Since the representatives of these signs belong to the element of Water, there is an excellent understanding between them. According to astrologers, they more easily converge among themselves, live happily and harmoniously. Man-Pisces, woman-Scorpio are friendly, freedom-loving, never encroach on each other's personal space and allow each of the partners to live, create in their own world, hidden from prying eyes.

Pisces man, Scorpio woman: compatibility in love and friendship

Psychological compatibility

They reach an understanding at a half-word, capable of deep feelings. Often have the same attitude to life, similar interests and mutual friends. Therefore, simply can not fail to attract the attention of each other. The reason for the conflicts in the pair may be some kind of stealth Pisces. People of this constellation prefer to keep silent about their plans until they make sure of the exact possibility of their realization.

For Scorpio, the realization that a partner is hiding something can arouse rage. Having fallen in love with each other, the man-Pisces, the woman-Scorpio, despite the similarities, meet many other pitfalls in the relationship. He is in a dependent position, because his companion has a violent temper and is used to reign. Despite his gentle nature, he will never allow to be commanded. A woman in this union needs to learn to be a bit more compliant. If she can change herself a little, there will be an idyll between them.

Scorpio Woman, Pisces Man: Compatibility in Love

In this alliance, the partner has a stronger character than the man. Despite her attempts to change her partner, they quickly settle differences. As astrologers say, water signs are more prone to neurosis, phobias. With the onset of living together, these problems can be exacerbated. But there are also positive aspects - their natural intuition and sensitivity are multiplied by two, they know how to love, they perfectly complement each other. The softness and shyness of Pisces are harmoniously combined with the aspiration of Scorpio. Thanks to a realistic view of things, many dreams and fantasies of Pisces can be realized, its strength is its ideal support. Man-Pisces, Scorpio-woman find in love not only support based on emotions, but also directing power. They are able to achieve a lot together.

Friend Compatibility

Their communication is always based on the same interests and views. Most often, they can be comrades from childhood, but in adulthood they rarely make friends. This is due to the fact that the Pisces' defenselessness can cause exploitative habits in Scorpio. And the first, having felt it, interrupt friendship. Although they can communicate perfectly and are able to understand each other like no other. Man-Pisces, woman-Scorpio outwardly may seem boring, because they are not very actively spend their leisure time. However, they spend hours talking, a strong Scorpio gives practical advice to sensitive and vulnerable Pisces. Together they can wash the bones close. Astrologers advise to be careful of their halves, because both can get so close that there’s nothing left to do but break off a relationship and unite.

Woman Scorpio, man-Pisces: compatibility in marriage

This union is distinguished by great respect and mutual understanding. Both feel very close to each other, and they know that they can lean on the partner’s shoulder at any moment. They build strong family relationships not only on the basis of proper distribution of responsibilities, open communication, but also on the possibility of implementing their ideas. They can build a house on a joint project or open their own business. According to astrologers, one by one, each of them is not very lucky, and together they get everything very easily. These people enjoy not only a strong family union, but also excellent sexual compatibility. If partners can work a little on their emotions, then this aspect of the relationship will bring satisfaction to both until old age.

Compatibility of female fish and male scorpion

They are also able to easily find a common language. The love horoscope (woman-fish, man-scorpion are well compatible) promises them a long and happy relationship, where even in case of serious disagreements the partners can easily agree. In this union, the woman is more flexible. She is able to instantly change to the wave of her partner, understand the motives of his actions and give way where necessary. She plays the role of a peacemaker in this tandem. And Scorpio, conquered by such humility, modesty will appreciate it and never hurt his chosen one. Most likely, she will not be able to take the initiative in this relationship and will have to reconcile with it. Yet he is a strong and powerful partner. However, the woman of this sign needs a confident, wise companion of life, so they are so good together.

Interaction of characters

Whatever the man-Scorpio in love, and the woman-Pisces will always obey him, because he has no other internal stimuli. Between them there is a big mental connection. They do not need to hide anything from each other, although the tendency for this is in the nature of both partners. Often their lives are filled with a special meaning and change dramatically after meeting with each other. They don't need to talk much to be understood. Despite outward mildness, Pisces show strength of character and will in critical life situations. From time to time, partners can prove something, conflict. Astrologers advise them to send energy to overcome external difficulties, and not to show their ambitions. Otherwise, they are waiting for a long confrontation. They are contraindicated routine. For a good relationship, both must work hard and respect each other.