The girls are in awe of such a stylish accessory, and there would be an opportunity, they would buy each item along a separate purse.

The cheapest bag costs at least 700 rubles. If you buy summer bags in a branded store, their price increases at least twice. But why spend that kind of money if you can sew it yourself?

Summer bag do it yourself

Fashionable summer bags of original design are always popular. They are not only unique decoration, but also an essential attribute of every summer. These bags are able to emphasize the characteristics of the nature of the hostess, harmoniously complement her image. Even the most famous fashion designers decorate accessories with handmade ornaments. Such products, though expensive, are manufactured in considerable circulation. And, therefore, their copies even more. If you want to have stylish summer bags in your arsenal, it’s better to do it yourself. At the same time, they will be exactly one copy, and even cheaper.

Many people think that it is very difficult to sew a beautiful accessory. This is only at first glance. If you try a little, show imagination, you can get a great summer bag. With your own hands, you can create exactly what will perfectly fit your image.

If you try, everyone can get extravagant, stylish and trendy summer bags.

What materials are needed?

1. Material

If it is not possible to buy fabric, you can see at home which unnecessary things are better suited for the basis of the bag. This may be an old leather jacket, jeans, dress and even a shirt, jacket. In the trend of bright summer bags, it means either the base should be bright, or the decor.

The decoration can be in the form of an appliqué, a flower arrangement, articles made of beads, ribbons, etc. For example, denim flowers will harmoniously look denim flowers in a denim handbag by a few tones. If the bag is plain, you can decorate it with a composition using kanzashi technique. Pay attention that flowers from ribbons are not recommended to be washed, therefore it is better to fix such decor with velcro or hairpin.

It is not advisable to wear leather products in too hot weather, but in the evening it is quite acceptable. If the bag is leather, it is recommended to make decor also from this material. It can be butterflies, flowers, applications.

Beads can also look beautiful on a purse. It can either be sewn, drawing the outlines of the pattern first, or made into a composition and attached to the finished bag.

The main thing is to understand what kind of accessory you want to get, and with what clothes you will wear it. This will give an impetus to your imagination and will direct it in the right direction.

Bags for women summer with embroidery are very popular. You can choose a picture to your taste, as long as it matches the color of the bag. To simplify the process of embroidery, it is necessary to sew the canvas on the product blank. After completing the work, it can be easily cut out without spoiling the appearance of the bag.

You can also use colored feathers as decoration. They will give the bag lightness and airiness. The main thing is to think about the composition.

Where to begin?

If the idea of ​​a perfect summer bag is already ripe in your head, the materials are found, it's time to prepare the tools: scissors, chalk or soap, a needle, threads, a solid sheet of paper, a pencil. Why do you need paper and pencil? To make a pattern. It gives the opportunity to correctly cut out all the details. Patterns summer bags are quite simple to manufacture. But you should not miss this stage. Having picked up the necessary pattern, it is necessary to put it correctly on paper and cut it.

Fashion summer bags do it yourself

After that, every detail should be applied to the fabric and outlined with chalk or soap. Then everything is cut out and you can proceed directly to sewing the bag.

Do not forget that in the middle of the product it is desirable to sew lining fabric. Optionally, you can sew small pockets for keys, phone or women's accessories.

Examples of trendy summer bags that you can sew yourself

Bags of denim shreds are easy to sew, and they look very stylish. Particularly relevant are such models for those fashionistas in the wardrobe of which there are a lot of denim clothes of different shades. Such a handbag will harmoniously complement the image, but at the same time stand out a little. Denim clutches can also be sewn by yourself.

If you have bright pieces of fabric, it's time to get them and sew summer bags. A small flower decoration will make the accessory more feminine. A bright bag, created with your own hands, will certainly appeal not only to you, but also to those around you.

Fashion designers offer ladies such bright handbags. For those who know how to weave of straw, to make them yourself will not be difficult. The color must be bright, because summer pleases with a variety of colors.

Such knitted bags are popular even among stars. So why not tie it yourself? Some skills, threads and handles from an old bag can become an original summer bag.

If the old dress is already tired, you can safely cut it into shreds and sew a bag. Handles do not have to stand out. They can be made from the same fabric. It is desirable to decorate elements that will stand out a little against the general background of the bag, but nevertheless combine with it and harmoniously complement it.

If the bag is monochromatic and light in color, you can use ready-made appliqués of felt or other thick fabrics, ordinary buttons of different sizes and colors, beads, rhinestones, and even decals as decorations.

There are a lot of models and styles of summer bags. From all this variety, you can sew yourself on almost any.

Fashionable moms can sew their bags from old children's dresses to their princesses. After all, little girls also want to be stylish. If there is no opportunity to buy a bag for a child, then you can always sew it, making all the wishes of a small crumbs into reality. The main thing is to have a great desire and a little imagination.

It is not necessary to spend big money on the purchase of an exclusive accessory. You can create it yourself.