The times when the coat was considered an attribute of a wardrobe exclusively for a cold and very cold season have long passed. But everything changes, including fashion trends. Now the summer coat is not just an interesting wonder, but a necessary thing. Cool days are inevitable, and it is here that it comes to the rescue as an alternative to a raincoat or sweater. We learn about what to wear with it and how.

Fashion trend - summer coat: 5 current images

What are the models?

The question of adaptation of the summer coat in everyday wardrobe should start from this point. Choosing the right model is half the success. So, the summer coat can be made in one of the following types.

  1. Oversized in different variations, there is a clear loose cut with unique lines. This, however, does not mean that you can wear a coat just a couple of sizes bigger. The model must be special, made in this style. The paradox is that the oversized attached figure slim, despite the richness of the volume. If you want to stop the choice on any one model, we recommend you to select the trench coat one of the shades of camel hair. This summer coat (photo presented in the article) is so versatile and affordable that will complement almost any image.
  2. Coat sleeveless is what you need for summer. The model is still relevant and loved fashion designers, and what collection is complete without different variations based on it. This strict business things suiting, ethnic, resembling a familiar poncho or a Japanese kimono, etc.
  3. Summer coat with a print. In this case, do not forget the main rule: the more active the drawing and the brighter the color, the simpler the cut.
  4. Midi Coat It will suit lovers of retro style. With its help, unique and feminine images are created in the spirit of the 70s of the last century.

Here are just a few options for how to adapt a fashionable novelty in your wardrobe. Be bold, experiment and look for your perfect kit. Choose for the summer bright and joyful shades, flashy prints or drawings, an unusual combination of colors - all this will be more than appropriate in the warm season.

Image number 1: Office

In the era of cold winds air conditioner at work summer coat will be the way. At the same time, you can absolutely safely throw it over a set of a pencil skirt and a silk blouse, a stylish jumpsuit, cropped or regular pants (in the first photo). Above, you see a less official version, made in live and warm salmon color. The coat goes well with tone-toned rubber booties and a voluminous bag. A good way to raise yourself and others mood on a rainy summer day.

Or here's a variant of what to wear with a summer coat to the office. None of the canons of the dress code is not broken, but the image is absolutely brilliant and strict at the same time.

Image # 2: Two in one

The coat is a completely self-sufficient thing, and it can easily be worn as a dress, adding only a few accessories and beautiful shoes. For example, a neutral shade model of strict cut with hidden pockets, as in the photo. The focus is on the original white sandals and a pale yellow scarf.

Image number 3: In one spirit

Such an image is distinguished by unity, for example, color, print (it is the same on all things, but the material used is different). In the photo are light summer pants Capri in large peas and the same shade of the summer oversized coat. They are similar and different at the same time, which creates an unusual and bright effect. The theme is supported by comfortable fabric slippers. Perfect set for a summer evening or a cool day.

Image # 4: With shorts

When choosing this image, it is important to remember one detail: the ratio of the length of the coat and shorts. If you choose Bermudas, then let them be a few centimeters below the hem of outerwear. The second option - short shorts above the knees. Under these conditions, the figure will look harmonious.

Image # 5: With a midi dress or skirt

The hem of clothing, peeking out from under the coat, is no longer perceived as a stylistic mistake. This is a fashion trend and current design move.

The set can be complemented with high-heeled sandals, and then the image will be feminine and romantic. Or wear comfortable shoes at low speed, and this will give originality, dynamism.