Probably difficult to find in the countries of the former Soviet Union a person does not know the red beast, a beautiful skater, gorgeous woman, world champion Natalia Bestemianova. This energetic lady, there's a little devil that stops her from aging no soul, no heart. She is a real cheerfulness, a bundle of incredible energy and positive.

"Woman is a fragile creature who must be weak. For me, such as – luxury" – says the Olympic champion. Although it would seem, Natalia has a happy marriage and a wonderful husband, next to which you can afford to relax. But not in the nature of women peace and inaction.

Spouse Bestemianova is a famous figure skater, master of sports, at the moment, a successful coach and organizer of the ice show programs Igor Bobrin.

Cell society was formed in 1983. It was all, but amazing pair with dignity passed all the piles tested, to prove to everyone that they have to be together.

Now Natalia is only 56 and she is ready to conquer new peaks. Luxurious woman takes an active part in various TV projects, trains the younger generation of skaters involved in charity work and helps eminent husband to create and develop a show called "Theatre of ice miniatures".

But let's start everything in order. What is it, Natalia Bestemianova? Biography, personal life of this beautiful woman will be presented to your attention in the article. Tell about the childhood and youth of Natasha. Tell as Chagall Olympus indomitable champion, its not easy, but such a beautiful way of life.

Natalia Bestemianova: biography and personal life

Iron character

Was born Soviet skater Nataliya Bestemyanova January 6, 1960 in Moscow. Apparently, the birth of the winter contributed to the fact that a girl from a young age adored the snow, skates and ice.

Imagine for a moment the fragile little girl stood near the screen black and white TV. It is with great delight watching a program where a transparent, hard surface and floating in the magical dancing couple Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov. Even through the thick lens of the screen you can see how sharp the skate blade cuts through stubborn ice, Belousova, like a snowflake, fluttering and whirling in the dance. All this happens under the sounds of music, the roar of the admiring spectators and the sound of applause. That was the beginning of the great love girl Natasha to figure skating.

But nothing could not happen. A big dream and could remain a distant illusion. At four years old the child went through a small surgery on the leg. It was trifling, but the fear still had a long walk in a child's head. Was unbearable it hurts to lean on the operated leg.

It was then that the doctors recommended that the parents take the daughter to the sports section in order to distract and train the muscles.

Long standing question, where to send a child, so it was interesting and exciting. The decision was made – only figure skating. There, the girl will line the back, put a posture, teach choreography, will instill a love of classical music. In General, some advantages. In the USSR, this sport has become very popular due to the success and achievements of the Champions.

Thus, at the age of five, Natalia Bestemianova, biography which presents to your attention the article, stood on their first skates. And went a series of daily grueling workouts. But Bestemianova endured it all, gritting his teeth. She made a promise to myself – to be better than the Luda Belousova, to achieve unprecedented success and become known around the world.

Simple family friendly

Parents of the future champion no had no relationship to sports, and especially to figure skating. It was not particularly remarkable, close-knit Soviet family.

All was well. Natasha's mother grew up in an orphanage. She saw all the fear and horror of war. Thanks beloved mom, the athlete has inherited the artistry, the beauty and love of beauty and self-esteem.

The girl's father was a teacher. Defended PhD thesis on technical Sciences. The couple Bestemianova were a happy couple, but with all the attention devoted to their children, helping kids in any situation, solving the most difficult questions and disputes.

In pair of single

And here before us a young girl. Natasha for 15 years. She's training with a skilled teacher and Eduard Pliner. Thanks to the diligence of a skater, she already has its rewards and considerable achievements.

In figure skating Natalia Bestemianova won the Junior competitions at the USSR championship and received the trophy.

Suddenly, the girl makes a decision and moves in dancing on ice in pair skating.

Later, she confesses that she just chickened out and could not resist the pressure of the opponent Elena Vodorezova. But in vain, the girl was incredibly talented, and rivals she was not.

The decision was not easy, and only the athlete knows how much it is worth it to nerves and mental strength, to start again from scratch and to climb to the pinnacle of success.

There was always Andrew...

And here since 1977, Bestemyanova, Natalia began to speak in tandem with Andrei Bukin. Trained their notorious champion Tatiana Tarasova.

As it turned out, to ride one and ride together with your partner is a huge difference between the two. Couple long grind, looked at each other. Others do not take children seriously and betting on them did. Tarasovoy there were other, more experienced skaters, which she practiced for many years.

But hard work, faith in victory, commitment did the trick. Natasha and Andrey has shown remarkable progress. A firm and experienced hand of head led the pair to victory.

First, skaters successfully performed in their own country, and then began to win beyond its borders.

Sports commentators favored Natalia and showered a bright, energetic girl with compliments, call her a true leader and claimed that without it there would be no victory.

She Bestemianova, Natalia, photos which you see in the article, says that without his companion Andrew she wouldn't have worked. Whether in his place someone else, she would be unable to win the gold.

The main step on the ladder champion

Here's a story already about the Olympics. For this competition each participant was prepared, not sparing himself, believing that the victory – the highest achievement of career. And if you take the “gold”, the best much.

Paired Bestemianova – Bukin it was not all easy. In 1984, they became the silver medalists, winning only the second place in dancing on ice.

But in 1988 they went to calgary with clearly your installation to "Win". Here the girl worries and the resulting stress almost fell, but Andrew easily picked up Natasha and judges did not notice anything.

And here "gold" in the hands of the couple. Further, they were winners in Budapest. Although here they remained for a time without beloved trainer. Tatiana Tarasova was in the hospital and strongly encouraged the pair to take part in the competition.

The pair was again on top and proved to the world that you are worthy to take the top step of the podium.

Was love?

In front of the viewer, a beautiful, red-haired girl and a tall, slim, charming partner always flashed on the screen.

All were convinced - the couple love. But indeed, Bestemyanova and Bukin so passionately acted out their passionate feelings in the dance that it was not possible to imagine the opposite.

Actually – it was just empty speculation. At the time of the first meeting Natasha Andrew was married. Skater wife regularly attended training, although a faithful husband did not give the slightest cause for jealousy.

Then, no one knew, not guessed, that girl was a secret admirer of Igor Bobrin, but he was also married.

At that time they were not even personally acquainted, first feelings came to Natasha as she looked at the performances of the skater and quietly dreamed.

Love a married man

Natalia Bestemyanova, personal life which then evolved not the best way, does not consider herself a home wrecker. She is convinced that the man only then leaves the family when it is dysfunctional and there is no more mutual feelings.

Natalia never set a specific goal - to break the marriage. Yes, she admired Bobrin, adored, but did not make a single step towards rapprochement.

Fate itself decided to intervene, and once put in pair skating Bestemianova and her loved one. It happened in 1980 at the Olympics.

After a couple of months the young people began to meet. At that time, Natasha lived in Moscow, and her beloved in Leningrad. But the distance to them meant nothing.

On the wings of love Igor flew to the redhead beauty every weekend. In another city he had to wait for a wife and a little son Maxim.

From this point in a couple's life ran into trouble. As it turned out, Tarasova was on friendly terms with his wife Bobrin and condemning attitude toward these relationships. But over time, the professionalism of the coach prevailed over prejudice.

Married Natalia and Igor in 1983. According to the sportswoman, it was proposed to create a family. When two lovers quarreled, but instead of resentment Bestemianova blurted out: "let's get married". When the man answered in the affirmative, the decision they said in Paris, in a cozy restaurant. Igor presented the ring. And a witness at the wedding was the same Tatiana Tarasova.

The dream of children

Natalia Bestemyanova, biography, children, her personal life was always the center of attention of fans. This is not surprising. After all, the sky didn't stop shining such a beautiful star like Natalia Bestemianova. Children, unfortunately, have remained only in dreams, which was not true. The couple with the reluctance to say on this subject.

I heard a rumour that Natasha health problems. Igor has a child from his first marriage, with him at Bestemianova good friendly relationship, although Maxim did not immediately recognize the second wife of his father. A few years later, as an adult, the young man came to visit his parents. Now my son is a frequent guest star of the family.

The famous figure skater Natalia Bestemianova, biography which is rich and interesting, loves cozy, quiet home evenings, but they occur not so often. Family Babinich travels the country on tour, goes on foreign trips, days lost to training and preparation for the show, gear.

But best of all, Natasha the house, where she returns after a hard day's work.

A cozy little area

The family home is large and spacious. The mansion is out of town, it is created with all the wishes of the spouses.

Helped build the fortress, the father of Natalia. A friend of the couple – the artist Natella Abdulaeva, painted the walls of a luxury home.

Under the Windows the full bloom of luxurious flowers in flowerbeds and grow many pines, firs, oaks.

The couple loves to fry meat and do picnics in nature.

Life Natalia boils, events succeed each other with incredible speed. The main job of a skater to participate in projects and to help his wife.

The theater actively goes on tour, he has visited more than twenty countries. The couple also recently released a bestseller called "the Pair of three." In her detailed biography of the great skaters.

A woman constantly trains her players and is not going to leave the sport.

Bright moments

Medals and awards

  • Gold: 1983 (Dortmund), 1985 (Tokyo and Gothenburg), 1986 (Geneva and Copenhagen), 1987 (Cincinnati and Sarajevo), 1988 (Calgary and Budapest).
  • Silver: 1981 (Copenhagen), 1982 (Lyon), 1983 (Helsinki), 1984 (Sarajevo, Ottawa and Budapest).
  • Bronze: 1981 (Hartford).

This is how the fate of the gorgeous woman Natalia Bestemyanova developed. We can confidently say that she still has many wonderful moments in life, just like herself.