Every woman is looking forward to the summer season and her vacation. However, the rest does not always go as we would like. The female body is designed so that it undergoes regular hormonal changes. Sometimes they can be quite unexpected. Is it possible to sunbathe during menstruation? Perhaps, each representative of the weaker sex asked this question. This article will tell you when you can sunbathe and how to do it as correctly as possible during menstrual bleeding.

Can I sunbathe when menstruation and how to do it right?

Question to the doctor

Is it possible to sunbathe during menstruation? With this question it is worth referring not to their experienced friends and acquaintances, but to the medic. Visit the gynecologist and ask him if you can sunbathe in the sun during menstruation. The answer to it may be the most unexpected. Much depends on overall health and skin.

Before answering you, the doctor will definitely examine the outpatient card, after which he will conduct a manual examination. If necessary, additional tests will be taken and diagnostic ultrasound will be assigned. Consider whether you can sunbathe during menstruation in one way or another.

For a healthy woman

Sunbathing in the sun during menstruation is allowed to a very small number of women. Currently, it is increasingly possible to meet a young lady with gynecological problems. A doctor can allow you to sunbathe and swim in an open pond only when your exceptional health is confirmed.

For this you need to go through a rather detailed examination. This may take more than one day. Such diagnostics may include a blood test, ultrasound, smear on flora and infections, hysterosalpingography, metrosalpingography, colposcopy, and so on. In most cases, at least one of the points in a woman shows pathology.

If there are deviations

Is it possible to sunbathe during menstruation if a woman has gynecological diseases? Most likely, in this case the specialist will give you a negative answer. The fact is that during sunbathing any pathological process is aggravated.

If there is inflammation in the small pelvis of a woman, caused by the reproduction of bacteria, then after tanning they can become even more. In this case, the infection will take an acute form, and the rest of the leave will have to be treated. When it comes to tumors or a disease such as endometriosis, doctors categorically prohibit sunbathing. In this case, we are not talking only about the time of menstrual bleeding. Sunbathing is also forbidden on other days of the cycle.

With hygienic tampons

Is it possible to sunbathe on the beach with hygienic tampons? Doctors give a negative answer to this question. It would seem that a tampon is a very convenient means. Many women around the world use them during bleeding.

During menstruation, the female genitals are the entrance gate for any infection. The microflora loses its protective power, and bacteria are able to easily penetrate the vagina. If you insert a tampon and lie on the beach, then there is a great risk of inflammation. If you already decided to sunbathe in the solarium during menstruation (or in the sun), then you should use the pad.

When tanning during menstruation, the risk of bleeding increases.

Another reason why you should not sunbathe on the beach these days is bleeding. The fact is that during menstruation endometrium and blood are secreted from the uterus. If you heat the body and internal organs in the sun, the risk of bleeding increases.

With a similar outcome, you will have to spend the rest of your vacation in bed and take medicine. Most likely, you do not want this.

Useless time spent

Any doctor will tell you that tanning during menstruation is not only impossible, but also useless. This is explained quite simply.

For tanning skin meets a substance called melanin. Thanks to him, the body gets a beautiful golden hue. However, during menstruation, everything changes. Hormonal restructuring contributes to the fact that the release of melanin comes to naught. That is why when bleeding, you not only do not get an even beautiful tan, but also risk staining.

How to sunbathe during menstruation?

If you decide for yourself that you will be taking sunbaths, despite the above arguments, you should follow certain rules:

  • Wear a pad on the beach, not a tampon.
  • Arm yourself with a dark swimsuit or pareo.
  • Use a protective cream every two hours. After bathing, update the layer.
  • Drink more fluids. These days your body loses a lot of water.
  • Try to visit the beach only in the morning and evening hours. In the afternoon, stay in the room or prefer a walk.
  • Watch your well-being. If the temperature rises or dizziness, leave the beach immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Sunbathe under a canopy or a sun umbrella. Indirect sunlight will save you from burns.

Summary of the article

You become aware of whether it is possible to sunbathe in the sun during menstruation. If your vacation falls on this period of the cycle, then you should take care of its adjustment in advance. In this case, you will not worry about the consequences, and will enjoy the sunbathing. Always consider your health condition and listen to your doctor's advice. I wish you health and a pleasant rest!