What is repentance? The great fathers of the church wrote a lot about how important it is for each person to confess his sins and how the Christian prayer of repentance eases the soul.Prayer of repentance and forgiveness

Repentance is the most important thing for every Christian.

Anthony of Sourozh, Rev. Avva Dorofey, Isaac of Sirin and other holy ascetics in sermons did not get tired of calling on believers to humility and repentance in the face of our Lord Jesus Christ. You can say: “I have not killed anyone, I have not robbed - I have nothing to repent of. Others, far more than I, have sinned, not repented. ”

The Lord left us the commandment "love one another." What is Christian love? Many "churched" people say that love is doing good to each other. But what is good? Is it always what we do, meaning how good is good in the Christian and human sense? Alas, sometimes what we presumptuously call good, is the beginning of a great disaster or the reason for the villainy. This is clearly seen on the example of parenting.

The deceptiveness of a worldly understanding of good deeds and a distorted view of love

It happens that parents, loving their child, protect him from difficulties, not accustomed to work. It is quite obvious that in this way they prepare a nutrient medium for the development of vices and create prerequisites for the sad future of their child. Can such an attitude towards a child be called love? A loving parent will find the time and opportunity to teach a child to read books. If you read aloud one by one, one paragraph at a time, then the child will gladly join in this activity. Just do not rush him and interrupt. You can also gently introduce your baby into the world of cooking, handicrafts, crafts, etc.

There is another extreme. These are the cases when parents scold even the smallest mistakes for even very young children. As a rule, the harsh and demanding attitude towards the child hides irritation and annoyance at the fact that it is not possible to live only for oneself. In the worst case, the harsh attitude towards the baby is a projection of his attitude towards all people. In this situation, love has also long been transformed into other feelings. On the example of the same reading, it is easy to see whether the parent of the child loves it or not.

The loss of love is a misfortune in which man himself is guilty.

Losing the ability to love is a great sin that requires repentance.

How does the prayer of repentance relate to the examples described above? The most direct. We all want to have good relations with our children, we want them to love us, that we can trust them, and they trust us, we want warm relations, mutual understanding trust, respect, care and friendship. All these definitions can be combined and called by one common word - love. Yes, yes, we all want love, for it is so established by the commandment given by God. The Lord has endowed us with the will. He placed man above all creatures on earth, for he allowed to make decisions and make choices.

Not being able to dispose of the multitude of possibilities we, believing that the love given to us two thousand years ago, a priori, to violate her. Making a choice, we are torn between friends, spouse, children, parents. Not meeting the expected reaction, we are offended, disappointed, angry and depressed. We forget that friends, parents, children and spouses are in the same position as ourselves. They are not gods, and the same restless souls like you and me. Our prayer of repentance is the cry of the soul who have lost touch with God. Focusing on the mundane, we emptied our souls. "If I speak with the tongues of men and angels and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass or a sounding cymbal". These words are known to many. They are taken from the first Apostolic letter of Paul to the Corinthians. To know we know, but not feel. Further in the same message it is explained what love is, what it is.

“Love is patient, merciful, love is not jealous, love is not exalted, is not proud. He does not rage, does not seek his own, does not irritate, does not think evil.
  Rejoices not in truth, but rejoices in truth. He covers everything, believes everything, hopes everything, transfers everything. ”

So the Lord loves us. And do we love anyone just a little as God loves us? Hardly. Such love is peculiar to man, while he is a child. Over the years, we lose the ability to love so much.

How to repent?

Prayer of repentance to Jesus Christ asking to forgive all sins – intentional and unintentional. That prayer had the power, you should examine their life analytically unthink about what the face of God we did not. Saying "I repent that snapped at Ivan Ivanovich", think and remember what made you not this behavior. Try to spin a ball, doskias to the root cause. Do focus on your personal involvement. Mentally communicating with God, do not shift the blame on other people. Because in your heart you know that blame themselves. Mutual love with all people is possible only after acceptance in your heart of love for God.

Why, after reading the penitential prayer, some do not see changes in their lives?

A wise, full of divine love and mercy, the people argue so: "the Prayer of repentance and forgiveness are one and the same and the same. Ispovedoval and confessing their sins before God, we receive His forgiveness". Perhaps this is the case. But why in this case, troubles are all the same do not depart for good? Perhaps because the repentance must be active, i.e. must be evidenced by some acts, besides prayer?

Russian monarchs always bowed their heads before the Lord

Even the Russian kings, the anointed of God, from time to time retired to monasteries, where, under the guidance of the confessor, they were attached to the sacrament of confession and repentance. The prayer of repentance has great power. Perfect with the complete destruction of the heart, it transforms the personality of a person, changes his mentality. Confession of sins is difficult. To repent, to reveal your sin is shameful and scary. Pride does not allow admitting weaknesses, but everyone has pride. Without prayerful work on a person, it grows like a cancer tumor and strikes metastases in the mind. It is such hopelessly spiritually sick people who say in a skeptical tone: “Prayer, sins, repentance - only idle or stupid do it.”

He sinned - repented. It's so easy

Atheists also have another stereotype concerning believers. “Everything is simple with you: I have sinned - repented. We can assume that there was nothing. They believe that the prayer of repentance and forgiveness said out loud or silently acts like the “Sesame, open!” Spell in the tale of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. This can be heard even from well-educated people.

How does the repentance brought to God manifest in real life?

Repentance reverses the consciousness of a person so much that he no longer repeats the sin in which he repented. This is not happening because he is ashamed or afraid of the priest who will scold him at the next confession and call him a weakling who has not managed to cope with himself. Not at all. The prayer of repentance to Jesus Christ is truly sacred. This confirms the following experience. For the experiment took two vessels with pure water. A prayer was read over one to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or saint, and over the other the names of famous villains were pronounced. The ice crystals in the first case turned out to be very beautiful, symmetrical in shape, and in the second they acquired the form of heaps of ugly broken pieces.

Short prayer of great strength

A simple and short prayer of repentance, consisting of four words: "Lord, forgive me, a sinner," has tremendous power. The Lord hears her. He reads in the heart of a person how sincere his conversion is, and decides what kind of transformation of his personality and destiny a person can accept.

Very often a small sin becomes a great lesson. The person, having sinned in the small and having suffered on this occasion from remorse of conscience, appeals to God for forgiveness. Such a prayer for repentance to the Lord removes much trouble, just as unrepentant sin always leads to more. This usually happens to children.

Adults prayer of repentance to Jesus Christ often pronounced formally, without a strong contrition of the heart. For this reason, they are not able to feel the full force of her actions, even though formal prayer is always audible Lord and receives a response. In addition, many adults have little trust in the Providence of the Creator and stubbornly dictate to Him his vision of a happy life.

Is there a concept of “the best prayer for solving a specific problem”?

We ask friends who know the most effective prayer for all occasions? What is the way to read Akathist to get an excellent mark on the exam? Which of the saints will help solve housing problems? Who will attract buyers to the unprofitable store? What saint will heal from the disease? The best prayer is repentance of pride. An adult, without noticing it, is rarely able to critically and objectively evaluate his life. He sees a lot of distorted. What causes his joy and pride, sometimes does not cost much in the eyes of the Creator, but what he did in an almost automatic way, without attaching special importance, becomes the “crust of the tax collector’s bread” that saved his soul from eternal suffering.

How to prepare for confession and repentance?

Prayer before repentance is important. Before confession, read the "our father", "hail Mary", "King of heaven", the "Symbol of Faith". Say these prayers in order to tune in to a conversation with God, to turn away from everyday worries and think about what thought, what care you want to convey to the Father in Heaven.

If it is difficult and scary to approach God, ask for the strength and determination of the Most Holy Theotokos. The prayer of repentance to the Mother of God is no less effective than the prayer to Jesus Christ.

Learn to search and find the Image of the Creator in His creations, and then your soul will become happy and calm, and peace, love and grace will reign in your home.