There are situations in life when you urgently need help. Just no one to contact. Not that there are no friends or good acquaintances. Just not in their power to fulfill your wish. Then the person turns to God. Here, for example, need to quickly find a buyer for the home. Say a prayer for sale of the apartment. People talk about its miraculous properties. You need this? Let's try to understand what this prayer is and how it works.

Why do we need prayer?

You know, not everything in life is under our control. There are issues and circumstances where people are forced to accept someone else's decision. However, hands should not be omitted. Believers know who to ask. God is always in their souls. Prayer for sale of the apartment, of course, is not literally an ad for the customers. It acts much thinner. After all, what prevents the seller? The client feels his doubt and uncertainty. From this he was worried and, of course, goes to look for other proposals. Everything happens on an intuitive level. Field, so to speak, interact. The seller pushes a potential buyer. Therefore, you must create the desired state in order to avoid such a situation. Here and help to prayer for the sale of the apartment. It is primarily to change the attitude of the person. He will gain confidence in the success of the project. That implicitly affect the others. It turns out that the strong prayer for the sale of flats is equivalent to a good realtor. Without them as without hands, so to speak.

Whom to contact?

Let's say you believe in the miraculous ascension of prayer. There will be many more questions. The first of them – who to contact? It is known that in Orthodoxy it is customary to ask about solving their own problems those of the Saints who are faced with similar. But not all of them were engaged in the sale of the property. Although, they say a prayer to Saint Spyridon on sale of apartments is just the place. During the life of this man had plenty of money and property. Just spent it all on the poor and needy. His faith was such that he could not afford to personally enjoy the benefits. I advise people in the know to ask for help from Nicholas. It is believed by the people, that this Saint endowed with extraordinary kindness. He problem of any complexity. If you see from heaven that you are indeed in shy circumstances, will come to the rescue. But there is one condition. In prayer it is impossible to cheat. A miracle worker can not hesitate to punish someone who is trying to get his location "for commercial purposes". It is not accepted as real Christians.

Prayer for sale of the Orthodox

Let's not a long time to philosophize, let us turn to the texts. It is recommended to start to raise their requests in the Church. It is necessary to tune the right way. See, prayer for the sale of apartments, like any other, requires focus and concentration. The house where all distractions, the eternal vanity, it will not work. Here and experts say what is needed in the Temple to go. There is bound to icon find. Seeing the Holy face, it is easier to imagine with whom you do talk. This is a dialogue, not a monologue. Then you'll see. For example, when fills you with confidence the prayer for the sale of apartments to Saint Nicholas, the Icon with his image way. A candle light. Thank Holy for listen and start praying. As a rule, at this point, people are lost. Someone won't be able to find, others understand that it is wrong in the Church to think about profit. The following is the approximate text of the prayer. However, it should be understood that the essence of such conversation is in the heart. Prayer for the sale of apartments to Saint Nicholas or other Holy sincerity must learn, sincere openness to show and humility. Think about it, maybe his words will be more appropriate.

To the good shepherd appeal, sotvoritelyu wonders through the name of the Lord! Oh, St. Nicholas, intercede for us before the Almighty! Moth to give us sinners the grace of true faith. Do not leave in captivity being sinful, that we were not to the delight of the enemies easy prey of evil forces. Moth is the master for us unworthy ones. Let your voice merge with the Angelic choir. Let us not leave the Savior, will help to overcome the temptations of sin, gives life peaceful and prosperous. Amen!

Prayer Of St. Spiridon Trimifuntsky

Really do not have to stick to the canonical texts. Jesus said that he is dearer to prayer coming from the heart with humility. Most importantly, He identified: sincerity in accepting all that the Lord has given. Not to complain and demand the need and to seek ways that will be pleasing to God. On such postulates is based and the prayer of St. Spiridon Trimifuntsky. In the text (below) there is nothing about the existing problem. Orthodox believe that the Lord already knows everything. However, there is no sin is to tell God about how you personally see the situation. Such a monologue would benefit by strengthening confidence in the higher assistance.

Oh, Saint Spyridon! Moths of our Lord, vsemilostivogo and seabreacher to which he condemned me, His servant (name) for sinful thoughts and actions. Being at the very throne of the Almighty, and ask for me blessings and mercy. May the heavenly Father grant a prosperous and peaceful life, health of soul and body. Let the grace of His cure the troubles are different, magical slander and hostile arrows. Pray the Lord for the gift of His servant (name) to forgive all my sins! Amen!

Charms and prayers for sale apartments

Sometimes people are not satisfied with for various reasons, the conversation with God in the temple. Some do not have strong faith, others have no time to go to Church. There are different circumstances. Then you can practice plots. They have such deep traditional roots that Orthodoxy. Our ancient ancestors created them based on my own experience. Why not use it? Say, to sell an apartment, you need house owner's permission and blessing to ask for. This is done in the evening. You need an empty room apartments, intended for sale, to keep the feast spirit. Say: "Father-house! Accept gifts, drink, eat sweet! We were not bad. Now the place is here the other people! Advise, help me, in the apartment of the new owner bring! That was considered it with you, not drove into the yard with a dirty broom! Thank you, father!" Room quit and never come back. And all the inhabitants of the house strictly forbid to open the door. In the morning take out the treats (won't eat his brownie) on the street. Just make sure the cat has not got. Otherwise, the owner will be offended and will fulfill your desire. There are many other rites. For example, the recommended grain to fill in the corners. So the room quickly another host it will scan.

How do you know that the ritual helps?

Many people wonder about how to understand that the business moved from a dead point, what are the signs? The prayers used when selling an apartment is often and by many people. Users have even found some signs confirming that the implementation will take place. They are not in the number of potential clients that come to see the property. First of all in the room begin to occur little miracles. For example, dried flower come to life or find a long lost thing. A little, but nice. Such events suggest that the energy of the apartment was clean and ready for positive change for all. And there and your buyer will appear. Say that before the sale the severity of souls disappears. Worried man, a worried overreacting, but then again – all evaporates. Remains at heart a confidence that all will be well, though how, nobody knows. This faith gives us the described condition and is an important sign of the efficacy of prayers. There are people who tip in dreams comes. However, the General rule that such images are not considered. Not all dreams or remember.