A lot of people surround a person's life, but are there any real friends among them? Those who can support you in a difficult moment, share joy and bitterness?

Being a friend is not an easy task. Often there are situations when a person seems so close and dear to you that you, without hesitation, are ready to share with him your secrets and secrets. And in the end they will be recognized by all the friends. This is offensive and unpleasant.

How to choose the right friends?

First you need to deal with your environment. Surely you have many friends. Select among them those with whom you really enjoy talking. Pay attention to personal qualities: kindness, respect for elders, a culture of behavior and others that are important to you.

Common interests are the guarantee of strong friendship. True friends will always find topics for conversation, but at the initial stage you should have something in common that will interest both of you.

Do not choose friends based on external factors. Financial position, status, physical environment are absolutely not important when choosing a friend. The soul is what plays an important role. You should see in a person the reflection of yourself, feel it.Real friends - a myth or reality?

What does a real friend mean?

Lack of friends leads to loneliness, deep depression, and in the future to health problems. Being a true friend is a difficult job. It's not enough just to sit at one desk, attend lectures and spend free time together. Psychologists managed to identify some laws of friendship:

Friends are checked not only by time, but also by life situations. Unfortunately, only difficulties, complexities, diseases will be able to show for whom you are really important. If a person is near only at the best moments of your life, when you can walk and have fun, and if something bad happens, immediately gets suspended or disappears, you can safely write it down as a friend, but not as friends.

Friends have common interests, topics for conversation are always, and if an awkward pause hangs, it does not bring discomfort to the interlocutors.

A friend is always ready to help in trouble. If you have financial, working problems, you can count on a firm shoulder and efficient advice.

As a rule, friendship arises in adolescence, when a person is open to communication, knowledge of the world. It is much more difficult for an adult to find a person whom he could call a friend.

It is important not only to receive, but also to give. This is the fundamental law of strong friendship. Be open, know how to listen, sympathize, help, and all this will come back to you as a boomerang.

What friends should they avoid?

Often life shows that the best friend is a true friend. This is a reliable support and support in life. Everyone has the right to choose friends at his own discretion, but still there are some tips voiced by experts in the field of psychology. Beware:

Immoral persons who have problems with the law. Nothing good from such a friendship will not work.

Gossips. If a person pours dirt on the backs of other people, he will also talk about you.

Self-interested, envious acquaintances. They can never become truly good friends who know how to sincerely rejoice at your successes and achievements.

For each answer to the question of what a true friend means, it sounds different. But hardly anyone wants to be near a man who will deliver some troubles, rejoice at your defeats. Such people not only do not deserve to be called friends, but the rank of a friend is not for them.

Opposites attracted?

Many are interested in the question of whether there is friendship between the opposite sex or is a myth. Yet psychologists agree that such true friends are more attracted to the sexual plane than to the emotional one.

A man is a representative of the stronger sex, a woman always seeks protection in him and subconsciously sees him as the head of his family. Therefore, such friendship often goes beyond and grows into an amorous relationship. It is proved that a heterogeneous friendship mostly occurs when one of the partners already has feelings that he carefully tries to hide.

Emotionally, a man is very different from a woman. For him, a representative of the weaker sex is prey. Sometimes the friends themselves do not suspect that feelings have come over them, but everything turns up unexpectedly, against the background of jealousy.

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes such friendship maintains all barriers, distances and becomes from it only more strongly.

If in life you were lucky enough to meet people ready to support you in any situation, sharing with you sorrows and joys, you know, these are true friends who need to be valued and cherished by them.