Was born Narciso Rodriguez in New Jersey in the Cuban-American family. Shortly after the end of the famous school of design Parsons School of Design, began to cooperate with well-known brands: Cerruti, Anne Klein and Calvin Klein. But to erect Rodriguez to the rank of great couturier was helped by an elegant dress made of white silk, made for Caroline Bisset.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her: description and reviews

Brand Concept

In provocative and emphatic-sexual aromas from Narciso Rodriguez, Egyptian musk practically always solo. Its aroma is organically complemented by a fabulous osmanthus and sensual flowers of the feldorange. The resulting trio intoxicates and excites, but never causes a feeling of heaviness. Their smells are captivated by seduction, lightness, thereby emphasizing female charm.

Soon after the release of the debut fragrance Narciso Rodriguez For Her, the collection was replenished with a steady and confident collection of several women's and men's collections. Narciso Rodriguez's style is timeless, he competently combines modern perfume trends, adding a characteristic for Cubans sensitivity to female beauty and sensuality.

From provocation to vanity

A mysterious and luxurious composition, conveys the subtlety and sensuality of the one that keeps secrets.

The debut perfume Narciso Rodriguez For Her, created in honor of his first love, became a dedication for women, inspiring him to create masterpieces that fascinate with a seductive gait, riveting eyes with gentle curves of the figure and soothing their velvety voice.

As the designer himself stated, this woman loved the intoxicating aroma of musk and, he still does not leave his mind. It was this ingredient that became the inspiration for the first collection. And the famous perfumers Christina Nagel and Francis Kurkjyan, after hearing the wishes of Rodriguez, created a perfume composition, where the mascot of the great couturier was the dominant - the Egyptian musk in oily consistency.

Only the mysterious aroma of Narciso Rodriguez For Her was able to reveal the strong character of a woman and helped him in this intertwining of notes of vetiver, osmanthus, amber, vanilla, orange tree flowers and tender musk.

After an acute and provocative perfume in a black bottle, a more sweet and soft version was produced in a vanilla pink package in the form of a toilet perfume. Aggressive dark appearance replaced the romantic performance, where the dominant notes belong to the rose - with its chypre and floral hues.

Passion does not happen much

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau De Parfum was created for a sexy and free lady. The fragrance as well as the woman gradually reveals the unexpected facets of her nature: the sophisticated femininity turns into playful variability, which eventually gives way to daring curiosity. A magic cocktail made from the pulp of a peach, a delicate rose, a sensual ambergris, patchouli, spicy coriander, sandalwood and musk will give its owner a special charm and will become a secret place where the temptation, passion, provocation and sexuality merge into one.

The most sexy scent

The brilliant and famous perfumer Orlyen Guichard again realized the female dream and created the fragrance from the brand Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree, which embodies passion, sex and seduction - all that is fraught with female nature.

Powder perfume composition as well as previous collections is based on musk: according to the official recognition of scientists, the fragrance of this ingredient is considered the most sexual and our brain recognizes it as the word "I want".

The warmth and strength of the composition is given by velvet tenderness of petals of white jasmine and floral notes of the Bulgarian rose, light vetiver and woody cedar touches.

The fragrance is frank and beckons like a magnet, so you can not resist it. However, the spirits Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree are weightless like a veil, light as a hint, mysterious, like a spell and unforgettable, like the first love.

Perfume water merges with the skin of its owner, it changes with it, so it is packed in a laconic design with a vial that underlines the pristine purity. A pink tone - a symbol of refinement, femininity and sensuality.

Dark blue - it takes the depth of twilight

In the photo, Billy Vandendoren, a model that has become the face of a new male fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir. The name of the perfume composition reflects the designer's attitude to the night sky. Rodriguez likes a range of dark shades, as they convey the beauty and depth of the night sky. Dark blue, in his opinion, taking the depth of twilight, turns almost black, and this color is always present in the designer's collections. Why the name in French? Bleu Noir - sounds beautiful.

In heart notes, the business card of all the fragrances from Narcisso Rodriguez is musk. The top gives the stiffness of spices of nutmeg and cardamom, and the final of the composition is revealed by the duet of ebonite wood and satin cedar (blue).

In short, Narciso Rodriguez Noir is an interpretation of the notion of modern masculinity, which allows us to rethink the sexuality of the stronger sex.

The history of musk: a sequel

The view of femininity has changed in the last century. Particular attention was paid to the sensuality of the fair sex and the disclosure of its inner world. Help to translate this aspect can only musk.

Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her Oil Parfum was created in 2013 and belongs to the category of floral woody-musky fragrances. Moderately moderate composition is issued in the form of perfume oil.

It is difficult to determine its sound, as it is composed of many chords, among which are notes of vetiver, amber, sweet vanilla, osmanthus, orange blossom and Egyptian musk.

According to the customers, Nefertiti could smell so. The aroma turns around and a silhouette of the fatal beauty appears with a predatory look of the panther, whose gracefulness resembles a cat: wise, prudent and very erotic.

Musc Intense

The spirits of Narciso Rodriguez Musc are meant for those who know the power of their beauty, feel their own uniqueness, attraction and attractiveness. In addition, the perfume composition will become a fragrant talisman for the fair sex, feeling the strength to achieve their goals and new victories. With these spirits, a woman is capable of much.

For Her Musc Intense Narciso Rodriguez Parfum is packed in a stylish bottle in the form of a rectangle and is crowned with a cap of the same geometric figure. But the imagination hits the glass in the form of a delicate pink mother-of-pearl, beautifully shimmering under the sun's rays, as if hinting at the hidden treasures hidden in it.

Any collection of fragrances from Narciso Rodriguez is a story of passion and luxury, magnetic strength and enchanting sensuality. The sound of the perfume composition is taciturn: all the piquancy is given by the orange blossoms, then gentle jasmine and ylang-ylang enter into the game of shades, and of course, the designer's favorite ingredient is voluptuous musk, leaving a delicious velvety smell on the skin of its owner.

On each woman, toilet water is revealed in different ways. One he envelops and fascinates, the second is struck by sexuality, and the third is surrounded by a gentle trembling - and all this thanks to the idea of ​​the great couturier Narciso Rodriguez.

Letual, depending on the volume of the bottle, offers to buy a fragrance at the following prices:

  • 30 ml - 3300 r .;
  • 50 ml - 4400 r .;
  • 100 ml (tester) - 4300 rubles;
  • 100 ml - 8100 p.

Sexy Narcissus

And again musk, the very component, the fragrance of which everyone admires for more than 10 years. The designer continues experiments with woody notes and in this opened up their potential on the other side. The result of his labors was the fragrance of Narciso Rodriguez Narciso. Eau de toilette with a special history.

According to legend, one of the customers said that every time his wife puts on one of the designer's creations they can leave the bedroom. After these words Narciso realized that to complete the image he lacked a seductive smell.

The name includes not only the name of the couturier, but also the hero of the legend of Narcissus. This is what the toilet water should teach its owner - to feel seductive.

Elegant notes reveal woody vetiver, and the main component is musk, hidden in heart notes along with the amber. Complement the delicate perfume composition of gardenia, Bulgarian rose and cedar.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her: reviews of the collection

Aroma has conquered many women's hearts, and each says that it is impossible not to fall in love with it. On every fair sex, perfume is heard differently, so the reviews recommend buying a tester and buying it for a while before buying. You can buy any product from the collection in case if it does not merge with the scent of the skin during socks.

Some argue that the toilet water in a black bottle is more saturated than in pink. Therefore, it must be used with the utmost care.

A lot of enthusiastic reviews received perfume "Narciso". The buyers called it warm and domestic. It is interesting, but unusual. Therefore, not all will suit.

Finally, it should be noted that all the fragrances from the American designer Narciso Rodriguez are worthy of the admiration of the buyers, as using them, women feel sexual, sensual and desirable in the eyes of men.