To come to a common opinion, on which side it is better to sleep after eating, has not yet succeeded. It's all about the health of a particular person. Given the existing diseases, doctors recommend sleeping on the left, then on the right. There are cases when you can fall asleep only on your back. As for the overnight stay on the belly (the favorite position of sleep for many people), you will have to reconsider your habit. If you fall asleep (and even before eating well), there is a risk of disrupting the normal operation of the respiratory system (blood is not saturated with oxygen in its entirety).

To sleep on the stomach to the "cores" is forbidden. This is allowed only to people who have pronounced problems with the spine. Only this position will help the sleeper to straighten the intervertebral cartilage. To reduce the load on the lumbar region and the cervical vertebrae, you need to sleep on a small pillow or without it at all. However, you can eat 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Which side is better to sleep after eating?

After a hearty dinner, sleep on your right side

On which side do you sleep properly after eating? According to experts of traditional and alternative medicine, a person who has eaten well, it is better to lie down on the right side of the body (if there is no possibility to stay awake), but not on the stomach or on the back. Those who do right and sleep after eating on their right side feel better, because the digestive process is in the active phase, and the stomach is easier to cope with its task. But still with a full stomach is better not to fall asleep, but just relax. Many people in this situation can have nightmares, and the reason is overeating. Especially you can not abuse fatty and fried foods. It is not necessary to eat too much, and even more so for the coming dream.

Also not the best option - to go to the kingdom of Morpheus hungry. Sleep will also be bad, weak, sensitive, fully rest does not work out, no matter how much you want.

On which side is it better to sleep for the heart?

Unfortunately, many people suffer from various ailments of the cardiovascular system to some extent. And it's not just about the people of old age. Such ailments as arrhythmia, dystonia, hypotension, hypertension suffer a lot of young and active population. In such cases, cardiologists advise their patients to fall asleep on their backs after eating. It is in this position that the circulatory system can work normally and productively. Rest on the left side of the "cores" is categorically contraindicated. The fact is that when you lie in such a position, the heart is clamped, there is an additional burden on it. It should be avoided. Sleeping on the back, the human body receives the maximum muscle relaxation, the circulatory process is stabilized. The posture lying on the back is suitable for those who have an excitable nervous system.

Also, patients who are often overwhelmed by insomnia, it is better to sleep on the back, palms turning to the top. However, one should not get involved in this position, because during the sleep the vessels, bound to the spine, are squeezed. On the back and sleep pregnant women. The main thing is, do not cross your arms on your chest.

Do not sleep after eating!

Which side is better to sleep after eating? It's one thing to walk a little or do some uncomplicated work after eating, and another - to lie down and fall asleep. The first thing you should not forget about is not eating a few hours before the supposed sleep. Alas, this is not always the case with everyone, but after that one should not be surprised at the occurrence of various ailments (gastroenterology, obesity). After the end of the meal it is necessary to overcome your laziness and walk a little, and if you lie down, the process of digestion will slow down. Unpleasant reminders of such a reckless step will be heartburn, heaviness, belching, the inevitable process of fat deposits on the waist, sides, on other parts of the body. Fatty elements grow at night more actively, faster.

Your body needs to be accustomed to walking, this has a positive effect on digestion. In any case, after a meal, do not rush "on the side", find what you can do with the maximum benefit, but without fanaticism.

Pancreatitis: on which side to sleep?

A sick person needs a sound calm sleep, and a patient with pancreatitis needs several times more. Before going to bed, you need to eat (not tightly), take enzyme preparations, with a pain syndrome - pain killers, soothing agents (broth chamomile or St. John's wort). On which side to sleep properly with pancreatitis. In order to sleep was prolonged, it is better to give priority to the right side.

If the stomach is unhealthy ...

Now it is difficult to find a person who has a healthy stomach and the rest of the digestive system. People with pain, gastritis, ulcer, etc., stomach ailments can not sleep on their back and stomach. Gastric juice should not remain in the esophagus. So on which side is better to sleep for the stomach? The only way out is to fall asleep on the right side, alternating with the left one. This not only facilitates the state of a person with a sick stomach, but also helps to strengthen immunity, improve the appearance of the skin.

Snoring: a frequent consequence of resting on the back

Many scientific studies and observations of people suggest that more men sleep on their backs and many of them snore in sleep. This violation has a cause - the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases. With asthma and apnea it is recommended to sleep on the sides.

Sleeping on the side is more urgent in hot and sultry weather, since this is the simplest method to cool the body without the aids. It is very useful to rest on the right side and those who have problems with the functioning of bile, there are stones in the kidneys.

A few words about sleep on the left side

Such an ailment, as diabetes, is familiar to many people. Such patients are advised to fall asleep on the left side with bent knees. This position has a positive impact on the work of the kidneys (they get a lot of work, the best prevention from the formation of sand and stone in them). If you fall asleep on your left side and pinch only one leg - the load on one of the kidneys increases.

In addition to the kidneys, the beneficial effect of sleep on the left side also has a liver function. It is at night in her there are many different processes (for example, the synthesis of proteins in the blood, the deposition of glycogen). During the day the liver performs a large amount of work, so it is important that it does not have stagnant processes. Lodging on your left side will save you from these problems.

Specialists of alternative medicine are also advised to sleep on the right and left sides, and keep the feet warm, as the body loses its habitual temperature during sleep, as it is without movement. Thus, on the right side it is better to sleep in the summer, and in winter - on the left. However, these positions are suitable only for healthy people who do not have chronic diseases.

How not to harm yourself before bedtime

In addition to the fact that before going to bed you can not eat up to the heap, you can not even drink a lot of tea, coffee and spirits.

You should listen to your body. If there is a feeling that the food has not yet been completely digested, fall asleep on the right side.

In addition to the chosen position, it is important to equip your bed, choose a good and comfortable mattress, pillow. The main mistake of many is the laying of a pillow under the shoulders (blood pressure rises, vessels of the meninges, temporal arteries dilate, which can cause severe headaches in the morning). To normalize your sleep, you need to learn to find a balance in the position of rest, be able to listen to your body.