Ice cream is a delicacy that both adults and children love. So nice in the heat pamper yourself with a glass of ice cream or popsicle briquette! But, despite the great taste of this cold dessert, its use does not always positively affect the health of the sweet tooth. Below are answers to a number of questions. How to choose a quality ice cream? What is the harm and benefit of this delicacy? What elements are included in its composition?

The history of the appearance of ice cream

For the first time, people tried ice cream about five thousand years ago. In ancient times, this cold dessert was present on the tables of rich Chinese people in the form of a mixture of fruit juice and ice or snow. Moreover, the recipes for cooking delicacies were kept in the strictest confidence. However, the famous traveler Marco Polo managed to scout them. So Italy, and a little later, and all of Europe, learned about the existence of ice cream.Ice cream: harm and benefits to the bodySlavs have long been preparing such a delicacy as follows: in the cold season, a mixture of honey, raisins, cottage cheese and sour cream, was exposed on the street before freezing. Adults and children indulged themselves with this treat during Shrovetide. Today one of the most common delicacies in the world is ice cream. The harm and benefits of this cold dessert will be described below.

Types of ice cream

Depending on the amount of milk fat content, ice cream is divided into the following types:

2) Creamy. Prepared on the basis of cream. Its fat content is 8-10 percent.

3) Dairy. It is produced on a milk basis and includes 3.5 percent of animal fat.

4) Fruit and berry.   It is made on a fruitful basis and contains 1% of milk fat.

5) Aromatic. Prepared on the basis of syrup from sugar, to which food aromatic essences and oils (strawberry, lemon, etc.) are added. Milk fat in it is completely absent or replaced by vegetable.

One of the new products is a cold delicacy with curd content. It is a conventional ice cream on a creamy basis. At the stage of churning soft curd is added to the mass. This allows you to reduce calories and increase the protein content. At the same time, the taste of the dessert remains almost unchanged.

Another modern cold dessert option is yoghurt delicacy. The benefits or harm of ice cream, prepared using fermented milk component, are obvious. This delicacy has a low fat content - about 3.5 percent. With this ice cream, live yogurt cultures enter the human body, which has a positive effect on sweetened health and does not bring any harm.

Ice cream composition

It is no secret that modern ice cream, which is sold in supermarkets, is produced using machines in factory conditions. And unfortunately, in our time as part of the treats, quite often you can find a variety of food additives, dyes and chemical elements. Therefore, the question arises of how significant the benefits and harms of ice cream are for children and adults. It is known that excessive consumption of cold dessert with a high content of undesirable components can harm the body sweet tooth.

The main components of ice cream:

  • milk - not less than 10%;
  • dry milk residues (proteins, lactose) - 12%;
  • sugar or syrup from glucose and sucrose - 12-16%;
  • emulsions, stabilizers - 0.2-0.5%;
  • water - 55-64%.

When mixing the above components and the air turns ice cream.

Ice cream benefits

Ice cream contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes necessary for proper metabolism. Due to this cold dessert improves immunity, improves eyesight, normalizes blood pressure. The dairy components in this delicacy are homogenized, that is, the size of the fat globules is very small. This contributes to the good absorption of ice cream. It quickly passes the intestinal tract, so people who have a stomach ulcer, without fear, you can use it.

What are the benefits and harms of ice cream for women? The answer is obvious, because this delicacy contains easily digestible calcium. An acute deficiency of this mineral is observed in pregnant women. Therefore, they are recommended to use ice cream. The main thing is to take a responsible approach to the choice of delicacy, giving preference to a product made from natural ingredients. There is also an opinion that ice cream has a positive effect on women who are difficult to tolerate PMS.

In addition, calcium contained in the treat helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones, improves blood coagulability, reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents the appearance of kidney stones.

This dessert helps to reduce blood pressure, so hypertensive patients are recommended to use ice cream.

The benefits and harm to the ice cream in what? If you are interested in such a question, you should know that the dessert contains vitamin B13. It helps the liver cells to regenerate and normalizes its functions.

Ice cream harm

Basically, the harmful effects of ice cream on the body is manifested only when excessive use of this dessert.

In some cases, the use of delicacies can cause headaches. This is due to the rapid decrease in body temperature, resulting in deteriorating blood flow in the brain.

Eating ice cream that contains various emulsifiers, stabilizers, dyes and flavors can damage the kidneys and liver and cause allergies.

What are the benefits and harms of ice cream ice cream? The positive properties of this product are described above, but its negative impact is possible due to the high fat content. Ice cream, like ice cream, should not be consumed by people who have high cholesterol levels. But it is quite possible to replace it with a cold dessert on a dairy or fruit basis.

Ice cream and fear of excess weight

People who meticulously count calories should not be afraid of a product like ice cream.

The harm and benefits of such a dessert for dieters, what are they? To answer this question, you need to recall the experiment of European doctors, who suggested that overweight people in their daily diet include an ration of ice cream. At the end of the experiment, it turned out that those who ate a cold dessert while losing weight lost weight faster and more efficiently.

The main thing in this case - to use ice cream in moderation.

Medical ice cream

The harm and benefits of this dessert are not yet fully understood, but scientists have developed such a type of delicacy as medicinal ice cream, which helps to lose weight. It is made on the basis of skim milk with the addition of a special component - inulin. The taste of this delicacy is almost the same as usual ice cream.

There are also several types of cold dessert with therapeutic and preventive properties:

  • With lactulose. This component contributes to the creation of a favorable microflora in the intestine, which increases the body's immunity. Such ice cream is recommended to be used by children, employees of chemical enterprises, patients who have undergone treatment with antibiotics, and the elderly.
  • With calcium, magnesium and vitamin A.   This ice cream has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • With acidophilus.   This cold dessert improves the digestive tract.
  • With beta carotene.   This delicacy has a positive effect on the skin and eyesight.

Diabetic Ice Cream

Created a special ice cream for people with diabetes. However, it contains sugar substitutes that adversely affect health. Therefore, the best choice of diabetics is a treat with fructose. Frozen fruit juice is recommended for patients with hypoglycemia. Is it possible to use classic ice cream? The harm and benefits of this product for people with diabetes are as follows. The rapid increase in blood glucose is dangerous for the health of such patients. But if you choose ice cream or ice cream, then the fats present in them will slow down this process. That is, the use of this delicacy is possible, but care must be taken.

How to choose ice cream?

You should choose ice cream from manufacturers that have proven themselves on the market from the positive side.

The components from which ice cream is made should be as natural as possible. Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers replace milk fat with unacceptable counterparts. So, there is ice cream with vegetable fat. Harm and benefit - what is more with this product? The answer to the question is that the nutritional value of such a dessert will be highly questionable. Moreover, such a replacement does not have the best effect on the final taste of the product. It is better to refuse such ice cream.

On the package must be specified GOST. This will be evidence that milk was used in the manufacture of the dessert.

It is recommended to purchase ice cream in a package that should not be broken. You should pay attention to the fact that the delicacy was the correct form, not melting.

Eating ice cream has a lot more positives than negative. In addition to the taste of pleasure, this delicacy gives the body many useful substances: vitamins, minerals, amino acids. In addition, when consumed cold dessert produced serotonin - the so-called hormone of happiness, which improves mood and helps to cope with stress and depression. The main thing - do not overdo it with the amount of food eaten.