Probably, there are no such women who would not dream of having chic, thick and long eyelashes. It's so beautiful and attracts men's views! In this article, dear readers will be able to find out what is eyelash extension. The effects of building up are different. About this and talk.

Eyelash extension

What is the process of eyelash extension?

Almost every fashionista has in the recent past used false eyelashes. They could be bought in a store and glued on their own, it was very simple. But now in the beauty salons the enlargement procedure is available. It consists in gluing each individual cilium. This makes the process rather complicated and painstaking. When growing, both artificial and natural eyelashes are used. Women with sensitive skin should give preference to natural materials in order to avoid irritation and eye allergy.

Eyelash extension technology

At the very first stage, the master removes cosmetics from the eyes with a special remedy that not only cleans, but also de-oil the skin of the eyelids. Each cilium is stuck with tweezers. It has a curved shape for easy operation. Eyelashes are fixed with the help of glue, which includes resin. It can be either black or colorless.

With the help of black glue, the effect of failed eyes is achieved. It makes the contour expressive. And with the use of colorless glue eyelashes look more natural.

Despite the fact that the procedure seems simple, the master must have a certain qualification and experience in order to qualitatively carry out the eyelash extension. Effects of build-up, length and color, as well as the tone of the glue, are selected by the master individually and at the request of the client. A bend is also discussed. It is worth noting that the result of such a procedure as eyelash extension will depend on the degree of professionalism. Effects of building up are selected at the request of the client.

Varying the length along the eyelid line and giving the necessary volume, it is possible to achieve different ghost effects. Thus, you can even radically change the appearance. For each woman, the master selects exactly the effect that will suit her and favorably emphasize the languor or drama of the look, will give a faint coquetry or recreate the look of the oriental beauty.

Eyelash extensions can be full, incomplete, creative or only at the outer corners of the eye.

Full build-up is made throughout the contour of the century. It produces the effect of colored eyelashes. Incomplete building is usually chosen if the eyelashes do not have sufficient thickness. This will help give extra volume. Creative extension makes eyelashes far from natural. It creates very bold and unusual effects. The extension of the outer corners allows slightly lengthen the eyes.

Eyelash extension: natural effect

This most common method is also considered a classic option. Because it is called to give the eyelashes as much naturalness as possible. The method is absolutely for everyone. For this method, cilia are used that are 6 to 8 millimeters long in the center, while the inner corners of the eyes are glued with shorter ones. Try a classic eyelash extension. The natural effect will pleasantly surprise you. After this procedure, you can not use in the future ink.

Eyelash extension: puppet effect

Usually this method is chosen by young girls who are trying to make their puppy face, or those ladies who are going to take part in some performance. With this method, along the whole contour of the eyelid, the longest eyelashes of the same length are glued, thereby creating a look, like a doll's. Not everyone likes this. However, young girls can afford such a non-standard eyelash extension. The puppet effect will make the person sweet and charming. Perhaps at a party such a girl will break someone's heart.

Charming eyes

Here is another option that provides for eyelash extensions. The fox effect is best for owners of large and round eyes. Masters do not recommend using it for girls with a narrow incision. This method will make the eyes unnatural.

To create a fox effect, the wizard uses eyelashes of three different lengths:

1. At the inner corner - the shortest.

2. Long - at the outer corner.

3. Center - the average size.

Also, ladies with close-set eyes should try this eyelash extension. The foxy effect will draw attention to the outer corners of the eyes. The method can not be better suited for lovers of make-up in the oriental style.

Sparse effect

With this method, the wizard uses eyelashes of different lengths and glues alternately some distance, then long, then short throughout the contour of the century. Due to this, the effect of dilute eyelashes is achieved. They look like rays. When such eyelash extensions are made, the sparse effect gives the eye a maximum naturalness.

For such an extension, very thin and light eyelashes are used. In this way, 2-5 artificial hairs are attached to one natural unit. This allows you to not burden the eyelid and do not make the eyelashes heavy. The volumetric effect is ideal for owners of thin, rare and fragile eyelashes. The result will not be long in coming. This procedure will make the eyelashes more dense, lush and voluminous compared to other effects.

The multicolor effect is quite original, bold and unordinary. To achieve the effect of colored eyelashes use artificial hairs of two or more colors. Here the master or client can give vent to their imagination. For example, you can glue the eyelashes black in the center, and in the corners - some other shade. And that is not all. You can evenly grow eyelashes of other colors throughout the edge of the century. Such a girl certainly will not go unnoticed. Colored eyelashes look great on a glamorous party, masquerade or grandiose celebration.

Decoration of eyelashes

Increasingly popular in recent years is gaining the decoration of accreted eyelashes. For this, various materials are used: feathers, rhinestones, small beads, sequins and everything that will inspire the master to create an image. So the colored eyelashes are not the limit.

Care for eyelashes and make-up

Those who have already made eyelash extensions, you should follow some rules that will help keep them as long as possible. So, do not:

  • Sleep face down. The constant contact of the eyes with the pillow helps to damage the eyelashes.
  • Those who are constantly rubbing their eyes, you should forget about this habit. Otherwise, soon it will lead to loss of the effect and the shape of the eyelashes.
  • Remove make-up by conventional means. When eyelashes are extended, use only a special non-fat lotion.
  • It is necessary to wash yourself very carefully, avoiding getting a strong stream of water on your eyelashes.
  • You can not steam out your face or go to a sauna or a sauna. Otherwise, soon owners of chic eyelashes run the risk of being left without them.

On the eve of the holiday or celebration, the question arises: what kind of cosmetics is better to use, so as not to harm the acquired eyelashes? Preference should be given to shades and carcasses on a lean basis. It is very important. And of course, make-up should be removed with non-greasy cosmetics.

Contraindications to eyelash extension

There are no special contraindications to this procedure. The only aspect: if there is a tendency to frequent diseases of conjunctivitis, you should first visit a doctor and get a full recovery. Also, you should not do the procedure of building up people who are prone to allergies.

In the article, our dear readers learned what the eyelash builds up. We also considered the effects of the build-up. We learned to whom this procedure is contraindicated and how to take care of artificial cilia.