Chiffon skirts - a mandatory attribute of women's wardrobe. After all, what could be softer and more elegant than this airy, flowing material? Do you know what is the best way to combine chiffon skirts? We have a lot of beautiful ideas.

Good choice

Long chiffon skirts - this is one of the most popular fashion trends of recent seasons, which is characterized by amazing convenience, practicality and femininity.

Fashionable chiffon skirts

Here are a few subtleties that you need to pay attention to find the perfect option:

  • A small tummy can be hidden simply by lifting the skirt higher. With the help of a belt, fasten it at the narrowest point at the waist - this will make the figure look like an hourglass with a thin waist and long legs.
  • If you want to visually add yourself a couple of centimeters of height, then the hem of the skirt should end above the ankle. If you pursue the opposite goal, then cover the shoes - so you will appear lower.
  • Tall and slim girls fit almost all types of long skirts. But miniature beauties should avoid large prints and give preference to simple, elongated silhouettes.

What can I wear long chiffon skirts with?

Depending on what to combine it with, this piece of clothing will be useful both in everyday life and at festive events.

The simplest and win-win combination is a chiffon women's summer skirt and a white tank top or top. With this pair, the choice of accessories is almost unlimited: they can match the color of the bottom or contrast with it.

For example, you can combine a bright pleated skirt with a simple top, a stylish cropped leather jacket, a red bag, and a catchy costume jewelry.

The contrast of textures always looks attractive. Especially when we are talking about the chiffon and denim. Fashion accessories to match the skirt, denim jacket, white top comfortable and stylish look that is easy to repeat.

An elegant and feminine image will work with a blouse to match.

Well, with a top, embroidered with sequins, chiffon women's summer skirt immediately takes on a festive look. Bright earrings, a bright handbag and golden sandals are the perfect choice for a party.

Ability to combine

Long chiffon skirt goes well with different summer things. Let's look at 3 images with the same beige model.

1. Solar orange is softened with delicate color of the skirt, and together they create a harmonious and feminine ensemble. Beautiful earrings, bracelets and fashionable, these Aviator sunglasses — so you can dress and walk and beach party.

2. To beat the leopard print so that it looked tasteless, can not all. So many women are afraid of it. But here spotted shirt interesting with a solid skirt, bag and decoration – animal-print. Well braided flip flops only complement the image of the modern adventurer.

3. Where did the summer without the sea theme? Make it romantic and more feminine with skirts of chiffon. White accessories, bag knapsack, and comfortable ballet flats — the perfect look for walking along the promenade. And from the evening chill will protect the denim jacket.

For every taste

But it would be wrong to say that only long chiffon skirts are good. It all depends on your preferences. Midi skirts look no less elegant and stylish, they are easier to combine with things in office style. For example:

1. Striped blouse contrasts interestingly with a dark bottom. Lipstick in tone, original accessories - and the image is ready.

2. More traditionally, but no less attractive combination of a white chiffon shirt and skirt peach color. Elegant women's peep toed shoes bag rich red color and minimal accessories complement this universal couple.

3. Mini skirts don't leave less space for fashion experiments. Complete with a crop top and a woven handbag turns out a fashionable outfit for a beach walk, and a neat blouse you can wear, going to shopping, and dining.

4. Well, with a romantic skirt of fashionable ombre colors, you can create both casual and elegant images. Like, for example, this:

Fashionable styles

Cascading chiffon skirts are a real summer hit! They can be worn in different ways:

1. With a contrasting sleeveless blouse, coyly knotted at the waist, you get a playful girlish look.

2. With a chiffon top in tone, it’s easy to create a comfortable casual outfit.

3. Cascading skirt and crop top or bustier top — this is one of the most trendy combinations. The brightness of the top is balanced by the soft bottom, and elegant shoes will help to present your feet in all its glory.

4. Women's summer skirt luxurious wine color will be appropriate to look at a festive event, if you combine it with an elegant top and sparkling accessories.

So chiffon skirts can take not the last place in your wardrobe.