The inscription-tattoo on the back - a work that some fans "hammer" seems simple. However, in fact, it has a deep meaning. What is most interesting, every man has his own. So the inscription-tattoo on the back has its own peculiarities and advantages.

The inscription-tattoo on the back - a bold option for people who want to express themselves


Despite the fact that such tattoos have become very common, and almost every person who loves occasionally to visit the salon of this specialization, has some kind of a phrase on the body, they still do not cease to be popular. Because rarely people stuff something the same. Everyone who decides to make a tattoo inscription on his back, carefully chooses what he would like to see on himself. In this phrase there must be something that is important to him, special. The tattoo should turn out not only aesthetic and harmonious, but also with meaning. Because there is no purposefulness in stuffing just some randomly chosen quotation or expression. The inscription may be incomprehensible to others, but for its master it will definitely mean something. By the way, this is also an excellent option for people who are enthusiastic about stuffing a tattoo, but do not want anyone to solve it.

What is interesting to know

And why, in fact, the inscriptions on the back (male or female tattoo - it does not matter) have become so popular? There are several reasons. Firstly, the back is a very convenient place for drawing really good, quality drawings or inscriptions. On this "platform" to stuff something much more comfortable than, say, on the inside of the thigh or on the shoulder. Secondly, the back is not such a painful place, as, for example, legs, hips, neck. Therefore, the inscription-tattoo on the back is applied much more often than on other places. By popularity can yield, perhaps, the forearm.

And the back can be easily hidden, so no one sees a tattoo (in case of some dress code, say).

Women's and men's options

I must say that the inscription-tattoo on the back decide to do both guys and girls. What do the others have that looks interesting. On the wide male back, the inscription must be appropriate. It is important to choose the font, scale, place, color performance and, of course, the phrase itself. But this should be left to the person, not the master. Guys are best to choose as the place of the upper back - above the shoulder blades. It will look strong and manly. Red, black colors will be an excellent option. From the fonts you can select Gothic. Although in any tattoo studio there is a catalog offering different options. There are fonts and more interesting gothic.

Girls also get a tattoo on the back. Labels for women differ from men both for the content and version. The font chosen is more subtle, one might even say, calligraphic. Cause most often, the inscription on one shoulder or very close to the back of the head. In some cases, choose the waist. Among girls popular large fonts – and rightly so, it looks not very harmonious. We must remember that if you want to get the tattoo, you must choose it for themselves. That's like one person on another will look completely different. And if you want to make your tattoo a good impression, you have to work hard over the choice.

About the content

And, finally, a couple of words about which phrase is best to stuff. As mentioned above, this is an individual choice. Most typical girls make a choice in favor of quotes about love, relationships and feelings. Guys also focus on masculinity, courage and confidence. Football fans stuff the slogans of their favorite team. Fans of philosophy - profound quotes. In general, to each his own. And the main thing is to think carefully before going to the salon. After all, tattoos are forever. For example, Angelina Jolie did not think and did a tattoo with the name of her husband, whom she soon divorced. I had to remove the laser. To prevent this from happening, you should go to the master with a balanced and informed decision.