Fur jackets today are at the peak of popularity. Fashion designers have in their wardrobe not one version of different fur, including artificial ones. However, the natural looks incomparably richer and more elegant. So, a vest of a fox looks luxurious due to the long pile, rich podpushku and attracting attention black and white color. Let's see what this thing is advised to wear stylists.

Long or short

When choosing a vest from a fox, pay attention to its style and length. The most common models are up to the middle of the thigh or slightly higher. This is the most convenient option, since such a waistcoat can be worn with any clothes and shoes, it is convenient to go behind the wheel and walk, besides such a thing is quite democratic in price.

However, in the last season, special attention to fashionistas received elongated waistcoats made of fox fur. They can have a length up to the knee and even lower, and such a wardrobe thing certainly attracts attention. An elongated fur vest made of fox fur is perfect for an evening out, for example, over a dress. However, do not forget about heels - such a thing will look spectacular only with boots or ankle boots with high heels.

Fashionable tips: what to wear a vest from a fox

Very relevant and shortened waistcoats. They serve not so much for warmth as for creating a fashionable image. Shortened waistcoats look great with flat-soled shoes, with jeans and informal style of clothing. They fit in the image in the style of country or boho.

An elongated waistcoat made of fox fur is perfect for a warm winter, especially if you are traveling by private car. In this case, the fur coat may not be very comfortable, but the waistcoat, worn on a tight sweater, will warm, and help create a beautiful image with a fur thing.

For warmth, you can put on a vest and a leather jacket, and even a coat. But, when choosing things for picking, remember that the fox is a textured fur, so additional layers can give the figure an extra volume.

The fox fits well for the off-season - early spring and mid-autumn is a great time to wear this thing. In a sleeveless fur coat is not chilly, but fur does not look inappropriate. In addition, the fox fits well in moist wet weather, unlike other furs, for example, from foxes or mink. At this time of year, the vest can be worn with sweaters, turtlenecks and swiss shots. And if your fur is not too long and bulky, then with blouses and dresses.

Also for cool weather, a great option - a vest of fox fur with a hood. Such a thing is self-sufficient and does not require a headdress, but it should become part of a well thought out image.

With what to wear a vest of fox - photo options with a skirt

Bohemian and sophisticated image will help create a combination of chic fur vest and dress. Moreover, fur will make chic even the most simple knit or knitted dress or a strict office skirt. Choose an outfit in the color of the fur - black, white or gray. If you want to add a color accent, choose a dress or skirt of muffled deep shades - malachite green, Burgundy, dark chocolate, cherry, deep purple.

As for the styles, then you can choose any - a shortened waistcoat made of fur fox perfectly complement the flowing long dress or skirt in the floor. A lengthened fit style is perfectly combined with a pencil skirt or dress-case. To create an accent at the waist, use the waistband over the waistcoat.

A more relaxed everyday image can be created with the help of a fur vest and a knitted dress with winter or northern ornaments. Choose suitable shoes for the set, for example, ugg boots or suede boots without a heel with a soft top. A voluminous cap of large mating and a snitch will add comfort and warmth.

With what to wear fur vest from fox - photo sets with trousers

Trousers of any style perfectly fit into the image with a vest of fox fur. Leggings or skinny trousers tucked into high black heels, as well as a dark turtleneck under the waistcoat will make the image very stylish. Add here a small clutch or, conversely, a large bag of tote, large sunglasses and the image will be complete.

Also, the combination of fur and leather will look very stylish, the latter can be added to the image, for example, in the form of leather skins or a leather jacket pododetoy under a vest of fox fur.

Fitted fur top will look great and with fashionable in this season wide trousers. In this case, it is better to supplement the waistcoat with a wide belt to avoid a too-square figure with voluminous top and bottom.

Democratic jeans also fit well with fox. In this case, skinny look great with heels, and boyfriends can be supplemented with sports shoes. Choose a denim classic blue or blue hue. Under the vest, in this case, you can wear a simple black turtleneck or a white sweatshot. But be sure to add interesting accessories, a variety of textures and stylish details, otherwise the image will be too simple and boring.

To the voluminous fur of a fox with a long nap, elegant high-heeled shoes - boots-stockings, boots, leather and suede boots with a high bootleg are best suited. Also look good with a vest and ankle boots on a stable wide heel.

If you create an image in the style of Boch chic, look for flat-soled boots with a wide soft top. A neat high boots on lacing will help to realize the image in the spirit of glamor of the 20-ies.

If you want comfort and convenience - either black ugg boots (but with them it is more difficult to make the image harmonious) or high boots on a flat course will do. Keds on the platform are not too relevant, to replace them pick up shoes on the wedge.


A variety of bags, hats, hats, scarves and gloves will help create the right set with a fur vest.

Hats are perfect for hats - both wide-brimmed, and accurate hats-fedora with small fields and a low crown. Such headgear will fit well into the glamorous evening image and in a daily outfit in the style of a boho. An alternative hat can be a hat - a large mating, with a wide lapel or a hat-tail. Choose caps of black, gray or steel color in the tone of fur.

In cool weather, a scarf-snod of a voluminous large mating will fit the vest, it fits perfectly with the fur and will help keep the heat. If you need a more refined image, for example, with an evening gown or with a pencil skirt and a sleeveless blouse, then pick up high gloves made of matte or patent leather to the waistcoat. And if you put on a waistcoat with jeans and shoes without a heel, then leather mitts, that is, gloves without fingers, will do.

When choosing a bag as a set for a fur waistcoat, pay attention to the bags are taut, capacious, but well retaining the shape. For evening dresses, a small clutch is ideal, and for an office version of medium size, an envelope bag. Choose bags that are worn in the hand, not on the shoulder, since the belt can crumple the fluffy fur on the shoulders.