Every woman knows that in caring for him there are no trifles. Beautiful hands are one of the most important components of any image, casual, and festive. Spectacular and neat manicure is able to make the owner irresistible, even if she dressed in a simple cotton shirt and jeans. At the same time, well-groomed hands will nullify all the efforts made to select the most elegant dresses.

The easiest way for beautiful pens is through the seat. But, first, not everyone has the time, and secondly, a manicure for many women is a creative process that is so nice to make your own. Set for shellac at home can allow you to personally bring beauty. Of course, at the first stage will have to spend considerably more, but very quickly the purchase will pay off, you will feel a real saving compared to the trips to the manicurist. Our article will help to understand all the nuances, even if you've never tried working with shellac alone.

Shellac or gel varnish

First thing you need to understand the terminology. Than you'll be set for shellac at home from that which is necessary for applying gel nail Polish? Oddly enough, many people are interested in this question. And yet the answer is simple: nothing. The fact that shellac is gel Polish. The American company CND that developed this product was the first on the market. Therefore, the name has become a household name and, over time, spread to all the other similar products made by other firms.

Shellac at home - reality

Do not be afraid of difficulties. If you used to do shellac at the salon, you probably already know all the nuances. If you've only used regular polishes, will have to learn something new. Not to worry -- it's not that difficult.

Immediately forget about another widespread stereotype, as if set for shellac at home is extremely expensive. All depends on the manufacturer. In any case, in the lamp for drying will still be light at 36W, and the composition of the funds will be about the same. Of course, if you want to get a manicure their profession is not worth saving, but for home use enough for even a simple model of the lamp and conventional tools. Anyway, for the first time. Perhaps, my hands and examining all the nuances, you'll want something more.

Where to start

Consider not only what you must buy, but also the workplace. You should have enough space for everything you need. Important and light. It is best to do manicure near a window in natural light. But if this is not possible, you will need a lamp, it is better with a yellow bulb because its light is not so tiring on the eyes as white, and does not distort the shades of nail polishes.

Buy a starter set for shellac, consider where you will store it. Conveniently, when all you need for manicure is sold in a box. If you are acquiring equipment and tools separately, you may need a spacious box, organizer or container. Try to place materials so that they do not spoil each other and you can easily get.

Required tools and equipment

The kit for the shellac beginner (as well as for professionals) includes a lamp for drying of coatings, nail file, scissors, buff for polishing an orange stick. Knowing your own features, you can complete the list even in any instrument normally use when doing a manicure.

Many lamp manufacturers offer a complete and even light bulbs. It is convenient and efficient. Believe me, the light bulb in the lamp will burn out at the most inopportune moment, when you will only apply the coating to the nails. Indeed, in other moments you simply will not to use it. Always try to have at least one light bulb.

Manicure products

You will need not only a lamp and Polish, but also special tools, which will help to make the manicure accurately and keep it off permanently. Can not do without the base coat and top coat. Be sure to keep in a home set and a special liquid for removal of varnish. Will not prevent godovoe oil for the skin around the nail and cuticle.

Of course, if you have the opportunity to buy everything at once. Today in the palette CND presents the many colors of shellac. And they are well mixed together, giving a huge amount of shades. Some manufacturers of gel coating has gone a step further and join the assortment of colors several times a year. But whether for personal use such variety?

Collect the set of colors of shellac can be gradually. Start wise with the versatile colors: beige, gray, white, coral, chocolate brown. And learn the simple: with single-colour coating or French manicure.

Over time, add to them a varnish, depending on mood or need. Try to keep your entire kit was of the same brand as the nail Polish from different companies have different thickness and combining them can be difficult.

Selection rules

Where to buy a manicure kit, shellac and all the essential? Typically, such purchases can be made in shops for beauty products. By the way, you can also find many interesting accessories that may be not included in the basic set, but it may be of interest and very useful: applicators, rhinestones, decals, stamps.

The cost of the lamp depends on the brand. If you can't afford the most expensive, choose something from the middle segment. Many budget options create only visibility of savings – most of them short-lived, so soon will entail new costs.

Shellac from CND is not enough, but the reviews of masters indicate that it is quite sparingly used. To the same category include American gel Polish InGarden. A little cheaper Bluesky, KODI, Naomi, Gelish, Harmony. What varnish is best? To argue about this for a long time, but to no avail. However, shellac is by far one of the best.

The process (manual)

  1. Spend all manipulations with the cuticle and skin of the fingers around the nail plate. Give your nails the desired shape using the nail file. Polish the surface with a gentle buff. Before the shellac is not too hard to handle plate easy enough polishing. Be sure to degrease.
  2. Apply the base before reaching the skin about 1 mm. Dry under the lamp for about 3 minutes.
  3. Apply precisely on the basis of the first coat of shellac, allow to dry in the rays for 10 minutes.
  4. The second layer of cover and then place on the nail plate, which adheres to the skin. Do not touch the cuticles with the brush. Seal the ends of the smoothing movements. Dry.
  5. Cover with a fixative, let it dry for about 3 minutes under the same lamp.
  6. If necessary, wipe your nails with a lint-free sponge dipped in 30% alcohol to get rid of stickiness.

How to remove shellac at home and what you need to do

If you purchased a set of shellac at home and learned to make beautiful manicure, you'll soon encounter the need to learn more and dismantling project. Shellac can be removed by soaked in solvent, sponge strapped to the nail foil. To make it easier, you can use the special clamps (see photo).

After 20 minutes, you can easily remove the film of lacquer with orange sticks.

How many shellac

Does salon manicure from that which was used in the home kit for the shellac? Reviews often say that self-made cover is not persistent. This may be due to errors in the degreasing and polishing. In any event, the shellac lasts at least 10 days. Do not worry, if you do not get to do everything perfectly, because experience, as we know – can be acquired.