It has long been noted that appearance can be very deceptive. However, in the case of Irma Greze, the contrast between the angelic face and the glory of one of the most cruel women in the history of mankind is simply staggering.

Overseer of the Nazi death camps Irma Greze: biography and photo

Irma Greze was born on October 7, 1923 in a small village located near Pazewalk (Mecklenburg). Her parents were ordinary large-scale peasants, who brought up five children. Bertha and Alfred Greze did not get along with each other. When Irma was 13 years old, the woman, unable to withstand the beatings and bullying of her husband, committed suicide by drinking a solution of hydrochloric acid. Thus, the children remained practically full orphans, as the father was forced to spend the whole day at the dairy, earning a pittance for their livelihood.

Soon after the death of his wife, Alfred joined the Nazi Party and was no longer interested in what his offspring were doing. The burden of responsibility for brothers and sisters fell on the shoulders of the eldest Irma. And the teenage girl, who in no way found sympathy, was angry with the whole world.

The first steps in adulthood

Already at the age of 15, the beautiful Irma, left unattended, left school and joined the Union of German Girls, part of the Hitler Youth. The young activist was delighted with the ideology of the Nazi Party, according to which, even though she was a half-educated, she was considered a representative of the highest race and felt superior to the millions of "subhuman". Nevertheless, no one was going to pay Fraulein from Hitler Youth for participating in meetings and demonstrations, and Father Greze had long ceased to be interested in his daughter, so she was forced to go to work in a sanatorium for SS men.


The quiet everyday life of this medical institution quickly fed up the energetic Irma, and she was happy to change the paramilitary gown to the uniform of the warder in the concentration camp. Fortunately, the case soon presented itself to her, because in 1942, due to a shortage of male cadres who had gone to the front to fight for the ideals of the Fuhrer, a set of German patriots was announced. The girls were promised excellent working conditions, an opportunity for rapid career growth and a very high salary for those times. At the same time, the candidates were required only to submit documents to the commission on the purity of the Aryan blood, to be physically absolutely healthy and to understand well the Nazi ideology.

In Ravensbruck

Having successfully passed the competitive selection, Irma Greze became one of the cadets at the main training base of supervisors. It was located on the territory of the Ravensbrück concentration camp, and about 5,000 young women were trained there. Although Irma did not differ in diligence during her studies at the school, she quickly became one of the best cadets at the training base. After the successful completion of the training in Ravensbrück, the girl was sent as a senior warden to the famous death camp of Auschwitz.

At the posts of SS-Oberaufseherin

Thus, at the age of 19, Irma Greze took the second most important post in the camp, where more than 30,000 women were held. They lived in 30 huge barracks and were forced to work for 20 hours a day. To ensure that the prisoners are "not lazy," the warder Irma Greze watched in person, holding on the leash two fierce dogs. If it seemed to her that one or another of her students was not showing proper diligence, the Fraulein SS-Oberaufseherin lowered the dogs to her and watched them tear the flesh of the victim. In addition, according to eyewitness accounts, she personally scored the death of the weakened prisoners, who fell from exhaustion and could no longer carry heavy stones.

Irma Grese - blonde devil

Stunning beauty, ruthless to the enemies of the Reich, quickly took a privileged position in the camp of Auschwitz. Unlike other warders, she did not wear uniforms, put her hair in the latest fashion and used expensive perfume, as she enjoyed seeing the admiration of her victims, mixed with horror.

At the same time Irma Geza was a dreamy girl and often told her colleagues that after the war she was going to become an actress and could not wait for the victory of the Fuehrer over all enemies. To bring this "happy" day closer, she worked tirelessly at the post entrusted to her. True, the methods used by her disgusted even the male supervisors, who were hard to call kindhearted.

In particular, the memories of a few surviving prisoners about how Irma Greze arranged "Russian roulette" were preserved. For this "entertainment" she built a group of women in a row and took turns aiming at them until she got bored with this activity. In this case, the victims did not know when and to whom she would shoot, and not withstood the strongest nervous tension, fainted, getting after that a bullet in the forehead. In addition, the sadist liked to be present at the birth of female prisoners. She ordered to bind the pregnant legs and enjoyed their inhuman tortures.

"Fun" and the torture of Irma Greze

Already after the war, during the trial, which is described below, it became known about what sophisticated methods this devil took away the lives of her victims. In particular, evidence was presented that she subjected them to sexual violence in the most sophisticated forms. After such entertainment prisoners were immediately sent to gas chambers, because such "fun with representatives of the lower race" under the laws of the Third Reich were severely punished and could cost her a post.

In addition, in her room were found objects made of human skin and hair, which were in great fashion among the most cruel Nazis, selflessly devoted to their Fuhrer.

At the very end of the Irma Grese war, the Auschwitz hyena (as it was called) was transferred to the Bergen-Belsen camp. There she quickly won the sympathy of commandant Josef Kramer. The latter was also a notorious sadist, for which he received from the prisoners the nickname "Belzensky beast". However, lovers did not have long to torment unhappy prisoners.

On April 17, 1945, those prisoners who were still alive liberated parts of the British infantry, who also managed to arrest most of the personnel of the "death factory". Among those who could not escape the vengeance, was Fraulein Grace. In total, the British had 45 guards, guards and their commanders in captivity.

Belsen process

The Allied Command sent arrested guards and guards to the city of Lüneburg. There in September 1945, a loud trial began. Before the British military tribunal, only 28 defendants appeared, as 17 people from the Bergen-Belsen camp staff died of typhus, contracting during the burial of their own victims, three were shot when they tried to escape, and one warder committed suicide.

During the Irma Greze process, whose biography is much shorter than the list of her violent crimes, she did not repent of her deed. Moreover, in an interview with a British journalist who was allowed to interview the accused, she said that her actions were aimed at "ensuring the future" of the German people, and she had no reason to regret what she had done.

Sentence and execution

Irma was pronounced to death by hanging. Shortly before the death of the former warder, a letter was received from several surviving prisoners of the concentration camp, where she served. In it, her former victims expressed disagreement with the verdict, since the strangulation, in their opinion, was too mild punishment for the atrocities that Irma committed. Even this message, full of just reproaches, accusations and curses, did not cause the sadist to regret what he had done. In her last letter to her brothers and sisters, she wrote that she did not regret anything, and that on her way to the place of execution she would hold her right hand to her heart, thus giving the last Nazi salute to the Grand Fuhrer.

Now you know the story of Irma Greze. She remained in the memory of people as one of the most cruel criminals in the history of mankind and carried with her into the grave the curses of thousands of her victims and their loved ones.