The drill is an indispensable tool when performing construction and repair work. The device belongs to the category of universal tools. A variety of nozzles on the drill, special adapters and adapters contribute to the realization of a whole range of complex tasks.

The nozzle on the drill for cutting metal

Products in this category is effective for cutting sheets of different type and thickness. Nozzle on the drill for cutting metal is indispensable in the case of separation of smooth and profiled surfaces. Is a kind of scissors which are convenient to handle as a solid steel and quite malleable aluminum. Apply brush on a drill for cutting metal may, if necessary, work with plastic and polycarbonate.Drill bits, common types

These devices are appropriate to use when handling roofing materials. The application nozzle allows you to gently divide the metal corrugated sheet without deformation and formation of jagged edges. It can help to be done in the sheet metal neat round hole or perform artistic cutting.

Tips for polishing and grinding

Are plastic circles with Velcro, where a soft layer is stacked and placed sandpaper of a particular grit. This method of attachment facilitates the rapid preparation of the instrument for operation and replacement of the waste pads when needed.

Often, the polishing head on the drill is used when working with grinders. For gentle handling of surfaces instead of circles are used emery cloth and felt materials. Such nozzles on a drill for polishing give good results when Stripping a relatively soft pliable surfaces.

Products in this category are various levels of design:

  1. Hard head polishing on a drill with Velcro – allows you to quickly consolidate emery wheels by landing on the basis of the adhesive.
  2. Soft rubber products with clip – constitute the abrasive cloth for the processing of textured surfaces.
  3. Combined tools for sanding and polishing allow you to perform various degrees of sweep surfaces by changing the inclination of the tool.

Angular nozzle on the drill

Presented in the form of sockets, which are mounted on a common tool and allow you to make holes in hard to reach places. Also suitable for mounting all sorts of fasteners.

Angular nozzle on the drill structurally do not differ from the reducers. Are such mechanisms in a separate metal enclosure. When operating these devices allow you to change the angle of rotation of the drill 90 o. Some models contain a pivoting arm, which can take several provisions.

Milling bit

Come to the aid of craftsmen who are engaged in the manufacture of furniture. These compact consoles allow you to do a smooth neat grooves in the processing of wood products.

Milling devices contain adjustment screws, which contributes to the fixing of the tool in a stationary position. After installation on the neck of the electric drill master, in fact, receives a universal device for manual and Board wood processing.

Tips for sharpening drills

In the case of such devices can have up to 15 holes, rods of certain diameter. Works nozzle on the drill for the sharpening of drills as follows:

  • the leash with the grinding stone is placed on the tool holder and fixed with a screw;
  • the drill starts, after which the drills are inserted into the holes of the corresponding diameter;
  • as a separate sharpening rods are extracted from the cartridge.

Nozzles, mixers

Used for mixing of fluids of any viscosity and density. A huge variety of products in various shapes, designs and size helps select the most effective solutions if you want to create mixtures specific consistency. For example, for mixing of concrete and the Wallpaper adhesive, it is advisable to use a separate nozzle configuration.

Features of operation of a drill with a nozzle

In the end it is necessary to pay attention to some points that contribute to safe work with the tool:

  • before the implementation of the objectives, you must make sure that the nozzle is correctly fitted and securely fixed in a snap
  • regardless of the nature of work and type of devices used for surface treatment of the drill is recommended to keep both hands
  • processing of most materials requires the use of personal protective equipment (goggles, gloves, etc.)
  • to avoid burns it is recommended not to touch the nozzle immediately after the execution of the works.

The use of a wide variety of products specific purpose: attachments, adapters for drill eliminates the purchase of expensive tools to meet business needs.

The purchase of a set of special nozzles is the optimal solution for everyone. This arrangement greatly enhances the seemingly ordinary household drill. Tips allow masters not to think about where to get the tool to perform specific tasks.