Summer – the period for bold experiments and vivid images, which not least is a manicure. This time of year, the very popular marine theme in manicure, floral prints and various colorful drawings.

You need to acquire the appropriate tools and update the polishes in my collection to do a summer nail design.

Of course, one does not negate the classics. Options such as French, will always be in fashion, but they can also be customized with the help of bright shades.

A good summer will be bright nails: the sun, flowers, berries, fruit, made in bright shades. You can make the most simple manicure, with one shade of nail Polish. But choose juicy colors or the same on each hand to paint one finger a different color.

Holiday when there is time to execute a beautiful manicure, use shellac. If there is a special lamp, it can be done at home. But it's easier to go to the salon. This kind of varnish is persistent, and all the holidays on hand will be the summer nail design.

Shellac is nothing but the durability is not different from the usual paint. So with it too it is possible to do a variety of types of manicure: French manicure, gradient, graphics, and so on.

Nail industry always comes up with something new. This summer has been a very popular sliders. The drawings can be pasted on the nail plate.

To put sliders on the nail is very simple. You need to put them in a few minutes in the water, after separating the image from the paper backing (only very carefully!). Then carefully attach the slider to the nail and straighten any irregularities. The top two coats should be applied transparent lacquer.

Pictures can be found a variety. There are those that cover the entire nail, and some covered only a part. Sliders can be applied just to the nail plate without coating and varnishes and Shallaki.

Sliders will make the summer nail design is very interesting, and if you don't have the artistic skills, then they will help you to create a masterpiece.

Nail design in marine style

Summer means vacation time, and where else to hold them, not at sea. Want to look beautiful not only fashionistas who go to sunbathe, but also those who remain in the city.

Summer nails design in marine style can be done in different ways. It can be a simple white stripe on a blue background or a more complex design with a gradient and paintings on the marine theme. To the length of the nails there are no special requirements, bright paint can and short and long nails.

You can use the common patterns on a blue or azure background. This manicure will fit perfectly to any look and nail looks feminine and very beautiful.

Using a variety of beads and rhinestones in the form of shells and starfish, you can create on their nails masterpieces.

With tools you can do naughty summer manicure with marine life. Also nails can decorate with anchors, hand wheels and other attributes of the sea.

Red combined with dark blue for passionate and those who want to stand out and be the center of attention.

Summer design nails

To have a lasting manicure except the Polish can make nails and for a very long time to not think about their appearance. It will especially suit those who like long nails, but for some reason can't grow your own to the required length.

On graft nails, you can make absolutely any design, from classic French manicure to the most complicated and beautiful aquatic effects.

Summer nails design can be with flowers, branches, abstract paintings. For this time of year, you can choose bold shades such as blue, green, orange, bright red.

You can make berry or fruit manicure with new nail industry – fimo. This plastic wedges, which are cut very thin and with their help make a very beautiful nail design. Fimo is sold in the form of small sticks or pre-sliced items.