Every person's wardrobe is a collection of items of clothing of different style, functionality and design. Naturally, every man chooses his wardrobe according to his taste and lifestyle, but what can be found in the closet of every man, married or avid bachelor? What you can wear and walk in the park, and to meet with friends? The most relevant part of the wardrobe of both men and women is considered a T-shirt: a practical and comfortable thing that will allow you to feel free in any situation. Men's t-shirts with long sleeves are distinguished by their convenience and practicality. But which T-shirts to choose, and what is their advantage, difference and functionality?Men's T-shirts with long sleeves - a stylish and comfortable element of the wardrobe

Sports T-shirts - a favorite option for all occasions

Many men use sports clothes for other purposes: wear with classical trousers, or neglect the choice of shoes. In order for a T-shirt to be in place, one very important rule must be remembered: a T-shirt implies a free style, which means that in combination with such clothing appropriate shoes and outerwear should be used: free-fit pants, jeans, shorts, sneakers and even sandals.

How to choose the right t-shirt?

Sports T-shirts are distinguished by their cut and functionality. In order not to make a bad choice, when buying, you need to pay attention to the structure of the seams, the quality of the material. If you need a t-shirt for sports activities, jogging, or hard workouts, then cotton fabric or polyester is perfect. Both types of materials are hypoallergenic, breathe well, which is especially important to consider when choosing clothes for training. If you want to buy and choose a T-shirt for regular walks, then any fabric can be stretched and leaves the body free in any situation.

Trying on a T-shirt, you need to ensure that the arms and the armpit area are not compressed or compressed by the fabric. After removing the T-shirt to pay attention to the places where there was a seam. If the T-shirt turns out to be too tight, then a trace of a seam will remain on the skin - it is better not to wear such clothes, as it worsens the blood circulation process in the body.

Choose a t-shirt for the event - not an easy task

Men's t-shirts with long sleeves or short are selected exclusively for some special occasion or event. But in order to walk with friends, the owner of “stylish” clothing was accepted or correctly understood, special attention should be paid to the season of the year, and the density of the material. For the summer, you should not choose a tight T-shirts with a double inner layer - this option is more suitable for the autumn or spring period. Men's T-shirts with long sleeves are just more suitable for cool weather than heat.

Going to a park on a hot day? Wear a short-sleeved T-shirt and a thin breathable material - feel in such clothes is much more comfortable, especially in hot weather.Men's t-shirts with long sleeves may also have a hood in their structure. If you want to use these clothes only as the top, then the hood will be appropriate. If you like to wear loose clothing under sweatshirts or windbreakers, then the hood should be abandoned. It is also important to take into account the level of "freedom". If the fabric is too “hanging”, it does not cover the body, then you don’t need to wear such a T-shirt under windbreakers. Folds will form under it, and it will be uncomfortable to feel in such clothes.

Developed muscular structure requires special clothing.

If a man is actively involved in sports, develops his muscles, then you will need to look for men's long-sleeved T-shirts. There are many large sizes of such clothes, so not a single “hero” will be left without “equipment”. T-shirt is a versatile clothing, it is comfortable and practical, but fashionistas pay particular attention to design, brand and release of the collection. There are a lot of brands, but if you don’t want to be full of defiant inscriptions, then you should choose plain men's T-shirts with long sleeves. Men who have to wear a T-shirt for some activities with different age categories (say, a trainer at a young bodybuilding team’s training camp), it’s better to avoid colorful pictures or inscriptions in a foreign language (especially if the owner himself doesn’t know this language at all). This will protect the owner from sidelong glances and damage to the image or status.

Want to stand out in the crowd? Choose a stylish T-shirt

T-shirts with long sleeves for men of large sizes can have different styles, but today it is especially important to choose for sports events T-shirts with an angular neck and tight sleeves. Naturally, the tight-fitting T-shirt should be worn if you have a slender physique, and you do not have an extra pair of kilograms on your tummy, otherwise due to such tight-fitting fabrics all your “dignity” in the form of wrinkles will be outside. It always looks unaesthetic, therefore, having excess weight, it is worth choosing more spacious styles of T-shirts.

Trend Today

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