When a long-awaited baby is born, the task of parents is to carefully bring it into the world, protect it from harm, put it on the righteous path. This huge responsibility is shared by Orthodox parents with the heavenly patron and godparents. After the rite of baptism, the life and fate of the child is entrusted to the aspirations of the Lord and the instructions of the godparents.

Can there be godparents husband and wife? Can a husband and wife be the godparents of one child, different children from the same family?

How to choose godparents

Baptism is a church sacrament, at the moment of which the further fate of the human soul is determined. When a child is baptized, the godparents-receivers are determined. How to choose the godparents of the beloved child, to whom to entrust such a responsibility, can the husband and the wife be godparents?

In fairness it should be noted that there are some differences on this issue within the church. There is an opinion that in our time a couple can become the godparents, and this is being discussed. But these doubts are theoretical, and the church’s daily life is practically not reflected. In the interest of the future well-being of godparents and godparents, it is better to follow when choosing an approved order of things.

The role of godparents in the life of the godson

According to church rules, adult Orthodox parishioners may be receivers at the rite of baptism. After all, the godparents and mother should become the spiritual mentors of the child for life. Will, for example, your husband and wife know be able to deserve godparents for your child? After all, their role is only beginning after baptism: they must introduce the godson to the church, introduce him to the Christian virtue, and teach the basics of religion. These should be responsible, sincerely believing people, because it is their prayers for the godson throughout his life that are paramount for the Lord. Choosing a child godparents - a responsible step. The main thing is the ability of these people to be responsible for the godson before God, to take care of his spiritual development and to direct him to the righteous path. The church believes that the godfather must take all the sins of the godson, who was not 16 years old, on himself.

Who should not to choose godparents

When choosing recipients, the family of the child is puzzled by the problem, can the husband and the wife be godparents? For example, a familiar couple, close to the family of the godson in spirit and in the church, is the best suited for the role of mentors. Their family is a model of agreement, their relationship is permeated with love and mutual understanding. But is it possible to be the godparents to this husband and wife?

Can the godparents be the husband and the wife of one child? No, according to church laws, this is unacceptable. For the spiritual bond that arises between Baptismal receivers gives rise to a close spiritual union, which is higher than any other, including love and marriage. It is unacceptable that the couple could become godparents, it would jeopardize the continued existence of their marriage.

If husband and wife are in a civil marriage

Doubt if I could be God-husband and wife in a civil marriage with the Church clearly decides in the negative. According to Church rules godparents can not be neither the wife nor the couple in anticipation of marriage. Preaching the Orthodox people the need for the conclusion of Church marriage, the Church at the same time considers a civil marriage that is registered in the registry office, legal. Therefore, the question whether to be God-husband and wife have approved their Union registration in the registry office, permitted a negative answer.

Couples are engaged, because they are on the threshold of marriage, as well as couples living together outside of marriage, because these unions are considered as sinners cannot become godparents.

Who can become a godfather

Can husband and wife be godparents of different children? Yes, this is a perfectly acceptable option. A husband, for example, will become the godfather of a son of loved ones, and a wife will become a godmother of a daughter. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, elder sisters and brothers can also become godparents. The main thing is that it should be a worthy Orthodox Christian, ready to help the child grow up in the Orthodox faith. The choice of the godfather is really a responsible decision, because it is made for life. God can not be changed in the future. If the godfather stumbles on the path of life, will come down from the righteous direction, it is fitting for the godson to make prayers about him.

The rules of the rite of baptism

Before the rite, future godparents are trained in the church, get acquainted with the basic rules:

- before the sacrament of baptism, they observe a three-day fast, confess and take communion;

- be sure to wear a cloth Orthodox cross;

- dress for the rite in an appropriate manner; women wear a skirt below the knee length, be sure to cover the head; Do not use lipstick;

- The godparents must know and understand the meaning of "Our Father" and "Symbol of Faith", so these prayers are pronounced during the ceremony.

Controversial cases

In exceptional cases, there are situations when parents have no other choice for godparents, except for a single married couple. Doubts about whether a husband and wife can be godparents for a child are more than relevant in this case. It must be remembered that, according to church rules, it is enough to define a child with only one godfather, but same-sex, that is, the boy chooses the godfather, and the girl - godmother.

In each case, when parents have individual questions or doubts about whether they can be god-men and women, they should be discussed with the priest during the preparation for baptism. Rarely, but still, there are cases when the question of whether the godparents can be the godparents, with a special permission and in view of exceptional circumstances, the church decides positively.