Each person always with special trepidation in the soul belongs to his birthday. On this day, each of us becomes a little sentimental and, like a small child, is waiting for congratulations and gifts. And, of course, the closest and dear people will come, and they will surely congratulate and wish all the most pleasant, because without this not a single birthday passes. However, there is another very important component of this holiday - it is a prayer to God and their heavenly patrons who allowed this past year to live and how they could, due to the spiritual development of man, helped him to cope with various matters. What to expect from next year is difficult to predict. But you can protect yourself in advance from wrong actions or unpleasant situations by praying to God and all the saints sincerely and with all your heart.

Birthday prayers

Birthday prayers

To understand why and why prayer is read on the day of birth, you need to plunge into the very essence of man and the human component. The fact is that a person, it turns out, is two-part, and here's why. His birth occurs twice: in the body and in the spirit. As the Holy Scripture says, "Born of the flesh is flesh, and born of the Spirit is spirit." The Holy Fathers argue that without a spiritual birth there will be no opportunity to see the Kingdom of God. However, the spiritual birth is simply impossible without the birth of the physical.

It is very good for every Orthodox Christian to learn. That is why the prayer read on the day of birth is so necessary and important.

For a believer, a birthday is a very significant event. An unbeliever will probably not read prayers on his birthday, he will be engaged in vain affairs and carefully prepare for a feast and meeting guests. For him it becomes the main. However, first of all it is very important that every believer on this day prayed and sincerely thanked the Lord God for giving such an invaluable life on our beautiful Earth to him.

Why does a person live?

Life is not given to man for idle walks and entertainment. This time on Earth is given to us so that we think about eternal life and prepare for it properly. The most appropriate days are the birthdays and name days. These are such personal holidays, when a person begins to think about what he lives for, what he means in life and what he has achieved. And it will be very unfortunate if a person does not understand the whole meaning of his existence. Not believing in God, he does not even understand what kind of help he refuses. But with the help of a prayer on a birthday, you can realize your whole sinful life, have time to repent and correct mistakes.

Prayer on the day of birth. Orthodox service

This day is very important to go to Church and the first thing to thank the Lord for all the good and even the bad things that happened to you. These days are special, and therefore they must be fun to be celebrated with your friends, family and loved ones, which is also impossible to deny the warm and dignified words.

It is very important for all of us to understand that without the will of God from a man’s head, a hair will not fall. If any unhappiness is sent to a person, then it is only for him to be cleansed of sins and, finally, remember God.

It is very important to ask yourself on my birthday: “Am I ready for a meeting with God and for the Kingdom of Heaven, or is it too far? Did I do a lot of good deeds?”

What prayers to read on the day of birth

On this day, it is best to go to the temple and order a prayer of thanksgiving, but you can also pray at home. Birthday prayer is an Orthodox tradition that should never be broken.

For example, you can read such prayers. Troparion, the voice of the 4th. “Thank your unworthy servants of Thy ...”; Kontak, 3rd: “Thy good deeds and gifts of tuna ...”; the prayer "Glory and Now"; a prayer to the Virgin: "To the Virgin, a Christian Helper ..."; a prayer to the Lord "Thank We, Lord ..." and "Lord of God, Master of the whole world, visible and invisible ...".

Prayer to the Guardian Angel

It also reads a prayer of thanks to Angel on his birthday. At the moment of Baptism, God gives every man a Guardian Angel. It is he who will be with the person all the days of his life and protect him. Therefore, prayer to him should be pronounced with trepidation and attention. There is a special Day of the Angel, when the saint is revered, in whose honor the name was given to the person at Baptism.

But the birthday does not hurt to thank your angel for helping and his invisible hand guides us from harm. Praying your angel, to ask him to forgive us of our sins and mistakes, saved from the evils of the Devil and prayers for us have turned to the Lord.

One of these prayers begins with the words: "Holy Angel of Christ, dropping to you, I pray thee ..." Or again: "O holy Angel, the guardian and patron of my good!"

Birthday prayers, as well as on other days, are very necessary for people, nobody even doubts their power. Prayer as a breath of fresh air fills the heart and soul with joy and peace, isn’t that what a person often lacks?