Female body is very interesting. Within one month in the body the representative of the weaker sex is undergoing profound changes. Many ladies try to calculate on what day of the cycle ovulation takes place. This is exactly what will be discussed in the article. You will know when ovulation occurs and how to calculate it. Also you can get acquainted with the peculiarity of the periodicity of this process.

On what day of the cycle does ovulation occur? Periodicity and methods for determining ovulation

On what day of the cycle does ovulation occur? Ask a specialist

If you ask this question to your doctor, you probably will not get an unambiguous answer. Physicians say that the release of the egg from the dominant follicle occurs approximately 10-16 days before the next menstruation. This indicates that the second phase of the cycle always has the same length. It should be noted that if this period lasts for 12 days, then in the subsequent cycles it will not increase to 16, but it will not decrease to 10. The second phase always remains in the same length.

From all of the above, it can be concluded that ovulation with an irregular cycle or a stable one takes about two weeks. In this case, the normal cycle length can be from 21 to 35 days. If the period of a woman is more or less than that, then we are talking about a pathology that requires medical intervention.

Long cycle

On what day of the cycle does ovulation occur, if the duration of a period from one menstruation to another is 34-36 days for a woman? Such a period of time the doctors call a long cycle. However, it is an absolute norm under the condition of regularity.

If to consider, that the second phase at the woman proceeds 10-16 days the follicle in a long cycle breaks off approximately for 18-26 day. To obtain more accurate data, it is worthwhile to track ovulation in ways that will be described later in the article.

The average woman

When does ovulation occur if the female cycle lasts four weeks? It is about this time that doctors say, calling it average. Indeed, most of the representatives of the weaker sex cycle lasts 28 days.

Ovulation in this case occurs from 12 to 16 days. Adding to this value the average duration of the second phase, we obtain the above cycle length. It is worth noting that in the average women during the life there are anovulatory cycles. They will be discussed in more detail below.

Short menstrual cycle

On what day of the cycle does ovulation occur in those women who have a short period? With a cycle duration of three weeks, the breakdown of the dominant follicle occurs very early. Usually this happens immediately after the end of menstruation, on the sixth-eighth day.

It is worth noting that such an early release of the egg is an absolute norm. However, most women are sure that gametes do not fully ripen at the same time. This opinion is erroneous. Ovulation occurs only when the woman's cell is fully ripe and ready for fertilization.

Periodicity of ovulation in women

As you already know, the menstrual cycle can be of three different types. However, during this life, this duration in women can vary. So, often cardinal changes occur after childbirth or transferred hormonal diseases. It is worth noting that currently there are special hormone-containing drugs that allow you to adjust the cycle time and change it a little. However, they should be appointed exclusively by a doctor.

Doctors say that even an absolutely healthy woman in a year may have several cycles in which the ovaries "sleep." In other words, during these periods the follicles do not ripen, and the egg does not leave the reproductive organs of the fairer sex. It does not matter at all about the length of the cycle in question. However, statistics suggest that women with a short cycle are more likely to face the term "anovulation."

How to calculate the cycle of ovulation?

Currently, there are many ways to track and calculate the frequency of ovulation. Some methods a woman can quite easily apply herself. These include measuring the temperature, using test systems, monitoring the secretions and position of the cervix.

Other ways to calculate the cycle of ovulation include medical intervention and the use of special equipment. These include ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory studies of the hormonal level and so on. Consider the basic methods for determining ovulation.


The test for ovulation testimonials is quite contradictory. This method is very easy to use. You just need to buy a system in the pharmacy chain or in the supermarket. After that, for a certain day you need to start research. The package is usually offered from five strips. Before using the ovulation test, the instructions should be carefully examined. Please note that the study is recommended not to begin in the morning, but in the afternoon. It is during this period that the maximum production of the hormone occurs. How to apply the test for ovulation?

The instruction says that one should refrain from urinating from two to four hours. During this period, do not use a lot of liquids. Collect the urine in a clean and dry container. Lower the test to the specified level. After that, wait five minutes and evaluate the result. A positive indicator can be considered when the test strip showed clearly and became brighter than the control strip. If the ovulation test was correctly used, the testimonials and instructions indicate that the follicle rupture will take place in about 12-24 hours.

Temperature maintenance

The egg lives after ovulation for only a few hours. That's why it's so important not to miss the crucial moment. Determine the ovulation can be done with great accuracy by means of a temperature graph. To do this you will need a thermometer and a little patience.

Regularly measure the temperature in the rectum. Please note that the study should be conducted every morning in the same time interval. If there is a deviation of half an hour, then the data will be already inaccurate. Enter the values ​​in the notepad and draw a graph out of them. You will clearly see the location of the curve line. So, in the first phase of the cycle, under the influence of estrogens, low body temperature is maintained. Usually it is in the range from 35.9 to 36.6 degrees. Approximately in the middle of the cycle, in those days when ovulation should occur, a slight withering takes place. It depends on the production of luteinizing hormone, which also contributes to rupture of the follicle. So, on these days the body temperature decreases by several divisions. When you manage the chart, this is pretty clearly visible. It is on this day and should be ovulation. Already the next morning on the thermometer you will see great values. Usually they are in the range from 36.8 to 37.2 degrees. These figures indicate that ovulation has occurred, and the hormone progesterone has entered into action.

Ultrasound monitoring

One of the most effective ways to calculate the day of ovulation is ultrasound tracking. Doctors call this manipulation folliculometry. So, during it is carried out from one to four studies per cycle. In this case, the doctor independently calculates and assigns suitable dates for monitoring. It should be noted that folliculometry involves only tracking the condition of the ovaries and follicles. During the diagnosis, the doctor does not pay attention to the condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes. When the follicle reaches the size of two centimeters, soon an important hour will come.

How many ovulation will occur after the examination? The time interval from the study to the release of the egg can be from two to twelve hours. If you are planning a child, it is during this period that it is best to have sexual intercourse. Experienced specialists can say about the day of ovulation after the first folliculometry. However, for a more accurate calculation, you do not need to skip all the assigned turnout.

Hormonal research

As you already know, the female cycle throughout its entirety is replaced by hormones alone to others. So, in the first half, estrogen predominates, then it is replaced by progesterone. At the border of these substances, luteinizing hormone is produced. Also in a small amount, women in the body have testosterone and androgen. If you donate blood and conduct her research, then you can determine the level of luteinizing hormone. His maximum reaches a few hours before ovulation.

It should be noted that this method is fairly reliable, but it is used extremely rarely. All because of the high cost and inconvenience of the study. As you can see, test systems for tracking ovulation have a similar operating principle.

Own observations

How to determine the time when ovulation will occur? 30 days (during the whole cycle), a woman must follow the work of her body. However, sometimes one period is not enough. After several months of observation, the fairer sex will be able to accurately determine the length of time that ovulation should occur. This will be reported to her by the appropriate symptoms. They include the following indicators:

  • discharge from the vagina acquire a more liquid consistency and become like egg white;
  • increased sexual desire;
  • increased sense of smell and taste preferences;
  • the lower abdomen pulls a little from one side;
  • the cervix opens and becomes soft.

It must be remembered that to monitor the secretion and condition of the cervix, you will have to perform a vaginal examination yourself. You need to do this very carefully. Pre-briefly cut your nails and wash your hands with antibacterial soap. You can also wear sterile medical gloves. It is more convenient to make a study, squatting.

Instead of concluding

Now you know on what day of the cycle ovulation occurs in this or that case. Remember that women's organisms have individual characteristics. Do not compare yourself with your friends and acquaintances. For the most accurate tracking of ovulation, use several methods at once. If you can not calculate the date of rupture of the follicle or assume that this does not happen, it is worthwhile to contact the physicians. The doctor will prescribe a hormonal study that will accurately determine the state of your health.

In the absence of ovulation, it can be stimulated for subsequent pregnancy. However, preparations for this purpose should be prescribed only by a gynecologist. An independent effect on the hormonal background can lead to serious problems. Be healthy!