Summer is a period for bold experiments and vivid images in which manicure is not the last. At this time of the year, the nautical theme in manicure, floral prints and a variety of bright patterns are very popular.

Therefore, you need to acquire the appropriate tools in advance and update the varnishes in your collection to make a summer nail design.

Of course, no one cancels the classics. Variants such as french, will always be in fashion, but they can also be diversified with bright colors.

In the summer, bright patterns on the nails are good: the sun, flowers, berries, fruits made in bright colors. You can make the most simple manicure, with one shade of lacquer. But choose rich colors or paint one finger on each hand with a different shade.

For holidays, when there is no time to perform a beautiful manicure, you can use shellac. If there is a special lamp, then it can be made at home. But it will be easier to go to the salon. This type of lacquer is durable, and summer nail design will be on hand all the time you leave.

Shellac nothing but durability is not different from the usual varnish. So with its help you can also make various types of manicure: french, gradient, pictures and so on.

The nail industry always comes up with something new. This summer were very popular sliders. These are drawings that can be pasted on the nail plate.

Apply the sliders on the nail is very simple. We need to put them in water for a few minutes, then separate the picture from the paper base (only very carefully!). Then gently attach the slider to the nail and straighten out all the irregularities. From above in two layers it is necessary to apply a transparent varnish.

Drawings can be found a variety. There are those who cover the entire nail, and some cover only a part. Sliders can be applied both on a simple nail plate without coating, and on varnishes and shellacs.

Sliders will make the summer nail design very interesting, and if you do not have artistic skills, then they will help to create a real masterpiece.

Nail design in nautical style

Summer is always time for vacations, and where else to spend them, if not at sea. You want to look beautiful not only women of fashion who leave to sunbathe, but also those who stay in the city.

Summer nail design in marine style can be done in different ways. It can be a simple white stripe on a blue background or more complex designs using a gradient and patterns on the marine theme. There are no special requirements for the length of the nails; both short and long nails can be brightly colored.

You can use ordinary patterns on a blue or azure background. This manicure fits perfectly to any image and looks feminine on nails and is very beautiful.

Using a variety of beads and rhinestones in the form of shells and starfishes, you can create real masterpieces on your nails.

With the help of tools you can make a naughty summer manicure with sea creatures. Also, nails can be painted with anchors, handwheels and other attributes of the sea.

Red in combination with dark blue will suit passionate natures and those who want to stand out and be the center of attention.

Summer design of the increased nails

To have a lasting manicure, except for shellac, you can make nail extensions and for a very long time not to think about their appearance. This is especially suitable for those who love long nails, but for some reason can not grow their own to the desired length.

On extended nails, you can make absolutely any design: from classic French manicure to very complex and beautiful aquarium effects.

Summer nail design can be with flowers, twigs, abstract drawings. For this time of year, you can choose bold shades: blue, green, orange, bright red.

You can make a berry or fruit manicure with the help of new nail industry - fimo. These are plastic bars, which are very thinly cut and with their help make a very beautiful nail design. Fimo is sold in the form of small sticks or already cut parts.