Pick up in ordinary stores an exclusive outfit is really difficult, given the fact that basically we offer standard replicated skirts, shirts and so on. To look truly original and stylish, you do not need to come to the most expensive boutique and choose some clothes there, because today you can sew a dress with open shoulders on an elastic band or with another style in a very short time. You can also look beautiful in clothes sewn by yourself, the main thing in this case is to find the right pattern and sew it neatly.

What styles of dresses do you use today? How to choose the right length, style and color? Each issue requires detailed study.

Dresses with an open shoulder - the trend of this season

When you want to sew the original clothes yourself, then the choice falls precisely on the dress - a feminine and elegant version for every day for some event. A huge variety of styles and styles allows you to choose an individual dress for each figure, and if the girl is slim (the figure is proportional), then you can choose dresses with an open shoulder. The main feature of this outfit is in the open shoulder (the dress hangs on one side, leaving the other half open), it reflects a special femininity and elegance, adds sexuality to every woman.

Today, such dresses are at the peak of their popularity, but if you want to not just follow the fashion, but also stand out in the crowd with the help of such clothes, then you should ponder over the pattern and design of the future dress. The more original the outfit will be, the more an image of a woman will be remembered.

Style and silhouette. On what design and style to stay?

Dresses with an open shoulder are very different in all parameters: length, fabric, color, design, shape, silhouette. The style is formed from all the above indicators, but in order to choose the appropriate option, you only need to know the basic criteria and features of each of them.

A-silhouette is an excellent variant of a dress, which means a skirt-sun. In this case, open-shoulder dresses have a very distinctive difference. The upper part of the dress has only one strap, the second is missing, and at this place there is only a neat decoration of the bodice, smoothly changing into another strap.

The silhouette of a straight dress for styles with an open shoulder can be a fully fitting figure, or, conversely, maximally spacious, hanging. These are the options that are more suitable for slender tall girls: the waist, chest and hips are ideally underlined.

Choosing a summer dress with open shoulders, you can choose on these silhouettes. The styles of such models emphasize femininity.

A beautiful outfit can be sewn on your own

Find an exclusive dress in ordinary stores is impossible, and if you do not want to give so much money to buy a summer light outfit, it's better to sew it yourself. The ready-made pattern of the dress with open shoulders allows you to significantly reduce the time to find the suitable option and the very process of sewing.

The essence of the pattern is that all proportions are observed in it, and it is enough to impose a stencil on the fabric, circle the contour and then cut out the material. Thus, it remains only to sew all the necessary parts in the correct sequence, to seal the edges of the sewing machine and decorate something with a dress, some kind of accessory like a bow, ribbon, brooch and the like.

By itself, the dress pattern with open shoulders on the elastic is universal, as far as size. It is preferable to choose one length for sizes 42, 44 and 46. The style of this dress is very simple: one shoulder is open, the second one has a shoulder. The waist is absent, because at this place an inner pocket is made and through it the elastic band is pierced from inside. It is this model that is done most quickly, since it requires cutting out only one piece of material by stencil.

Length matters

The dress with open shoulders on the elastic band can be made from a wide variety of fabric - from dense or, on the contrary, very thin. In any case, these outfits will look great. As for the length, then girls with a slender figure can give preference to a mini, but the owners of more magnificent forms should use the length to the knees. For plump girls it is recommended to use A-silhouette. The skirt-sun will help create a visually thinner waist and easily hide excess weight on the sides and hips.

Fashionable colors

As for fashionable color solutions, then this season it is more actual to use white and turquoise.Also, many girls prefer mint flowers. In combination with each other, these shades look very gentle, but stylish and elegant.

Does not go out of fashion black color - strict, enticing. A small black dress should be in the wardrobe of every girl - do not forget about the eternal rule of beauty.

In this season also at the peak of its popularity yellow color - bright, saturated and sparkling. The dress pattern with open shoulders on the elastic band is perfect for fabrics with such a sunny color.

Why is it better to sew a dress by yourself?

Many girls think about whether it is worth spending time on the purchase of fabrics and sewing tools, or just go to the store and find the right option? If you want to buy an original, exclusive model, then it is very difficult to find it in ordinary stores, and not every woman has a slender and impeccable figure.For those who like to show their individuality and want to have only original models in the wardrobe in a single copy, it is worthwhile sewing their own clothes with open shoulders. Photos of shapes and silhouettes, presented in the article, allow you to find original designs, which can also be modified for yourself.

Convenient and more profitable

To sew a dress for yourself means to take into account all the features of your figure and to be sure that the created model will suit you in color, style, style and length. In order not to make a mistake with choosing a suitable model, pay attention to dresses with open shoulders. Photos of popular outfits, original designer designs and patterns will help to find the most suitable option.

In addition, we can not say about the benefits. The size of the material to be purchased and the total cost of the tools will demonstrate that the required amount for all this is significantly lower than the price for the same dress in the store. Because the outfit sewn on its own will not only fit perfectly in the figure, but it also helps to save significantly on the renovation of the wardrobe.