Tracing the relationship between the picture of the starry sky and global space processes and events occurring on Earth as a whole and in the lives of people, tireless researchers gradually formed a system of knowledge - astrology. Its most important tool is the natal chart.

What is natal chart

At its core, the natal map is a complex and rigid structure or matrix that captures the position of the stars, planets and the connections between them at the time of the start of any event. Most often, the natal chart refers to the individual horoscope of a person at the time of his birth, which influences his entire life.

Visually, the natal birth chart is a circle divided into 12 sectors - signs of the zodiac. It displays the symbols of the planets and aspects showing the interaction between them. The circle is divided into so-called houses. Each house is responsible for one or another sphere of life: the 1st is the person himself, the 2nd is his finances, the 3rd is his inner circle, the 4th is home and family, etc.

The arrow indicates the beginning of the first house or ascendant - the rising degree of the zodiac, which is exactly on the horizon at the time of birth.

How to make a natal chart

Before the first computer programs for astrologers were developed, all calculations were made manually on the basis of accurate astronomical data. Today, in order to make a natal chart, it is enough to know the date, place and time of birth. These data are entered into the program, which itself performs all the necessary calculations and gives the result.

Now there are many programs for calculating natal charts. However, it should be borne in mind that not all programs in which it is proposed to form a natal chart online are sufficiently accurate. From the proven astrologers is, for example, the product ZET - the eighth and ninth versions.

How to decipher the natal map

If you have not yet decided to use the services of a professional astrologer, and curiosity doesn’t work to find out what the stars are saying about you, then you need a natal chart with a transcript.

According to many astrologers, almost 50% of the personal characteristics embedded in the natal chart are contained in the description of three factors: the position of the ascendant, the Sun and the Moon in the signs and houses of the natal chart, their interaction with each other, and also in connection with other planets using aspects .

Accordingly, looking at the natal chart and, having determined, let us assume that the ascendant is in the sign of Scorpio, you can get a lot of information:

  • about appearance - dense, broad bones, piercing and magical glance, about looking at the world around us - wary, suspicious;
  • about character - such people possess purposefulness, observant and decisive. Nevertheless, the ascendant Scorpio, having received at birth, the Sun in Leo, will behave completely differently than in the Sun in Pisces. In the first case, such a person will seek to shine and conquer, and in the second - to be sensitive and vulnerable.

Adding to the description of the position of the moon in the horoscope, determining the emotional behavioral component and habits, you will draw a fairly complete psychological portrait, and the natal chart will acquire much more meaning.

Astrology - science or magic

Astrology during the whole time of its existence is trying to establish itself in the right to be called science. After all, it is based on extremely accurate astronomical data and thousands of times confirmed statistically links between what is happening in space and its reflection on the fate of people.

The problem is that there are a lot of astrological factors. What exactly this set of characteristics will affect this particular person, no practitioner will say with 100% probability. A competent astrologer will only indicate the probability of an event and will orient with respect to the possible time of its occurrence.

Astrologers are conventionally divided into two types: Mercurians and Uranians. Those who treat the natal map of Mercury have a good knowledge base, they thoroughly study what a particular factor means. Astrologers of the second type, who have found mutual understanding with the highest planet - Uranus, information comes directly from space in the form of sudden insights. Ideally, a good specialist needs knowledge, a lot of practice and the ability to read the entire natal chart. The latter will accompany those who have the talent of an astrologer, or who in the process of long practice have managed to establish a dialogue with higher matters.

How to use the results of the natal chart interpretation

Without astrological education, it will be difficult to understand how the results of interpreting the natal chart issued by the program can be useful. Perhaps you will learn something new about yourself, understand the reasons why you somehow react to different life situations.

An experienced astrologer will not only point out your strengths and weaknesses, but also select the methods of horoscope correction, recommend what steps need to be taken in order to work out the negative impact of the natal chart and strengthen the favorable trends.

It is worth noting that people who are actively engaged in spiritual practices, helplessly and selflessly help those in need, overcome the negative impact of their natal chart much faster.

Significant success in anything due to their own efforts; harmonious love relationships; the acquisition of strong teachers, instructing in the direction of constant development - all this can also minimize the dependence on the destiny in the natal chart.