The date of birth of one of the most popular games of our time is 1891. Since then, basketball has undergone major changes, but its popularity has only increased every year, increasing the number of fans at professional matches, as well as attracting many fans to try themselves in such an attractive sport. In this regard, special sections and gyms are constantly appearing, and reports with rules in basketball are also popular.

Basketball is a game of millions

The principle of the game of basketball is quite simple - in the confrontation of two teams consisting of 5 players, the one that can score the most points on the basis of the meeting wins. To add points to the piggy bank of their team, players from both sides strive to throw the ball into the opponent's basket, while depending on the throwing area, different points are required.

How many times in basketball is the game divided?

How many times in basketball is the game divided?

Depending on the type of competition, the duration of the game is determined. A common feature is the definition of how many times (in basketball, called the quarter) will be divided into a meeting. Any match lasts 4 periods, equal in time, at the end of which, in case of equality of points, an overtime is appointed. At the same time, the question of how long the basketball time lasts cannot be answered unequivocally. For example, in the most popular league - the National Basketball Association, a quarter is played 12 minutes, while most other tournaments determine the duration of a period of 10 minutes.

How long does a basketball game last?

During the game, small pauses constantly occur, which is why it can never be predetermined how long the meeting will last. At the end of 4 quarters of the match, overtime can be played, and in the case of the next equality of points - even a few. Coaches of each of the teams during the suspension of the game have the opportunity to take a short break, while they have the right to choose - whether to use, and if so, how many time-outs per game? In basketball, each side is given the opportunity to take a pause 5 times in regular time - twice in the first half of the match, three times - in the second. Also in the course of each of the overtime coach gets the opportunity for another break.

Any basketball game is associated with great physical exertion, because of which the coach has to vary the composition during the meeting, which also increases the duration of the game. Knowing the condition of his players, the mentor determines who will go to the site and for how many times. In basketball, it is often the tactics of correct substitutions that bring the final success by maintaining freshness in basketball players for a long time.

As a result, taking into account the many stops of the meeting by the arbiter, the execution of free throws and technical breaks between the quarters, each official basketball meeting lasts an average of about 1.5-2 hours. Amateurs, having the ability to independently determine how many times in basketball to divide their game and how long, this time can vary much freer.

The longest game in history

In the world history of basketball, cases of two, three or more overtimes are quite rare. Thus, in the framework of the NBA, founded in June 1946, only 12 matches were officially recorded, where extra time was assigned more than three times. As a result, the longest match in the overseas national league was the meeting “Milwaukee Bucks” and “Seattle Supersonics”, which revealed the strongest only on the basis of the 5th overtime.

But the current world record, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is a charity game in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, aimed exclusively at updating the record for the duration of the meeting. 24 basketball players for more than 120 hours pleased the audience with their exciting game, which ended with an incredible score for official matches - 16783: 16732! In an effort to hold out for the maximum time on the court, the players practically did not care about the defense, and also ate, rested and slept right in the stands next to the court.