An electric Bicycle is a very convenient transportation for seniors and youth. It allows you without excessive efforts? to travel long distances and easily climb the hill.

The electric bike is perfect for lovers of nature, hunters, fishermen or mushroom pickers.

Motor-wheel for a Bicycle, the device, principle of operation, efficiency

Bike with electric will be happy to skate and youth.

The motor wheel for Bicycle allows you to save money on the purchase of fuel and power when moving over long distances.

How to turn a regular bike to electric?

Pedal bike can be easily turned into electric vehicle with the installation of a minimal kit of parts.

After the upgrade, the bike will be able with the speed of the scooter to drive up to 30 km or additions to the scroll of the pedals is 50 km away.

The motor wheel for Bicycle is a conventional Bicycle wheel, in the wide sleeve of which is placed an electric motor.

Equipment works from batteries. They can be placed in a special holder on the frame, trunk or under the seat.

Kit motor wheel for Bicycle makes it relatively easy to convert the pedal into electric transport. From the article, you will learn what an opportunity this is.

Package includes:

  • the motor wheel for Bicycle
  • battery
  • controller
  • handle gas with indicators
  • wires to connect equipment.

The economic benefit

Want to increase the functionality of a regular bike with minimal cost? Buy the motor wheel for Bicycle, the purchase price is justified by the simplicity and ease of use. The cost of conversion is much less expensive than purchasing a new bike with electric. To get involved too cheap kits not worth it. Carefully read the characteristics of different models and choose the optimal combination of quality and price.

How to choose the right equipment?

The motor wheel is selected depending on the desired speed of movement and power.

  • possible speed of the drive (usually it does not exceed 45km/h)
  • maximum range of travel on one battery charge (indicator depends on the type of battery and most often does not exceed 40 km)
  • the capacity of the battery (often 180-1000 W)

Most of the motor-wheel is equipped with a throttle that allows you to easily adjust the speed of the drive.

Gear motor wheel for Bicycle is advisable in those cases, if you plan to use as assistance when pedaling, while the speed of the motor must not exceed 25 km/h.

To move with a speed of 30-32 km/h install wheel motor average (250-350 watts) of power.

For movement over rough or mountainous terrain on a cargo Bicycle or cycle rickshaw at a speed of 32-35 km/h it is better to use the wheel motor gearbox a large (500 W) of power.

Here are some important features of this design.

The motor-wheel gear does not impede the spinning of the pedals.

The motor by disconnecting the battery inline coupler reverse may detach from the wheel axis, and with it not spinning.

Power ( 500-1500 W) right drive motor wheel allow you to navigate in the mode of elektroskutery at a speed of 30-50 km/h and can operate in the recovery mode.

Freight electric-Cycling vehicle was better to install a powerful motor (250W to 2.2 kW) DC. It's expensive equipment is more reliable to transport goods than the motor wheel.


One of the advantages of the motor-wheel is the possibility of its installation on the rear and front wheel.

The front-wheel motor for bike after installation allows to significantly improve handling when moving off-road or snow. What else is notable about this design?

The motor wheel for Bicycle is worth to buy for several reasons:

  • saves significant money on buying fuel
  • will be able to travel on long distances, enjoying the quiet (the motor is silent) and the surrounding landscape
  • for driving electric bicycles do not need to issue law.

The advantages and disadvantages of geared motors

Gear motors motor-wheel with a freewheel and have advantages and disadvantages.

  • weigh up to 3 kg
  • compact
  • are inexpensive compared to frameprivate motors, engines and more economical, their 30 %
  • provide movement of the Bicycle coasting
  • have a large torque transfer, it is important to move through rough terrain.
  • can reach speeds greater than 30 km/h
  • the presence of the gearbox slightly reduces their resource.

Advantages frameprivate engines for motor wheels

Prematurity engines also have certain advantages and disadvantages.

  • working from a 48 V battery, they can move at a speed of up to 45 km / h;
  • the resource works great.
  • a lot of weight (6 kg)
  • impressive dimensions
  • great value
  • consume 30% more battery energy compared to gear.

Should we be afraid of draining the battery in the way?

To fear a sudden discharge of batteries is not necessary. At any time you can recharge it by going into travel mode with the spinning pedals. What you can do if the fuel runs out in a scooter or moped? You have to roll. With the bike not such a terrible nuisance. After a brief visit with the spinning pedals you can charge your battery on the move and again go into Elektronik.

If the Bicycle is an essential transport in your daily life, it is worth it to improve. Install the motor wheel for Bicycle. Price (14 thousand rubles) is justified by the considerable extension of possibilities of transport.