It turns out that to lose weight complex is not only to indulge in high-calorie foods and a few hours to sweat in the gym or on the treadmill. The participation of the soul in the process of losing weight is just as important as the participation of the body.

If you can not get to lose excess weight, although a person is struggling, you should not despair. There is another way to get rid of excess weight – prayers for weight loss. It is used as an extreme method, but those who successfully lost weight with the help of prayer, I advise you not long to delay, and to fight unnecessary weight that way.

Is it possible to disturb God for such trifles?

If it comes about losing weight and prayerful participation of man and God in the process of building a beautiful body, it should be noted that the goal is to lose weight in this case is directed not so much in aesthetic as in the direction of preservation of health, and even life.

Prayer for weight loss: reviews

Excess weight leads to obesity and all of its unpleasant consequences, such as shortness of breath, liver, cardiovascular system, occurrence of diabetes.

This is why prayers for weight loss prayers is equivalent to about health. It's not nonsense, because at stake is the future of man.

In fact, the priests do not object to prayers, to weight loss a "beauty". A pleasant appearance is also a gift from God, who is otherwise born with, and others have to beg for, to beg, to appreciate more.

How does prayer?

Prayer for weight loss have an impact on people as any other. They are based on the unshakable faith of praying that are sincerely spoken request will be heard and fulfilled.

And if you analyze the prayer from the point of view of quantum physics, it – not that other, as a set of sound waves of a certain frequency, repeating the vibrations of the Universe. Frequencies interact with the human brain, forcing it to submit to the power of prayer and unconsciously perform what he prays. In this case – to lose weight.

Adept of any religion can easily curse for such a statement, but there is a theory that prayer is not going anywhere, in any Heaven. It comes from the man, acts in him and for him back in already implemented.

Prayer for weight loss for each day and for there to not forget about your daily task and updated the specified software.

Gluttony is a sin, fighting through prayer

Among the nine deadly sins, gluttony stands out. Many do not even understand why a person's natural need for food is included in the list of sins - because without food, the body will die.

But one thing is, in order to live, and another to turn their life into constant snacking, and chewing. Man, bringing to the fore their physiological needs, sooner or later degrades as a person. The habit of constantly there are can outshine all the other habits, and indulging in your stomach could easily turn someone into his slave.

Prayer for weight loss establish order first and foremost in mind and soul. And then they apply and all other organs. The digestive system gets a clear message about the normalization of its functioning, the body receives a command to reduce the size and starts struggling to increase metabolic process.

Psychological and physiological spheres of human life are so interrelated and interdependent that you can feel it, performing prayers, incantations, rituals for weight loss.

Any body to remedy the situation, we need a powerful team. So, get to lose weight, ridding ourselves from the ugly sin of all.

Whom to pray

Person from childhood brought up thinking that above us there is someone, it is hard to accept and realize the idea of "praying to himself", that is the team your body mentioned above.

To simplify the task can be turned to the familiar to the extraordinary personalities of the Christian world. Very hard for any Christian positive impact of Jesus Christ: try to imagine the image of the Son of God as clearly as possible, and closer, contact Him with your problem He will definitely respond.

Also considered an effective treatment for Irinarch, hermit of Rostov.

There is a special text of the prayer for losing weight, but you can improvise, if it seems more effective to you - there will always be an answer to the words and requests coming from the heart.


Everyone who has been on a diet at least once understands how important it is to use clean water in the process of metabolism.

In the prayer-conspiracy process, its role is no less.

As scientifically proven, water is a substance that can take any information and to act in accordance with the received program. Why so popular charms and prayers for weight loss water: you need only to sincerely want to lose fat, tell about the purpose, the glass of water and run, thus, an irreversible process of perfecting his body.

It is necessary to warn all slimming, that no: “Voila, you are slender!” The next day should not be expected, as in a week, and in two.

It all depends on whether you believe in this way, how much you live in the image of a slim, handsome and healthy person, while not yet as slim as you would like.

And those are necessary per day two liters of water slander all their dreams-the aspirations about losing weight – can take advantage of special conspiracy (texts a lot), can come up with your personal. Plain water along with your best wishes to yourself can work wonders.

A conspiracy in which pigs are protagonists

Between prayer and conspiracy the only difference is that the first is canonized by the Church appeal to a higher power, and the second belongs more to folk art. The effectiveness of one and another attaches to human faith.

Strong prayers for weight loss - this is a tandem of sincerity of request and purposefulness of action.

In the first and in the second case, it is very helpful to imagine what excuse (to visualize).

One of the most common conspiracy about feather feather-bed, on which sit a pig. The principle of construction of this plot is quite simple – there is a listing of the aforementioned animals and assigning each of them a specific function: in this case, "eat the fat" which prevents to live to a specific person.

Judging by the reviews of those who used this plot, the best score was given to those who in nachitka had before my eyes a distinct picture of how pigs eat weight, get better (like pigs), and the person at the time lose weight.

Plot in a latrine

Every Church-going people will confirm that God and the saints receive the prayer from the man, wherever that may be. And (sorry) when visiting the toilet including. What can you do if pinned in every sense?

Conspiracies and prayers for weight loss, pronounced in a latrine - not the best of ideas, but if you believe that they will help, why not try?

The meaning of conspiracy is that it is necessary to say several times the assertion that all born here, and being overweight in the first place is superfluous and unnecessary, and it should stay here forever.

By programming itself, thus, it only remains to wait for the result. But not passively, and doing exercise.

Don't tell anyone about his method

There are a number of warnings and tips when using prayers for weight loss.

  1. Even the most powerful prayers for weight loss do not bring the desired effect, if they are aware of all your girlfriends and acquaintances. First, they do not give focus his endless questions: "Where's your result?", etc. second, some of them will tell you that it's all nonsense, and this will kill your confidence.
  2. Sincerely believe that everything will work out for you.
  3. If possible, it is imperative that acceptable for your body diet for weight loss important complexity methods. By the way of prayer for weight loss reviews which sound very positive, was accompanied with fasting.
  4. In no case do not envy thin. Envy - the main obstacle to achieving the goal. Focus on yourself tomorrow - the same as they are: slim, fit and beautiful.