Chiffon skirts are an indispensable attribute of a women's wardrobe. After all, what can be more gentle and elegant than this airy, flowing material? Do you know what is the best way to combine chiffon skirts? We have many beautiful ideas.

Good choice

Long chiffon skirts - this is one of the most popular fashion trends of recent seasons, which is characterized by amazing convenience, practicality and femininity.

Trendy Chiffon Skirts

Here are a few subtleties that you need to pay attention to to choose the ideal option:

  • A small tummy can be hidden simply by raising the skirt higher. Using a belt, fasten it to the narrowest point on the waist - so you make a figure resembling an hourglass, with a thin waist and long legs.
  • If you want to visually add yourself a couple of centimeters of growth, the hem of the skirt should end above the ankle. If you pursue the opposite goal, then cover the shoes - so you will seem lower.
  • High and slender girls are suitable for almost all kinds of long skirts. But miniature beauties should avoid large prints and give preference to simple, elongated silhouettes.

With what to wear long chiffon skirts?

Depending on what to combine it with, this wardrobe will come in handy both in everyday life and at festive events.

The simplest and no-lose combination is a chiffon female summer skirt and a white T-shirt or top. With this couple, the choice of accessories is almost unlimited: they can match the color of the bottom or contrast with it.

For example, you can combine a bright pleated skirt with a simple top, a stylish truncated leather jacket, a red bag and catchy jewelry.

The contrast of invoices always looks attractive. Especially when it comes to chiffon and denim. Fashion accessories in a skirt tone, denim jacket, white top - comfortable and stylish image that is easy to replicate.

A smart and feminine image will turn out with a blouse in tone.

Well, with the top, embroidered sequins, the chiffon female summer skirt immediately acquires a festive look. Brilliant earrings, a bright handbag and golden sandals are the perfect choice for a party.

Ability to combine

A long skirt of chiffon is perfectly combined with different summer things. Let's look at 3 images with the same beige color model.

1. Sunny orange softens with a gentle color of the skirt, and together they create a harmonious and feminine ensemble. Beautiful earrings, bracelets and fashionable aviator glasses - so you can get dressed for a walk, and for a beach party.

2. Beat the leopard print so that it does not look tasteless, not everyone knows how. Therefore, many women are afraid of him. But here the spotted shirt is interesting to combine with a monophonic skirt, and the bag and jewelry - with an animalistic print. Well, woven Vietnamese only complement the image of a modern seeker of adventure.

3. Where in the summer without a marine theme? Make her more feminine and romantic with a skirt in the floor of chiffon. White accessories, a bag-knapsack and comfortable ballet flies are an ideal way to walk along the embankment. And from the evening coolness will protect the jeans jacket.

For every taste

But it would be wrong to say that only long chiffon skirts are good. Everything depends on your preferences. Midi skirts look no less elegant and stylish, they are easier to combine with things in the office style. For example:

1. Blouse in the strip is interesting contrasts with the dark bottom. Lipstick in tone, original accessories - and the image is ready.

2. More traditionally, but no less attractive is the combination of a white chiffon shirt and a peach-colored skirt. Elegant shoes with an open toe, a bag full of red color and a minimum of accessories complement this universal couple.

3. Mini skirts leave no less room for fashionable experiments. Complete with a crochet-top and a woven handbag, you get a trendy attire for a beach walk, and you can put on a neat blouse, going shopping and in a cafe.

4. Well, with a romantic skirt fashionable colors "ombre" you can create and everyday, and elegant images. As, for example, this:

Fashionable styles

Cascading chiffon skirts - this is a real summer hit! They can be worn in different ways:

1. With a contrasting blouse without sleeves, coquettishly tied at the waist, you get a playful girlish image.

2. With a chiffon top in tone it's easy to create a comfortable casual outfit.

3. Cascade skirt and crochet-top or top-bustier - this one is one of the most fashionable combinations. The brightness of the top is balanced by the tenderness of the bottom, and elegant shoes will help to present your legs in all its glory.

4. Women's summer skirt luxury wine will be appropriate to look at the festive event, if you combine it with a smart top and sparkling accessories.

So chiffon skirts can take far from the last place in your wardrobe.