There comes a time in the life of every person when he is especially needed help and support, advice and blessing of Heavenly Forces. Most often, such tests are connected with the problems of the health of one’s own or loved ones, therefore people address prayer appeals to Saint Agapit of Pechersk, Panteleimon the Healer. It is from these saints that they are most often asked for healing. The prayer to St. Panteleimon is considered miraculous, since during his life he left an important trace in the history of Christianity precisely as a doctor.

"He was sent from above the gift of healing ..."

The Orthodox world has worshiped the most ancient physician since the third century AD. It was then that the future doctor and great saint Panteleimon was born. The boy's mother was a zealous Christian, his father was a pagan. The early deceased mother laid the foundations of Orthodoxy in the boy’s soul, which sprouted after the young man’s meeting with Orthodox priests. The miracle performed by the Lord through his prayers became a sign of true faith for a young man. One day a snake bit a child, and the boy died. Already a dead youth lying by the road was seen by the passing holy martyr Panteleimon passing by. The prayer of the young doctor to Jesus Christ for the salvation of the child who was already lost created a true miracle: the boy came to life. From that day, Panteleimon understood the true faith and the only Lord, for whom he later died a martyr.

"Have mercy on me, blinded, not seeing the sweet light ..."

The fame of the miraculous doctor was in front of him throughout the land. The more miraculous was his healing, that it was not so much from medicines as from the prayers and the spiritual appeal of the saint to the heavenly patrons. For a long time, the pagan father did not dare to turn to the true faith, but after a miraculous case of healing he believed in Jesus Christ and converted to Christianity. A blind man, desperate to return his sight, sincerely believed that it was Saint Panteleimon the Healer who would relieve him of his illness. The prayer of the young boy really took power, and the blind began to see. In this case, the young doctor did not use herbs or medications, he used the power of prayer. Panteleimon's father witnessed the occasion, which prompted him to accept the true single faith.

Human poverty doctor

The fame of such skillful healing of a young talented doctor went all over the city and went beyond it. To Panteleimon, sick people began to flock for healing from everywhere, where the fame of his wonderful gift had penetrated. However, having fallen into the hands of the Heavenly Doctor, many understood that Saint Panteleimon had healed them by no means by the power of medication. The prayer for health, uttered by a young doctor to Jesus Christ, turned out to be the most wonderful medicine that heals immediately and forever. Since then, many healed people turned to Christianity as a religion that showed its truth through deeds and actions. The priests said that the pagans were “poor in spirit,” for the Holy Spirit does not dwell with them. After the fellowship and treatment of Saint Dr. Panteleimon, almost everyone was cured of spiritual poverty, turning to true faith.

“To die for Christ is an acquisition for me ...”

In the pagan environment, the holy doctor for a long time could not go unnoticed. At the behest of the emperor, he was thrown into a dungeon, after which the courageous young man was invited to renounce Jesus Christ and recognize the pagan Gods. God-pleasing doctor to the last defended the Christian faith, inviting the emperor to bring to him the most hopeless patient. All pagan healers tried to heal this feeble man, calling for the help of their Gods, but their attempts were in vain. Having called upon the name of the Lord for help, Saint Panteleimon the Healer proceeded to healing. His prayer had an effect, and the patient was completely healed. The enraged emperor ordered the execution of the young man, cutting off his head, to which he heard the answer: "To die for Christ is an acquisition for me." The great holy doctor was beheaded on the orders of the emperor and was martyred, glorifying the name of the Lord.

Signs and beliefs about the great saint

From the moment of his death this doctor became one of the most revered saints in Russia. The holy martyr Panteleimon has remained the main doctor and healer for the Orthodox for the third millennium. The church celebrates the feast day of St. August 9. In many corners of the Christian world, this saint is worshiped; they pray to him not only for the health of his body, for he heals spiritually, the holy martyr and healer Panteleimon relieves him from moral experiences. Prayer, sincerely and heartily uttered, together with repentance of sins, relieves ailments in the shortest possible time. On the memorial day of the great doctor, Orthodox Christians chose not to undertake any work in order not to lose the intercession of the Heavenly Doctor.

The significance of the disease for the Orthodox Christian

True Orthodox believers understand that any disease comes to a person for no reason, but as a punishment for unbelief and sins. Saint Seraphim of Sarov said that there are two kinds of ailments: some people create for themselves, and the other sends the Lord to strengthen their faith. It is very simple to distinguish one from the other: if a person constantly groans and complains of torture, then his illness is from his sins. If an Orthodox resignedly suffers suffering and thanks the Lord for the opportunity to atone for sins through illness, then such ailments are from the Lord. Often the Lord sends illnesses to a person so that he can stop, rethink his life, repent, take communion, and return to the path of true faith. In the event that a person does not himself listen to the signs of God, then the diseases are sent to the closest and dearest to him. Often, when a sinner correctly understands the signal sent to him, turns to the Lord and is on the right path, the ailments recede. Saint Panteleimon serves as a guide for the prayers of the sick to the Lord. The prayer for recovery in conjunction with the request for the atonement of sins is considered strong and effective in the Christian world.

Rules of prayer to the heavenly doctor

Panteleimon the Healer is called upon for help with severe illnesses and with light ailments. This canonized saint is considered the patron saint of both doctors and sick people. The prayer to Saint Panteleimon, both pronounced in the temple, and at home near his face, is considered equally strong. Often, believers are asked to manage the hand of a doctor who conducts an operation for relatives or corrects treatment for seriously ill patients. It is believed that such a request has never been left unanswered: it is necessary to pray sincerely, from the heart. The Holy Great Martyr Panteleimon helps even in the most difficult and seemingly hopeless cases. The priests claim that you only need to believe in the Lord and his mercy, while not only Panteleim the healer should be praying, but also Jesus Christ, the Mother of God and other saints.

"The Lord works wonders ..."

Sometimes for healing from some diseases it is worth asking a particular saint. Heal the icons of St. Matrona, all the icons of the Virgin, the Savior. Instruction about which saint to pray for certain diseases can be obtained in the temple from the clergy. In order to alleviate the suffering of the patient, it is recommended to go to the temple, order a forty-plus-minute health, put up candles, buy an icon depicting St. Panteleimon. A prayer for healing is pronounced in the temple, at home, and in the hospital ward, if there is a patient. In this case, the clergy recommend sprinkling holy water on the walls of the house, the ward, and the patient himself. The icon with the face of a free doctor should be hung in a prominent place at home and in the ward, and most importantly - sincerely believe in the help of the great holy martyr.

The wonders of Panteleimon after his death

The relics of the great saint doctor continued to show the world wonders for many centuries after the death of Panteleimon. It is believed that it is enough to attach to the relics, especially when they are running myrrh, to sincerely ask for healing, and health will improve significantly. In Rhodes there is a monastery on the mountain, the name of which was also given by the holy great martyr and healer Panteleimon, to whom the prayer has healing power if the patient rises independently on the mountain on foot. Every year, tens of thousands of believers make this journey in the hope of deliverance from suffering, and the great saint does not let them be deceived into expectations. A few years ago, relatives from Israel brought a sick young man to this monastery who could not walk. For two days they were able to raise it to the monastery, making a vow to establish a cross on the top in case of healing the unfortunate. The patient was completely healed by the prayer to Saint Panteleimon, now a huge cross is erected on the top of this mountain.

Prayer request for healing

Praying for health and recovery, we should not forget that first of all we should ask the Lord for forgiveness of sins and correction of errors in behavior. Not just the clergy conducting the service requested: "...wisdom please....". Healing please, as a rule, Panteleimon the Healer, especially the most severe disease and very severe pain. In this case, read the akathist to St. Panteleimon the Healer. This long and effective prayer to St. Panteleimon is the main carer of an Orthodox Christian in the fight against illnesses and ailments. Not less effective is the prayer to the Holy great Martyr Panteleimon the sick, cure the disease, about health. Say these words: "o Lord, Almighty, Holy King, we do not womersleyi, our nispadaya and pozvolyay cast out, the body and the tribulations God, we pray Thee, our God, Thy servant (name) nemastoma visit Thy mercy, forgive him every transgression voluntary and involuntary. ".

Together with this you should also read prayers to Jesus Christ for healing: "o Lord, Almighty, Holy King...".

"You will be rewarded according to your faith ..."

They also turn to the holy doctor when they wish to return the lost soul to the bosom of the Orthodox Church. After all, the young healer healed not only physical ailments, but also showed the true path to soul salvation. The prayer to the holy Panteleimon the Healer for the sick has miraculous power if there is a sincere desire to receive help from the heavenly patrons, as well as faith in the mercy of the Lord.