Those who like to organize parties in nature, know that this requires certain accessories. One of these satellites of rapid fun are barbecue kits.

Special accessories

Spending time with friends is always good. But to do it in nature is doubly pleasant. You can go fishing or make fun sports games. But it is best to make a fire, cook meat on skewers or a lattice, and then arrange a fun gatherings and enjoy the easy friendly conversation until dusk. This is much easier to do if you have special accessories called “barbecue kits” on hand. They have everything you need for cooking in the fresh air. This house is full of different devices: a stove with an oven, a slow cooker, a convection oven, a toaster and much more. There is no such thing on the bank of a river or a forest clearing. This is where barbecue kits come to the rescue.

Barbecue sets

What do people usually cook in nature, having gathered a friendly noisy company? First of all, of course, roast meat. It can be kebabs or grill on a special grid. To work necessarily need some devices. It will be necessary to shift the coals in the fire, turn the products on the grate. This is where the barbecue kits come in handy. The simplest of them includes only 3 things: tongs, a fork and a spatula for meat. Without this, just can not do. Fans of outdoor activities should always have such a kit at hand.

Standard packing

Going to nature, besides food, you must always take what you need to cook with. But in bulk it is inconvenient to collect things in a package. You can always forget or lose something on the way. The best option is a barbecue set in a case. A small small suitcase with a secure latch and handle is convenient during transportation. He will always find a place in the trunk of a car or a tourist backpack. The size of such a case is usually small: 8 x 10 x 37 centimeters.

The kit usually includes 3-4 items:

All devices are made of stainless steel. For pens used heat-resistant plastic or wood. They are very practical and easy to use. The contents of such a suitcase is enough for cooking on coals. After all, the word "barbecue" is translated in this way, the very method of cooking that the Americans used three centuries ago.

For any reason

Relaxing in nature is not only frying meat. The menu can include a variety of dishes. Therefore, you may need all sorts of devices. After all, with the help of the grid you can not cook shish kebab or fry, for example, corn. Some coals with a brazier will not be enough. For this there is a special set for barbecue and barbecue. The number of items in it can be very different. It depends on the size of the company. The best option is a set of 22 units. It has everything you need: a fork, tongs, a spatula, a brush, a knife, a brush, 4 knives for food and a skewer, and also 8 forks for corn. With the help of these devices you can have a real picnic.

The choice of dishes depends on the stocks of products. Objects have sufficiently long handles, which is very convenient and safe when you consider the special proximity of the fire. Such kits are usually packed in special cases. Most often they are made of plastic or aluminum. But sometimes solid polyester canisters are used as packaging. After all, the mass content in them reaches about three kilograms.

Walking suitcase

If the departure is planned by a large company, then this must be taken care of in advance. In addition to food, utensils and coal, you need to have with you a set of necessary equipment. For such mass walks, a specially developed barbecue set in a suitcase (24 items). He is able to fully provide those present with all necessary. In addition to the scapula, brushes, tongs, forks and knives for meat, there is a scraper (or brush) to clean the grill from soot. In addition, there are skewers, knives and forks for steak, designed for six people. Everyone at the table will have their own individual cutlery. This will significantly facilitate communication and eliminate the possibility of any misunderstandings.

Do not forget about the safe lining of heat-resistant materials that will provide reliable protection against unforeseen burns. Such a suitcase will be a great purchase. You can use it yourself or buy it as a gift to a friend, relative or colleague.