It is no secret that a well-groomed and neat manicure has always been in fashion. But despite this, there are still trends that make the image really stylish. And if in the cold time, the hands in most cases are hidden in gloves, then a warm time is the most successful period to demonstrate a fashionable manicure for the summer. What are the latest nail art trends offered by the beauty industry? What design manicure for the summer is the most fashionable?

Short length

In the trend of natural beauty, and hence the nails of medium or short length. No extreme options with sharp tips like predatory claws. In the fashion only naturalness and naturalness. The preferred form is almond-shaped, oval and, in general, any other using rounded corners. That is, it is not only fashionable, but also very convenient. It is the rounded shape of the nail that protects the corners from spalling and damage. Regarding the length, the trend of the season - ultra-short manicures for the summer. However, a maximum length of two millimeters is also acceptable. As for extended nails, they can be no more than 5 mm and a minimum thickness. After all, naturalness is in fashion. Manicure nails for the summer can be done with the help of gel or acrylic, but do not forget that its appearance should be as close as possible to the natural.

Natural motifs and gold

The design is based on natural motifs - it can be floral patterns, flowers, imitation of the sky, waves and other phenomena. The same applies to the shades with the help of which manicures are created for the summer for every day. A special place among the festive options is gold. Leading cosmetic companies offer a lacquer coating of absolute mirror texture. This manicure looks elegant and stylish. This shade can be applied as a pitch or as an addition, for example with the help of stickers. Gold is perfectly combined with a set of clothes, sustained in a powdery palette. Such an image will be truly exquisite, but it will be appropriate during the work week or on vacation.

The versatility of this option is obvious. Because the gold on the nails is perfect for an evening outfit. In this case, you should only follow the rules of color combinations. For example, a gold manicure will play the role of the final accessory when dressing in black classic color, a shade of burnt sugar, dark marsala, as well as ultramarine and sunny yellow. Is no exception for a successful ensemble and white.

Bright manicure for the summer may consist of several shades. According to the rules of color combinations, gold can be added to the above options. Manicure looks very beautiful, the basic tone of which is white, while the coating should be matte. Then gold is applied in the form of geometric shapes, which as a result resembles the ornaments of ancient Egypt. This manicure will allow you to feel its owner that she is a queen.

Multi-colored coating

Summer is a time of light dresses and stylish accessories. This is the right moment to show your tan and highlight it with color accents. Therefore, a bright manicure for the summer is an integral part of a stylish image. Nails with a multi-colored covering are still in fashion. Bright, saturated and even neon shades can be competently used in nail design. You can use both monophonic and contrasting palette. For example, apply a bright pink on the thumbnail, then gradually dilute the tone to a light transparent shade. Or combine different colors, while complying with the matching rules. Best of all it will look like a manicure for the summer on short nails.

You can use this option - raspberry, orange, yellow, green, blue. Or lilac, pink, white or milk, egg, ocher color. Options palette you can think of infinitely many. For the convenience of choosing a bottle of varnish, you should simply put in a row and see how this solution will look on the nails. If a vacation or a trip to the sea is ahead, then it is more expedient to apply a gel coating. So the appearance will continue for two weeks or more.

Intricate design

Manicure for the summer for short nails looks very advantageous in an intricate design. For example, on a bright background, a geometric or floral pattern will look stylish and successfully complement the entire image. The novelty of the season is nail art with the use of small crystals similar to sugar.

On the main color coating poured a similar texture. The second option is the use of tinted crystals. In either case, the effect is overwhelming. Sugar nails now in fashion!

Glitter application

Summer manicures are also made using glitter. Nails acquire an invoice, which is perfectly combined with absolutely any color of the main coating. Thus, you can create both everyday and holiday manicure. Do not go out of fashion and bouillon. They are skillfully used in a bright nail-art of a manicure master, creating at the same time stylish options. Does not reduce its position and classic jacket.

There are several dozen variations on this topic. Also perfect for the summer are the bright color combinations in the moon manicure. That he is considered the main competitor to the classic jacket. Excellent look combinations of cream yellow and mint or pink, azure and purple, orange and red or tomato.

Space manicure

A variation on the summer starry sky is a space manicure. On the main coating, as a rule, made in a dark blue, black or ink color, fragments of galactic space are applied. The simplest, but at the same time spectacular, option is star dust. Sparkles of various sizes are applied on a dark background - from very small to large, angular. Top - the final coating. This option is easy to do yourself. And the effect will be salon. You can also apply stars with a brush.

Then it is best to combine different shades. On a blue background of the main coating, the star dust of copper color looks most advantageous. You can perform a manicure for the summer (photo of one of the options given above) using any other color as a basis. It is easy to draw insights from the astronomy course.

It is necessary only to recall how spectacular are photos taken in space. After all, gas accumulations come in all sorts of colors. The same can be done on the nails. For this option, they will have to grow a little so that there is more room for creativity. A nail half a centimeter long from the growth line is the best option.

Gradient Manicure

Gradient manicure for summer, the photo of which is given in the article, also does not give up its fashionable positions. In this embodiment, bright colors are used, and the design is increasingly performed in the form of imitation of sunset and other natural phenomena. Indeed, in the trend of naturalness. For example, when the gradient from bright yellow turns into a saturated orange. At the sight of such a manicure, only one name comes to mind - a fiery sunset. Among the fashionable variations there is also a summer sky.

In this case, the gradient goes from clear-blue to indigo. Also beautiful and bright is the combination of aquamarine with ultramarine, orange and raspberry, mint and violet, egg and tomato and other options.

Volume manicures

At the peak of fashion are voluminous manicures for the summer. And we are not talking about the usual broths or artificial sugar. Designers went much further and began to use angular beads, beads, engraved crystals and much more in a trendy manicure.

Small particles of various geometric shapes are fixed on the nails and covered in one tone. Most often for such cases use matte varnish. He emphasizes the texture of nails, paying attention to them. Such a manicure design is very effective and suitable for extravagant personalities. However, it is also very impractical. Therefore suitable as an option for a secular exit.

Another trend of the current summer season is a velvet manicure. This is a type of matte finish and is usually used in finished form. However, the manicurists do not know the limit to perfection, and often use the bulk method in the process. That is, the main coating is powdered synthetic synthetic chips, which as a result gives the very velvet effect.