Long nails have not surprised anyone for a long time, but now the home workers have already clung to and cope with such technology themselves, without resorting to the help of professional masters. However for this procedure it is necessary to have a set of certain materials and tools. Fortunately, kits for nail extensions are sold almost in every cosmetic store or department.

Pros and cons of acquiring a ready-made set

Buy tools and materials individually or give preference to purchasing a ready-made kit - the opinions of the masters are very ambiguous. After all, a starter kit for building nails is not difficult to buy, and the price is quite acceptable. At the same time, you will acquire all the necessary tools, even if you do not yet have a thorough understanding of all the intricacies of this case.

In addition, during the operation of the purchased kit, you will have to change only some of its components, because the life of all the others is quite large. However, the purchase of a complete set has its drawbacks. First, you do not have the ability to select the required volume of the components included in it. In addition, all tools and tools are represented by one manufacturer.

Home-made kit for nail extension can be purchased and ready-made, but professionals prefer prefabrication of all components separately. After all, each master has his own principles of work, and to take them into account when creating a kit is not possible. The professional clearly knows what exactly he will need in the process of work and in what volume, so it is preferable to buy everything separately.

Kit Contents

If you seriously think about how to independently master the procedure of building, then you are certainly worried about the question, what is included in the set for nail extensions? It should be noted that its configuration can be quite different and have a different price category. If you consider the most complete option, then it can contain components such as: UV lamp, flat brush, nail files with different abrasiveness, orange sticks, tips, molds, directly gel for nail extensions or acrylic, cuticle oil. Other equipment is also possible.

Sets for nail extensions at home: what is included in them and how to choose the right ones

In addition to these components, a set for nail enhancement for beginners can be supplemented with a gel to create a jacket, colored gels that enable the creation of a brighter design. At the discretion of the master, you can also acquire additional tools that you will be more comfortable working with.

Naturally, you will be concerned with the question of how much is a set for nail extensions. I must say that its approximate cost is about fifty dollars. However, it can vary not only depending on the equipment, but also on the manufacturer, as well as on the place of purchase.

Set for beginners

Among all the variety stands out kits for nail extensions for beginners. After all, they are the purpose of training inexperienced beginners who want to master the skills of the increased manicure at home. The composition of such a kit can include: a UV lamp of minimum power, a brush for applying the material, a gel directly, a nail file, molds, a finishing coat, an oil against the growth of the cuticle.

A similar set is often acquired for the purpose of training. It differs in its compactness and the presence of everything necessary to master the process of gel build-up.

Universal set

A set for nail extension with a lamp of 36 W is ideal for beginners and professional masters. In addition, this set includes a set of gels (transparent, white, camouflaging), brushes (also in the kit), tips, molds, primer. A special liquid may also be included to remove the sticky layer from the dried gel.

The equipment may be slightly different, but it must be a 36W lamp. After all, just that much is needed in order to dry colored gels and apply modeling with multiphase gel.

Professional set for building up

This option may well be used by professionals of nail art. Such nail extension kits may contain, in addition to the 36 W lamp, also four lamps to it. Also in the kit, as a rule, three gels (transparent, camouflaging and white) and a set consisting of colored gels in the amount of twelve pieces are included. It contains both primer, tips, liquid for removal of an adhesive layer, glue, nail files, molds, sets of brushes, a cuticle pencil, a brush.

A distinctive feature of the professional kit is the presence in it of the manicure tool "3 in 1" and the separators of the fingers for the pedicure. Also there are 12 colors of rhinestones for design and 12 colors of broth for design ideas.

How to choose the right nail extension kit

Starter kit for nail extensions should not be chosen too expensive. However, the dubious quality of the manufacturer should not be preferred. It is necessary to check for the certificate from the products you buy. It will also be nice to read reviews about a particular brand. Pay attention to the smell of the gel for modeling: it should in no case be abrupt.

Very practical in use single-phase gels, combining the qualities of the base, modeling and finishing layer. In this case, the advantage should always be given to quality, not price. If you buy components individually or you want to complete your kit, then try to pick up all the materials and accessories of one manufacturer.

How to properly use the kit for building

Sets for nail extensions are very easy to use. The gel, when properly applied, is self-leveling and hides all the shortcomings of the nail plate. All that is required of you is strict adherence to the instructions.

If you have decided to grow nails, then a few days before the procedure, you will need to get rid of the cuticles and nail the nail plate. Just before you build up, try to avoid the use of cream and oils. Otherwise, the gel may begin to peel off prematurely from the nail.

Take care that in the place where there will be build-up, there was no direct sunlight, and there was an electrical outlet.

In advance it is necessary to pick up tips under each finger and in advance to paste them. Surplus in this case are cut off, and the edge is accurately filed, due to which it is given the desired shape.

Availability of experience and skills for building up

Despite the fact that the procedure for nail extensions is not anything complicated and does not require any supernatural knowledge, certain skills of handling the instrument will be useful to you. Also, please note that you only need to buy a nail extension kit if you plan to do this more than once. After all, it is not cheap, and your enthusiasm may disappear after the first unsuccessful attempt.

Having no idea how the build-up process is going on, and how to handle this or that tool, it is not worthwhile to experiment and immediately begin to practice. Study theoretical material, consult with professionals, review the video lessons. Now there is a lot of training materials that will help you figure out how to correctly use the nail extension kits and not to harm your health, and not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the nail plate.