The fashion house Raban made his way to the hearts of the public by creating extraordinary things. Plastic earrings now no one is surprised, but in the early 1960's it was a real explosion. Success pushed the family from Spain to continue in the same spirit. In the fashion market, clothes made of such non-trivial materials as feathers, paper and even CDs appeared. The representative of the family, Paco Raban, decided to start creating perfumery, but not to deviate from the accepted concept. The first pancake was a female fragrance, released in 1936. But already in 1973 saw the men's perfume, upside-down representations of the time about how the real macho should smell. Paco Raban continues to experiment and shock. And in this article we will consider one of his amazing creations - the fragrance of Invictus Paco Rabanne. What do they say about him?Men's scented water Invictus Paco Rabanne: reviews

Paco Raban likes to break stereotypes. Who said that floral fragrance is not for men? And the first spirits of 1973 confirmed that the representatives of the stronger sex do not mind to feel it on themselves. Add some woody notes to the bouquet of flowers - and the charming composition is ready. But Paco Raban was not going to stop there. In the perfume laboratory of the fashion house, almost every year, amazing aromas are born. Paco Rabanne Invictus - men's perfumes, which were born in 2013. The creators of the fragrance was a galaxy of famous perfumers: Veronica Nyberg, Olivier Polje, Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion. They were inspired by the will to win, inherent in yachtsmen (and other athletes). Therefore, we set out to conclude in the bottle the aroma of a salty sea breeze, the power of the ocean's surf, the freshness of the inflating wind sail. Did it work for them?

Perfume pyramid Invictus Paco Rabanne

To say that this aquatic smell is not to say anything. The composition is more complex, woven from both floral and woody notes. Of course, above all this, a fresh sea breeze hovers, in which the salty taste is heard. It will be felt from the very first chords. But in the upper notes the breath of the ocean is complemented by citrus fruits: grapefruit, mandarin, yuzu, whose fresh sharpness is slightly softened by pink pepper. In the heart of the fragrance, we suddenly find feminine jasmine. Paco Raban can surprise! But the femininity of the white flower balances the classic male smells: laurel leaves and greenery of violets. The ocean continues to sound even further. But the surf hits a tight obstacle. These are woody smells - guayac, oak moss, amber, to which are mixed the shades of patchouli and the warmth of the gray amber.

Perfume pyramid: consumer opinion

So the composition is described by its creators. What do consumers say about this? The aromatic pyramid Paco Rabanne Invictus reviews are called exciting and passionate, strong and sometimes even hard-witted - like a Spanish caballero caring for a lady's heart. In the upper notes, according to the reviews, marine freshness predominates with those playing, like champagne, citrus. The heart of this fragrance is ambivalent, like Janus. In it, the animal sensuality and aristocratic restraint of a member of an elite sports club coexists. And somewhere in the depths of a woman's dreaminess hid - another reminder that a man is an androgyne. The enchanting magnetism of amber-wood notes creates an unforgettable and extraordinary train.

Who created the fragrance

In this issue, both creators and consumers are unanimous in their opinion. Intumescent spirits Invictus Paco Rabanne are designed for men of extraordinary, strong body and spirit, who do not hesitate to demonstrate their individuality. Vigor and persistence, however, do not turn into casualty and vulgarity. This man is not afraid of difficulties and is not used to retreat. But he, due to his aristocratic education, is moderately tactful to impose himself. In fair play this sportsman always wins. He is confident in himself and strives for victory. Reviews argue that the flavor is not suitable for everyone. The inflated model press from the advertising of toilet water subtly hints at it. On "botanists" and "laborers" the smell will be inappropriate. An expensive evening suit is also an inappropriate frame. Fresh toilet water is good in spring and especially in summer. To it suits a t-shirt, a yachtsman's jacket and that kind of clothes.

Bottle of perfume

The one for whom the fragrance is created, hints at its design. The bottle of Invictus Paco Rabanne toilet water is styled for a cup, which is handed to the winner after sports. This is the concept of fragrance. The collision of the powerful freshness of the ocean with the warmth of wood and spices, citrus splashes and the quiet sound of laurel and violet, muscularity and femininity - are not these contrasts part of our life with you? But what is defeated here is our traditional idea of ​​"male fragrances". "Invictus" from Paco Raban will allocate its owner from the crowd of cologne smelling ordinariness. These are the spirits of a true leader. But are you ready to take the cup? For this, the impudence and will to victory must be in your blood.

Varieties of products in which perfume is produced

The fragrance of Invictus Paco Rabanne is presented in various capacities and concentrations. Spirits (this is for no one a secret) are the most persistent, because they contain a high content of extract. Perfume is produced in two volumes: fifty and one hundred milliliters. For some reason, this is the most expensive product. Slightly cheaper than perfumed water. It is produced in the same containers as the "Invictus" spirits from Paco Raban. Eau de toilette not only has the weakest concentration of aromatic substances. As assured by the reviews, the composition itself seems somewhat calm, without the pressure and Spanish passion of the spirits. Toilet water is also sold in fifty- and hundred-milliliters bottles. You can also purchase a perfume tester (100 ml). It will cost cheaper than full-fledged perfumes due to simple packaging. For those who are not yet sure whether the smell of the leader is suitable for him, volumes have been created: a "probe" (one and a half milliliters) and "miniature" (in 5 and 10 ml). The fragrance is also presented in the form of deodorants - sticky (75 ml) and spray (150 ml). Do you want that bathing does not wash off the smell, but, conversely, saturate the body? The brand "Paco Raban" also produced the shower gel "Invictus". The composition perfectly keeps on the skin all day. There are several more types of gift sets with different types of perfume products in one box.

Perfume, deodorant, perfume and toilet water Paco Rabanne Invictus: prices

This brand can not be called cheap. And Invictus now can not be called an unchecked novelty, nor an outdated aroma, to expect discounts on it. Even balm after shaving with this perfume composition in the stores "L'Etoile" costs two thousand three hundred rubles. The cheapest of the range is a shower gel (1050 rubles). The most popular among Russian users is toilet water. Prices for it - four eight hundred and six and a half thousand rubles for fifty- and one hundred-million-liter bottles, respectively. Deodorant spray for 2400 r. will also be a good gift for a loved one.

The title of the composition is translated as "Invincible". Therefore, the fragrance of Paco Rabanne Invictus can only be worn by men, strong in spirit (and preferably body). Eau de toilette has good resistance. In a crowded office, she will be a bit crowded - unless you want to show co-workers who the king in these jungle "white-collar" - it's you. It is much more appropriate to wear perfume for a date. According to reviews, the perfect floor is just crazy about this fragrance. He is full, deep, tremulous. The freshness of the sea is tamed by spices and woody notes.