The graduation party is one of the most important events in the life of yesterday's schoolchildren and their parents. Such a holiday happens once in a lifetime and many consider it to be the beginning of a truly adult life. All without exception, the girls are waiting for this evening in a special way and are preparing for it almost the whole year. Each graduate wants to be the most beautiful and stylish. Choosing a dress and hairstyle for the celebration, do not forget about the manicure on the prom.

Whom to entrust the design of nails?

Decide in advance, you will do a manicure before the prom in the salon or cope on your own. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Professional masters offer nail extensions, gel-varnish, a variety of complex designs for every taste: from sparkles and the use of special ornaments to hand-painted and photographic. However, if you are able to do your own manicure qualitatively, and the budget is limited, it makes sense to spend extra money on your hair or accessories and do your own at home. Also, you can call for help the best friend, sister or mother. Whichever option you choose, do not forget that a beautiful manicure for a prom is an important part of your image.

Nail length and shape

A popular question among graduates is what to choose: to carefully process your own nails or build up? Everything depends on the personal taste and the image created. The nails are convenient because they can be done a few days before the event and do not worry about the safety of the manicure for another week or two. However, this is not always convenient. For example, if you have not increased your nails for a long time, be prepared for the fact that in the first days even the simplest everyday activities will be given to you with difficulty. Therefore, it makes sense to start increasing nails at least a month before the prom, and a few days before it just make a correction and the desired design. Do not forget to register with the master in advance, at least a week before the procedure. At least the manicure on the graduate on short nails looks no less impressive. If you are afraid that the usual cover will not stand the stormy joy of the holiday, choose shellac.

Classics are relevant at all times

French manicure, or French - is the design of nails, suitable for any event and outfit. It simulates the natural color of the nail plate - the main body or pinkish tone and white border. The jacket is incredibly elegant and gives the nails a neat appearance, while it is equally appropriate and exquisitely looks on both long and short nails. Is the classic option too boring for you? Add rhinestones and drawings - for one or all marigolds. If you want, you can make such a manicure at the graduation house. Today, french-style kits are available, consisting of three varnishes and special separation strips to facilitate application. Another original idea - to make a color French manicure, replacing the white border on any other. It will be very stylish if the shade completely repeats the color of the outfit chosen for the holiday.

Choose the base color

Ideally, the color of the nails should fully match along with the bright accessories of the festive toilet. An alternative option is to choose a universal neutral shade. However, you can also make an original multi-color design and turn your nails into an independent element of the outfit. There are infinitely many options: a rainbow, bright drawings, natural dried flowers or feathers, rhinestones, imitation of the color of animal skins or natural stone textures. It remains only to find a master who is able to translate the idea into action. However, and at home you can perform no less than an original manicure at the prom. Use special stickers or stencils for painting, get sparkles and rhinestones.

Manicure at the prom: photos, fashion design options

For more than one season, one of the most relevant trends in nail design is the use of a gradient. It's about combining several variations of the same color with a decrease in its saturation. Such a manicure can be performed in different techniques. For example: the color loses its brightness in the direction from the root of the nail to the edge, or all the neighboring nail plates are slightly different from each other in saturation. Another interesting idea is the "caviar" manicure. For its creation, special miniature beads are used, which are applied to the entire surface of the nail or a part of it - abstractly or in the form of a jacket. The combination of glossy and matte varnish is original and unusual, colors can be chosen contrasting or similar.

Are bright shades in the solemn design of nails for prom? The question is controversial - many girls prefer to look rather modest and elegant on this holiday. But if your dress is bright cobalt color and you want to stand out among other graduates, do not hesitate to choose a blue manicure for the prom, made in the right shade and mood.