Every girl, leading active way of life, meets monthly with the issue of physical activity during menstruation. When the body is relaxed, and movements are accompanied by pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen. Is it possible during the monthly rock press? This is a controversial question that each individual girl might have your answer dependent on the individual characteristics of the flow of the menstrual cycle.Can monthly to download the press: doctors ' recommendations, contraindications

Compatibility of physical activity with the period of menstruation

Modern girls regularly attend gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes, so I don't want to stop caring for her figure during menstruation. But since they are often accompanied by very severe pain and General malaise, the question arises whether physical activity during menses.

The main parameter is the own-being and sense of self, physical strength and desire to play sports. But even in the absence of pain syndrome is not a solution for the sport.

Contraindications for sports

There are several factors, which prohibited classes during menses:

  • the presence of gynecological diseases, in which the doctor has imposed a ban on playing sports during menstruation
  • with a long duration of menstruation (7 days or more);
  • in the presence of severe pain, dizziness, profuse secretions.

If all these symptoms are absent, restrictions on physical activity no. To download the press during menses, and in some cases even necessary, since it has a beneficial effect on the course of menstruation.

Rules of sports during monthly

In the first days of menstruation should refrain from loads of the lower press even for those who have a monthly pass easily and painlessly. As with abundant discharge additional load is unwanted. Excessive exercise in the first days of the cycle can lead to the development of endometriosis. This is the reason why you can't download the press during menstruation.

In the first days of the cycle load on the abdominal muscles it is better to replace a cardio workout. The best option would be a slow run. It is important to note that due to loss of blood in the body decreases, the concentration of hemoglobin and red blood cells, so load it is desirable to reduce as endurance women decreases several times.

Important points

To avoid gynecological problems, it is necessary to exclude from the training load on the lower abs and give preference to only exercise the upper and side abdominal muscles.

Women are wondering about whether it is possible during monthly to download the press should know that it is important to follow a moderate pace to avoid enhanced activity and sudden increase of speed training.

If during training there are unpleasant sensations or enhanced by the abundant selections, you need to stop your workout. To get rid of the discomfort will allow high-quality sports clothing that is made from natural fibers and prevents excessive sweating in the intimate region.

Gentle exercise during menstruation can ease its flow, and regular exercise relieve irritability during premenstrual syndrome.

What exercises should be performed during menstruation

The basic exercise is as follows:

  • you need to take a horizontal position, bending your knees;
  • the hands are behind the head
  • for every second account, the upper torso is lifted; to pump the upper abdominal muscles, it is enough to tear the shoulder blades off the floor.

Exercise for the obliques:

  • the initial position is the same as in the base exercise;
  • when lifting the body with an outstretched hand, touch the opposite knee.

Exercise without lifting the body:

  • starting position - lying on your back, legs bent at the knees (feet should be moved as close as possible in the buttocks);
  • arms extended along the body;
  • fingers need to touch the ankles, working oblique abdominal muscles.

With this manual there will be no question of whether to press the press during the month. Performing these exercises will ease the pain during menstruation and will have a beneficial effect on the health of the woman.

For women it is very important to observe personal hygiene (take a shower, wear clothes made from natural linen and quality sportswear, to use special products for intimate hygiene). All this will help to keep the reproductive system healthy and to avoid various gynaecological disorders.

Following the recommendations of doctors and trainers will not wonder about whether it is possible during monthly to download the press and will provide each girl with confidence and the right version of loads even in the period of menstruation.