious.

Flood: Miller's dream book

What to look for?

You know, guessing the night vision follows, based on the impression that they have on you. Perhaps, this is the most important thing. So with our plot. For example, you were scared of the flood. A dream interpreter will then recommend creating a "safety cushion", and will be right. But not always. In fact, the capture of vast spaces by enormous massifs is a multifaceted image. It can mean both a terrible failure and wonderful prospects. That's why you should pay attention to the emotional component. It suggests in which direction to think, how to argue, if you saw a flood. A dream interpretation, by the way, gives only general transcriptions. You need to rely on them, delving into the meaning and improvising. Only then will you understand the secret meaning of this message. Everyone will be different, like life. After all, you see, it is impossible to repeat the path of another. Only common features can coincide. This explains the dream interpretation of the dream book. In any source of interpretation, directions are given for creativity, a vector to be followed in order to understand the meaning of this vision. Let's look at them in more detail.

Sonnik Miller

Dream Interpretation of Freud

This source of wise counsel shows a peculiar view of the plot under consideration. It is believed that the flooded space is designed to prepare a woman for information about an early pregnancy. This beautiful condition will come from her or someone she knows. There is no reason to worry, unless pregnancy seems to be a dreamer's undesirable. A man such a story promises an unusual adventure. He shows his craving for women in the state. Well, if the wife of such a person is expecting a child, believes the dream book. Water, flooding for the stronger sex is a sign of risk associated with cupping.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

This interpreter adheres to the optimistic interpretation of the subject under consideration. If you saw yourself surrounded by pure waters, then you live in great wealth. Agree, any such prediction will please and inspire. However, in some cases, this dream book does not optimally interpret the flood. The wave, boiling in the wrong places, carrying dirt and debris of household utensils, speaks about the futility of projects. After such a plot, you should stop everything. They will not bring any good, no profit, no satisfaction. If the waves were clean, you still need to be cautious. This dream speaks of a delay in the implementation of projects.

Sonny Hasse

In this source, our plot is not particularly detailed. In addition, the dream book floods the city with the property of the person to whom it was dreamed. Namely - this person is expected in the near future to lose. Unfortunately, there is no emphasis on such details as mud in the water or the presence of victims of a natural disaster. But if the dreamer himself was drowned, then he can be congratulated: in an unexpected way this person can get rid of the terrible danger. When you saw that you were pushed into the water by someone, then in real life manifest a cruelty unprecedented in your nature.

Modern dream book

Flooding, high water in this source are considered to be bad signs. Any of the visions, regardless of whether suffered from them, the dreamer, tells about upcoming diseases and losses. This is especially bad when the water was dirty, seething, menacing. This plot clearly predicts some kind of trouble that may break your will. One does not simply become a victim of some terrible misfortune. He will lose the sources of replenishment, part with friends, survive the betrayal of loved ones, in front of him will be buried the efforts of many years of work. Existence in the modern world will be bleak and dull.

Only the cleanest waters around speak good. A person who has seen such a story awaits a quiet life full of all kinds of blessings.

Esoteric Dream Book: Flooding

The big wave is a sign of the upcoming panic. And the more it is bigger, the stronger will be negative emotions. This source assures readers that the dreamer is to become a participant in a social phenomenon. It will have a very negative color, maybe with some scandalous panic. Psychosis will sweep all around. Most likely, soon everything will clear up. The panic will be completely unreasonable. You should take the story as a kind advice. Do not give in to the general wave, try to disconnect from mass insanity. So keep your nerves, health, and maybe money or property.

Dream Longueau

This interpreter proceeds from the fact that each person is affected by the deep instincts inherited from ancestors who killed mammoths who fought with saber-toothed tigers. They are extremely difficult to control. However, if you dreamed of a flood, you will have to. These very instincts push you to unreasonable destructive actions. In addition, the results of such behavior are the cause for mournful experiences of relatives and friends. In general, all bad. It is necessary to control the motives of own decisions, refusing aggression. Then life will become more pleasant. When you saw the flood from the outside, then prepare for global change. They will affect all spheres of life, forcing them to reconsider their own worldview.

East dream book

This wise source of interpretation also contributes to the analysis of the image described. It is recommended to associate the flood with the state of society. When the waters were dirty in the night vision, bubbling, then something is wrong around. There is a social riot or some discontent of serious order. A dream is meant to prepare a person for an uneasy environment, and also advise not to be included in a general protest. Nothing good will come of it. Only get yourself enemies in the form of persons holding opposite views, or government bodies. Pure waters, imperiously exciting cities and streets, also foreshadow changes. However, they will be calm and inexorable, progressive and long awaited. If you are an active member of society, then boldly continue your activities. A dream speaks about the correctness of the chosen position, the prospects of the business or event.

Family Dream Book

Quite differently, our vision interprets this source of wise thoughts. From the title it is clear that he tries to consider all the night images from the point of view of the relationship. That's the subject of the story is a foretaste of certain events that will please or grieve relatives. So, clean water during a natural disaster foreshadows a change in the position of one of the members of the family. Perhaps, soon you will receive an invitation to the wedding. You should know that this story predicts happiness for the new couple. Agree, there is something to tell relatives. Be sure to do this to please the newlyweds. But dirty water, on the contrary, portend the destruction of family ties. It is sad, but this test can touch you. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the second half, so as not to lose it.

Sometimes the vision talks about the situation in the family of friends. The dreamer must understand about whom we are talking, and try to reconcile the stubborn. It is not just you came to such a plot. So no one else has the opportunity to potentially save the happy couple from a terrible mistake.

Wangi's Dream

The seer spoke a lot about disasters. She also left her advice to those who saw them in a dream. Vanga connected the flood with events of universal scale. They portend certain shocks affecting states and continents. Fighting them is meaningless. Since the flood was dreamed of, it means that it was you who decided to save the Supreme forces by all means. Should be guided by good advice. Closely monitor the events, reacting to them carefully and adequately. It's easier to say this: if a zavarushka is started, then run until it's too late. There is no sense in fighting forces that exceed you by several orders of magnitude. Protect yourself and your family. This is what the seer advises to remember. Nothing is more valuable than the relatives and loved ones to us the Lord does not give.

We have examined several sources explaining why in the astral wanderings flood comes. Miller's dream interpretation seems most detailed and objective in this list. He considers this story from all possible angles. However, it should be remembered that the flood should be interpreted on the basis of its own circumstances, taking into account the characteristics of the world view and even the character. One such story tells about personal problems, others about the forthcoming world revolution. Only the dreamer can understand this. Good luck!