The Lion Male, Sagittarius woman is one of the most successful and strong unions, their compatibility is very high. The fact is that they have a great time together, because they have very similar characters and views of the world. Thanks to the similarity of their temperaments and characters, their union will undoubtedly be happy. In addition, both representatives of these signs are energetic and active, they are optimistic about the world, have a sharp mind and an uncommon character. Usually a woman-Sagittarius and a Lion-man are born gifted and beautiful children.

Love of the Lion and Sagittarius

The main desire of a man-Lion is the creation of ideal conditions for his beloved. And with a female Archer it is quite possible, because he realizes all its desires, goals and needs, knows every hallway in the labyrinth of her soul. He didn't just understand her, he tries to satisfy her. For her, the man is practically a real deity.Leo Male, Sagittarius Woman: Compatibility in Love and Friendship

Relations between Sagittarius women and Leo men can be described as best friends and passionate lovers. They can take care at the right time, support in difficult times. They can turn a blind eye to each other's shortcomings and calmly give freedom of action. And most importantly, they are able to continuously charge each other with a positive.

Pros in love relationships

The compatibility of the Sagittarius woman and the Lion man is just wonderful, they perfectly match each other. On the part of looking at such a pair, it's nice to admire their relationship. They are sociable, interesting for society. They are people who have achieved success and are satisfied with their lives. Their way of life is very active.

The man in this couple maybe very much to work and achieve great success. The woman in turn, even in the role of a housewife's home is clearly not limited. They travel a lot, enjoy life. And they always have a joint creative project or an interesting, exciting hobby. Such a pair will not fight for the leadership. Taking into account all the actions of the Leo woman-Sagittarius is happy to give him this role. It will always be reliable and understanding friend, a companion, not a competitor. Perfectly fit the man-Leo woman-Sagittarius. Their marriage will be strong.

The intimate relationship of this couple is also full of harmony and mutual understanding. Treason if there is, then they happen very rarely and are immediately forgotten. They are so remarkably suited to each other that not everyone can compete with them. In addition, they admire each other and do not see anyone, because they have already found their ideal.

Lows in a romantic relationship

The Character of Sagittarius Girl

Women born under the sign of Sagittarius, there is one very important feature: they always idealize their men. This period does not last long, but during the idealization she does not see faults and sincerely happy that he had met the perfect man. Then comes a period of enlightenment and born of resentment, she genuinely think that she cheated. And here we must be very careful, because a strong and steadfast relationship can crumble in a split second. This period is the most difficult for a couple. The only correct solution for maintaining the relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is a new acquaintance with the partner. It does not matter how it will be, most importantly, that she can find new positive aspects in her man.

Character of the male Lion

The lion should take a closer look, mostly the representatives of this zodiac sign very popular in society. They are witty, cute and very easy to warm to different people. In addition, they are great to do business with, can give very generous gifts. Female Archer should go with him on a trip or outing, because he is by nature a very interesting and creative person. In a relationship Leo should never stop there, because such a companion it is impossible to win permanently, it needs to be done constantly. If she suddenly feels that Leo stopped, she stops to admire and praise him.

How can a woman-Sagittarius conquer a male Lion?

Both of the couple belong to the fire signs, so the conquest of Leo, and Sagittarius need to show your energy, desire to grow, to do something, to lead an active lifestyle. Current and monotonous routine will lion simply uninteresting. Will not help sentimental recognition or interesting conversation, it is better to find common ground, pursuing a common cause, a hobby.

It is important to know that the male Lev is not at all a simple person, he has a very complex character. If suddenly he takes offense at something or is disappointed, he becomes an incredibly nasty person, erasing all the memories of his fascination. In this situation, the Sagittarius woman is a real treasure for him. She always has a cheerful mood, an active state, she does not want to look for problems where they do not exist. It will not put pressure on your partner's brains or tinker. That's why when you conquer Leo you can not show that you have a bad mood. If he thinks that Sagittarius is a person with whom his life will be simple and interesting, he can not pass by. This is such an interesting sign of the zodiac. Lion-man, Sagittarius-woman, as you can see, perfectly match each other.

The Sagittarius woman has one bad characteristic for Leo - tactlessness. Naturally, in the perception of a sweet representative this is called otherwise, namely sincerity and straightforwardness. But the Lion absolutely does not tolerate such treatment with himself. Such "sincerity" is simply incomprehensible to him. In this case, it is better to behave like a boss when meeting with Lev Sagittarius. Even if the acquaintance took place a very long time ago. So you can avoid a lot of unpleasant moments, for example, do not accidentally catch the pride of Leo, and avoid too close a friendship that does not bring him pleasure.

Friendship between signs

The friendship between these signs, if a man is a Leo, a woman is a Sagittarius, is a rare phenomenon. And this is not due to the fact that they do not find a common language. The situation is quite different, they do not just have many points of intersection, they are drawn to each other. This is what provokes the beginning of the novel before any friendly relations.

Naturally, if both signs have a second half or they are united by family ties, then they will become best friends. After all, they grasp each other's thoughts from a half-word. Very often they are connected by a common hobby. The girl will always find the necessary words for support, and the guy will always act as a noble knight, saving an amateur adventure from embarrassing situations or helping with male work around the house.

Business relationship

The man-Leo woman-Sagittarius cooperate very well among themselves. Working in pairs, they can complement each other, but singly they are boldness, activity and high intensity work. Thanks man-lion in the Affairs of the present perseverance and resistance, the woman-Sagittarius, in turn, brings in a couple of flexibility and mobility. Sagittarius and Leo – partners or colleagues – a perfect combination for work. Such couples find themselves in the publishing, advertising and tourism. They are always there when we need imaginative, initiative, courage and organization. This pair will not fight for the lead, then the woman herself will give the reins of control in the hands of men. But if the Sagittarius man, Leo woman, compatibility characters in the work will not be so positive.

Bad if woman-Sagittarius – head, and the male lion is a slave. The only time this is acceptable if the Leo is still very young and came to the internship. In this case, the boss will be able to help him get back on his feet and move up the career ladder. Well, if Vice versa – the head of a lion. This option is just perfect for business cooperation. She did not need the power, but it is necessary that under its rule and with it the head has reached incredible heights that actually required the lion. He will be very pleased to work with such employee.

Leo Woman, Sagittarius Man: Compatibility

The compatibility of these signs of the zodiac in such a combination is very difficult. Their relationship is unlikely to be long. An exception can only be true, unshakable mutual love, otherwise without conflict, intense rivalry and hurt self-esteem is simply indispensable. In a couple where a woman is a Leo, a man - Sagittarius, compatibility is built on the fact that the girl acts as a mentor, who constantly has to pacify his partner's energetic impulses. Sagittarians always need an audience, and Lions are not at all able to listen. Basically, Streltsy does not even have a chance to say a word. That's how relationships in the pair "Sagittarius (man) - Leo (woman)" look. " Compatibility marks - not the most successful.

Relations between Lioness and Sagittarius

Therefore, the horoscope of compatibility "woman-lion + man-Sagittarius" is so fuzzy, because once the cup of resentment of the guy is full, he will immediately tear all the threads that connect them. But despite this, there are a lot of such unions. Due to their general dislike for loneliness, they are able to jointly create a holiday. They can perfectly spend time together. Lionesses always live on a broad foot, and Sagittarius is always generous. Since she is very freedom-loving, he can also afford to walk freely. According to Lioness, this is true, and she is quite ready to turn a blind eye to the intrigues on the side. In the pair "woman-lion, male-Sagittarius" compatibility in love is defined more by intimate relationships than by harmony. After all, they are wonderful lovers, but bad interlocutors, although they share common interests.