Man-Scorpio – woman-Cancer – pair, which are developing in a very interesting way. These people are different from each other their personalities, however, despite this, they all came together well.

Man-Scorpio woman-Cancer

The characters and their characteristics

Well, before talking about this original couple, Man-Scorpio – woman-Cancer, should talk about the characters of these individuals. We should start with the male half of humanity. Man-Scorpion is the nature of complex, strong-willed and strong character. He doesn't like weak people, he did not like that, and so looking for a companion. Despite the fact that Scorpions loving, if he meets the one with which wants to spend the rest of your life, you can be sure that it is forever.

What can you say about a girl born under the sign of Cancer? A woman of mystery – that's who she is. It is impossible to determine immediately, she sensitive or passionate. Her mood is very changeable, and not all at once could get used to it. But her best quality is humility and the ability to love. Many men would like to associate with this girl's life.


Man-Scorpio – woman-Cancer – people who are inexplicably drawn to each other. Although a great feeling love is born between them at first sight. The guy is a long time to evaluate the girl, but the mind will not show. He is very careful in this respect, and therefore does everything in the distance. But the girl from show to him the affection and confidence. There is a man-Scorpio something provocative, inexplicable attraction to him. And it must be said, will not leave him indifferent.

For sympathy must love. And usually strong, even eternal. Not to mention the fact that she sees everything its flaws, but values them not attached. Her clear all the desires experienced by her pious, he cannot hide from his changed mood. It feels like it. A similar understanding is found in pairs, rarely – except in the Union of the two Weights. One of the strong pairs is a Cancer and Scorpio. The love between them eventually fades, but only grows stronger.

The marriage bond

Marriages between such people as a man-Scorpio – woman-Cancer, broken rarely. Why? Because the decision to sign they accept only after their relationship pass a certain test. They never run at the registry office after a few months. They need to be confident in each other. And the need to make the relationship officially, they will be evaluated more than once. Although, I must say, usually they are calculated. Because they are so good to each other – how can I leave then? These people combine, we can say the identical quality. They understand each other, love and are always ready to support his mate. This is what makes their Union so strong.

Possible obstacles

However, as in any other case, there are nuances here. For example, such a perfect marriage is possible only if all of the problems they solve together. This is very important. You should not hesitate to discuss even small, seemingly minor issues. And they need discussion. Cancer and Scorpio are often vital to talk to. Frank conversation will help to avoid misunderstandings. And their relationship will never be overshadowed by something bad. They need to remember – if time does not solve any arising issue, the offense may eventually deepen. And then it will be too hard to figure it out. Unfortunately, in such cases they leave.

Intimate compatibility

One of the rare couples in which it's important for people to feel each other and just be there for is Scorpio and Cancer. Love compatibility of these two shows the best what can be between them – long affection and romance. The Scorpio and Cancer are very strongly developed sensuality, so that they know how to give each other pleasure. Of course, if we talk about one of them more developed imagination, and indeed, who exactly will be dominant in a pair – it is, of course, passionate Scorpio. And the girl with Cancer and not against experiments. The perfect couple, except they will need periodically to listen to the desires of the partner. For example, he loves a good process, it is attention and affection. You need to remember and sometimes to please your mate what she likes.

The beginning of a relationship

Usually girls enjoy learning information about how to seduce a guy by his sign. And men enthusiastically delve into this topic. Therefore, you should talk about that in this case, advises the Horoscope. The zodiac-Cancer is a very exquisite girl. In the first place she has feelings. Because if you want to conquer a girl, it hit her emotionally. You need to show her that between them there is a spiritual kinship. Sincerity and honesty – that will help to win the girl-Cancer.

She should remember that Scorpios appreciate the mystery, the external coldness and even inaccessibility. In fact, nothing complicated in seducing a guy there. It is impossible to manipulate them and pretend to be someone you're not. So that's that, and this kind of game Scorpio does not like. Everything else can turn out good, most importantly – patience. We must remember that in this pair there is no love at first sight – it occurs gradually, becoming stronger and transforming into something more.

Interesting about the relationship

It should be noted one more nuance concerning a couple like a girl-Cancer – man-Scorpio. And it is a question about how usually the relations between them. I must say that Scorpio and Cancer one for the other – friends, lovers and partners. They're like two parts of something one. They have very similar temperaments and personalities. The tastes, worldview, interests are also identical. For both an important role in play relationship family values. They always manage to agree with each other.

The interesting thing is that all of their friends, relatives and just strangers believe that between them there is no passion, everything is very fresh and supposedly quiet. But it's not. The passion between them is boiling, but no Cancer or Scorpio do not take out your emotions on display. Too personal. Because all senses are at home. There is a place for emotion, but not in front of strangers.

By the way, both partners very jealous. The owners – that's what we can say about them. But Cancer and Scorpio are well aware that their significant other may be jealous, because we try not to provoke each other in the manifestation of this not always of good quality.

Friendship and partnership

And finally, a few words about what kind of friends are Cancer and Scorpio. The friendship between them is real is a fact. And it can last until the end of life. Although, of course, initially it will be difficult. Cancer will have to get used to the malice of his friend, and that ought to slow down at some points. It is necessary to remember about the sensitivity of the man. Scorpio – a faithful companion who will never abandon you in trouble. In addition, this friendly Alliance is perfect for their second halves. Cancer and Scorpio appreciate relations and other unions, cheating for them is something out of the ordinary. They have never and will never go to such. So boys and girls can be calm for friendship among their elected representatives. They have nothing, and can not be. Although there is one exception. If they're both free and are clearly sympathetic to each other – then why not?